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How We Bought a 24-Unit Apartment Building for (Almost) No Money Down: A BiggerPockets QuickTip Book

by Brandon Turner

In this QuickTip Book (read time under 1 hour) from BiggerPockets, Brandon Turner (co-host of the world famous BiggerPockets Podcast) walks you through the exact process he and his wife took to buy their 24-unit apartment complex at just 25 years old. Learn how they found the property, analyzed it, and brought together FOUR different creative finance strategies to buy the property for almost no money out of pocket.

This book is fast paced, short, and easy to read – but will help you gain valuable insight into what’s possible for YOUR future.

Frugal Living: 8 Surprisingly Effective Ways To Spend Less, Save Money, And Have An Amazing Life on a Budget! (Frugal Tips, Financial Freedom, Debt Free)

by Kelli Brooks

Frugal Living

8 Surprisingly Effective Ways To Spend Less, Save Money, And Have An Amazing Life on a Budget!

This book is packed full of information on how to live a frugal life without feeling like you are giving up all of the things you love.

You are going to learn:

  • How getting rid of the clutter in your home can save you time and money.
  • How using coupons will not only save you money but get you the products you need for free or almost free.
  • Tips and tricks to save money on your electric bill all year round.
  • How you can clean your home in a frugal way while getting all of the harsh chemicals out of your home.
  • Frugal ways to ensure your pets are without pests and so is your home.
  • How to get rid of fleas cheaply and without using chemicals.
  • What you can do to save money in your free time.
  • How to grocery shop the frugal way.

You will find that you don’t have to give up the things you love, you just have to learn a different way of living. You will also understand that you can eat healthy meals and live a healthy lifestyle frugally!

Don’t waste any more time, start learning what you need to do so that you can watch your bank account grow every single day.

Download your copy of “Frugal Living” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

The Power of Asking the Right Questions

by David M. Reyes

The Power of Asking The Right Questions

This useful little book is packed full of information that you can use to discover the power of asking the right questions. You will probably want to make sure that you read it through more than once to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

Have you ever thought about how powerful you can be if you ask the right questions? The person who asks the questions is more in control of the conversation than the one who answers. However once you take control of your questioning, you will also be better able to answer questions effectively and without embarrassment.

Questions are not just about remembering the facts you have been taught. Good questions can be open-ended and guide students and employees into a better understanding and more creativity.

Rhetorical questions are not meant to be answered, and yet they are powerful to engage your listeners during a presentation or talk.

And don’t forget the questions that you should be asking yourself. This book includes a list of fifty powerful questions that you can work through asking yourself to improve your thinking and your relationships.

When you have finished reading, go through the exercises and the questions to see if you have understood. And then read it again and try it out in your own life.

This is a book you should not miss out on.

How you can make $250,000 selling horoscopes: I did it!!!

by Rich Blue

Here is the true story on how I made $250,000 U.S dollars with amazingly little effort selling horoscopes. I will tell you how I did it and include direct action steps on how you can do it too! The Internet business is all about niches these days, which is where the money is! This will give you one of the greatest opportunities to make a fantastic income. I am not the only one doing this of course, but I might be the only one revealing it. You really can do this! You will also receive a copy of the actual horoscope I used in my success story to give you a head start!

Binary Options Trading: How To Earn More Than $10,000 a Month, From Home (17 February 2015 updated!)

by Luca De Stefani

How would you like to learn more about binary trading options and the best strategy to win at it? Plenty of people who use it successfully make so much as 1000$ per day!

Did you know that you do not need a lot of money to start trading?

This book will teach you the way that is used by 5% of the people to make money: the other 95%, as you know, only loses.

I hope the information contained in this book will help many people, as this information surely helped me.

Etsy Power!: All Inclusive Step-by-Step Formula on How to Build a Profitable Etsy Business. Quickly Start Selling Your Craft and Make Passive Income Online … Proven Tactics That Work Over and Over

by Simon Charboneau

Unleash the Power of Etsy!

Craftsmakers: Today you have a huge advantage!

As a homemaker or crafter just starting out on your own entrepreneurial journey, Etsy can prove to hold massive potential in making a living by doing what you love! Etsy, makes it so easy to get started with your own business selling homemade arts, crafts, and vintage items.

Do you find yourself asking these questions: “How could I get more people to discover my crafts?” or “How can I make more money selling crafts?”

Etsy Power will take you through the basics and show you how easy it is to open up your very own “shop” online, how to properly promote it and the most successful and proven ways to sell more of your products


Make sales and money anytimeâ??even while you’re sleeping!

As of 2013, there were more than 40 million Etsy members and more than 1 million active Etsy shops worldwide with sales of more than $1.3 billion!

This means worldwide exposure for your art, crafts, homemade objects and vintage items. Etsy Power will show you how to get up and running as quickly as possible and scale your business to achieve maximum exposer to your crafts.

In Etsy Power, you will not only learn the basics about Etsy but also:

  • How to select the perfect products to get more sell’s
  • How to strategically price your products
  • How to start making real money on Etsy
  • How to professionally present your products to the world
  • How to promote your Etsy shop using secrets that work over and over again
  • How to scale your Etsy business, massively increase your sales and more

Maybe you would like to be the next Martha Stewart or maybe you’d just like to fulfill your own entrepreneurial dreams, Etsy Power is a great place to begin.

The Secrets of the Young and Rich: Retire Rich, Retire Young!

by Richard Cowles

The Secrets of the Young and Rich

Retire Rich, Retire Young!

So, how do you do it? How do you become young, rich and successful?

What is the formula for richness? We all know it involves hard work, patience and perseverance but most people possess these values and yet they don’t have that big house in the suburbs, the newest sports car model and the money to travel all over the world.

  • Ever since Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO of Facebook, became famous because of his billion dollar estate, many other young businessmen have come out of their shells as well with their success stories. And don’t we all wish to be like them? It’s very inspiring to be young and successful because you still have the strength to do everything you want! Moreover, you can help the world be a better place.
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    Morning Ritual Secrets: 12 Simple and Easy Techniques to Help You Wake Up Motivated, Productive and Achieve Your Goals! (Morning Ritual Secrets – How to … Increase Productivity With Morning Rituals)

    by Michael Henson

    “Morning Ritual Secrets” is THE roadmap to a fun and exciting way to boost your everyday routine and can even take your seemingly fruitless and unproductive mornings and turn them into effective and dominant moments for you. If your aim is to walk away from those days that you feel you got nothing done and step into a world of not only possibilities, but sure-fire methods to opening you up to occasions that will last in your memories, then you have found the perfect book to turn to.

    So why gamble with THIS book? Well, let’s face it. You are not gullible. And you know quality when you see it, when you read it, and when you feel it. So why try your luck with some other book when this one meets all your needs right here? With this book, you will walk away feeling empowered and enlightened. Not only will these feelings roll over throughout your day and into the night as well, but the people around you will start to become affected by this, and you will notice an overall change in your lifestyle that you may have never truly deemed possible. Know that by getting “Morning Ritual Secrets,” you aren’t just making a purchase, you are making an INVESTMENT. One that will benefit you in every waking area of your life! These helpful tips and tricks don’t just aid you in prospering for better mornings, they give you the assistance for a better future in general, but specifically in your morning ritual.

    Now you may be wondering, “Why should I buy it if I am already having great mornings as it is?” Great mornings and successful mornings are two different worlds. All successful mornings are great mornings but not all great mornings are successful. So what happens when you want to have more going for you than just a fun time? What happens when you realize it would be great if you had more time to defeat business related activities? Or what if there have been creative projects that you have just been dying to work on, yet you never can find the time to start? Wanting to start learning an instrument? What about figuring out or even making your own recipe? How about wanting to write your very own book because you are a huge fiction addict and think you can start your very own book series? Your mornings may be “great,” but they may easily never allow you to truly utilize all of your time to its fullest potential. With “Morning Ritual Secrets,” you are not only guaranteed to start your days off right, but you are left getting a head start in all that you do, so that instead of saying to yourself, “Guess I’ll have to wait until next year to start playing that flute.”, you’ll be adding the piano to your list of goals to complete throughout the year.

    Here are some of the top benefits you will get from “Morning Ritual Secrets”:

    • You will find time that you never had before
    • You will find out the secret to making your work both effective AND enjoyable
    • You will accomplish your wildest dreams without needing to spend NEARLY as much time as you normally would have
    • You will learn how to change yourself for the better
    • You will learn how to relax in the most proper and natural manner that is best for your mind, body and soul
    • You will tackle laziness and wonder why you ever felt the feeling to begin with
    • You will make each and every morning more and more significant as you go along
    • You will achieve new heights in your routines and get more done within less time
    • You will boost your status as an individual and increase your chances of becoming WAY more successful!

    So what are you waiting for? Scroll back up the page and get your very own copy TODAY!

    Options Trading For Beginners: Stock Trading (Daily Job Crusher Book 3)

    by Kemal Choudhury

    Options are by far the best way to continuously take profits from the market. They are also very difficult to understand. Once you break through that barrier of option terms opportunities start to pop up left and right. Market is an endless stream of opportunities and the best way to harness them is through options. Options offer investor small risk with a huge profit potential. Often times people buy options for $100 and they sell them for $1000. Rarely can you find an investment where it is possible to risk 1 to make 10.

    If you want to learn options than you have come to the right place. In the sea of option terms there are only a handful of them that needs to be understood. This is a guide for retail trader. Person who does not care what is Black-Scholes model and all minutiae of options that really can not help you in making money trading options. This is a book for people who want to quickly get to speed and start generating profits on Monday.

    What will be learned:

    Basic option terms


    How options are priced

    What is Implied Volatility – CRUCIAL INGREDIENT

    How to buy options

    Options Chain

    Basic option strategies

    Best spreads to trade

    When are you trading with probabilities and when against them

    Dangers of trading options (there are many)

    Delta, Gamma, Vega

    STANDARD DEVIATION – Mother of all options!!!

    Becoming successful investor is a path filled with a lot of obstacles. Without the right knowledge trading journey is even harder. Start here and assimilate as much information as you can to prepare yourself for the road ahead. Grasp the possibilities that options give to investor. Start to learn the skill that will free you from your daily job and any other limitation in life.

    Kindle Publishing Unveiled Bundle: How To Write, Upload, Promote, Advertise And Sell Your Books On Kindle Amazon: From Zero To Hero Full Guide

    by Ryan B.

    From 5.98$ to 3.99$ – 33% OFF Price

    Book1 : Kindle Publishing Unveiled – How to write and upload your book on Kindle

    * Have you had enough of trying a lot of methods to make money online? Have you had enough of waiting and wasting your time?

    * Do you want to make 5 or even 6 figure annual passive income?

    * Do you want to have a lot of free time, go enjoy life, travel the world and be financially free?

    * That means you haven’t tried Kindle publishing yet.

    * It is proven that Kindle is the easiest way to make money online and by going through this book you will know how to do it very quickly.

    * The book is a step by step guide to research, write, promote and publish your book on Amazon. The book contains photos and screenshots to guie you easier.

    * Tips for making money, a secret recipe to generate 6 figure annual passive income and tips for success.

    Book 2 : Kindle Publishing Unveiled – How to promote and sell your book, tips, tricks & more

    If you are an Author on Kindle Amazon and you are looking forward to obtain more sales, more profit and you need methods to promote your work, this short books literally gives you the tips and tricks required to get your sales started right away.

    The book contains photos and screenshots which demonstrate and show how to use the tools and tips that I am presenting in the book.

    In this book you will learn:

    – How to promote your book

    – What readers are looking for

    – Where to promote your book

    – What helps your book to sell

    – How to use Amazon’s promotional tools

    – How to choose a good title

    – How to increase your sales

    Check out my other book Kindle Publishing Unveiled which shows you how to publish a book with KDP.

    How To Manage People: The No Waffle Guide To Managing Performance, Change And Stress In The Workplace

    by Louise Palmer

    Want to be seen as a good manager? Like the idea of being able to get the best from those you manage? Looking to create a positive working environment? If you manage teams and want to ensure you get the best performance from your team, then this book is for you.

    This book is adapted from a training course from a successful UK based training company. It combines five smaller individual management books by the same author.

    What will I learn?

    Managing Teams

    – How to adapt your management style to suit the situation.

    – A model to help you identify the psychological make-up of each team member.

    – A working knowledge of how to manage the different psychological profiles in order to create a team that consistently pulls together.

    – An understanding of the natural roles your team members take and how to use this to develop a dynamic team.

    – How to use Emotional Intelligence to lead your team and increase their performance.

    – An understanding of the factors that lead to success and derailment in executives.

    Providing Feedback

    – How to reduce the psychological effects of negative feedback

    – How to ensure your feedback encourages feelings of achievement and challenge, rather than deflation.

    – How to balance positive and negative feedback

    – How to ensure feedback leads to higher goals.

    – An understanding of the different types of rewards organisations provide to employees.

    – An understanding of how different rewards impact on individual and team motivation.

    – How to increase motivation without monetary rewards.

    Coaching Skills

    – A step by step guide on how to coach your team members

    – Questions to use in the coaching session to assist in decision making, removal of psychological barriers and increasing motivation to act.

    – Tools and techniques to overcome negative thinking patterns and manage failure.

    – How to assist the coachee to identify patterns in their behaviour.

    – How to read the coachee’s emotional state.

    – How to measure progress during a series of coaching sessions.

    Managing Stress

    – An understanding of how perceptions affect the amount of stress an individual experiences.

    – An understanding of the major factors that cause workplace stress, based on decades of psychological research in organisations.

    – How to create a positive work environment to reduce stress.

    – The key warning signs that indicate a person may be experiencing a high level of stress.

    – How to approach an individual you suspect is struggling to cope with the stress of their work or working environment.

    – How to get to the root cause of stress using psychological techniques.

    – How to work with employees to change stressors

    – How to monitor and review the outcomes of interventions.

    Change Management

    – An understanding of the various psychological factors at play when change is introduced to employees.

    – Psychological methods to gain commitment and support for the changes.

    – A model to help you identify why changes are not being implemented in the workplace.

    – How to create a sense of security and retain your team, or your organisation’s focus whilst the changes take place.

    – An awareness of the most common pitfalls of change programmes

    – How to use Appreciative Inquiry to create a positive change programme.

    About the Author

    Louise Palmer is a Business Psychologist and Managing Director of her own UK based training company. Having worked in the psychology field for over 10 years, she has trained all levels of manager, from first time team leaders to Chief Executives of large government bodies.

    The Client’s Guide to Building a Mobile App

    by Amber Sawaya

    So your company wants to build an app and you’ve been assigned to the project. Now what? Where do you start? What’s all this about platforms, devices, resolutions, and density? How do you find a good team to work with? How do make sure the project runs smoothly? This book has you covered. With years of design, development, and project management behind me, I wrote a book to help clients and corporate employees understand mobile apps. From the vague to the specific, this book explains what you’ll need to know.

    Supervision, Your Most Valuable Workplace Skill: Learn how to control the actions of others at work

    by Tom McGinley

    This book will change the way you think about work and enhance your career.. Regardless of whether you are an ordinary worker or a senior manager, supervision is the key to your career advancement. Supervision makes you a person who can get things done by helping others be more productive. This multiplies your value in the workplace. Everyone, from the most basic employee to upper level managers can benefit from this easy to acquire, but seldom mastered, skill. If you are a supervisor wannabe or a senior technical manager who is responsible for others, the basic skills you need are the same. They are all in this book, and these skills are easy to master.

    Supervision is not hard to learn. In just a few hours, you will know more than 95 percent those who have been supervising people for years. You can begin applying this immediately in your workplace. The ability to control the actions of others at work is one of the best business skills a person can have. It will make your life easier, provide you with a path to more resources and give you a new way of looking at work.

    Work like a Captain, Think like a Pirate

    by Yash Popat

    Emotions can create commotion and then you topple down in the misery of your condition. But still we require them, because they are the juicy part of our life.

    Every individual has to manage the work life balance, but yet they lack something .

    All the super talented or lucky definitely know how to juggle between two way of living life. Sometimes they are powerful as lion and sometimes they are free spirited as parrot.

    Be the captain of your ship. Get your arsenal ready. If the highest aim of the captain was to preserve his ship then ,he would always keep it in the harbour. Explore how you can achieve the perfect balance between money, fame and happiness….

    Work like a captain ,think like a pirate and just be insurmountable !!!!!!

    Millionaire Maker – Learn to Negotiate, Buy, Finance and Sell Real Estate Like a Pro

    by Jack Miller

    Jack MIller’s real estate investing training was responsible for creating tens of thousands of millionaires. Learn how with the information in this book.


    The Deal After the Deal

    Five Buying Mistakes That Rob Profits

    Six Buying Secrets That “Beat the Street”

    Finding Cash With Which to Close Fast

    Activating Goals That Help You Win

    Using Multiple Skills to Multiply Profits


    Fly Now, Pay Less Later.. Or Never

    Six Choices Created by Financing

    Using Stock Price Collapse To Finance Transactions

    Using Institutional Lines of Credit To Buy and Sell

    Buying and Holding to Save Taxes and Stabilize Income

    Tailoring Transactions to Attract Private Investors

    Trading Time, Cash, and Pay-Down For Zero Interest

    Avoiding Due-On-Sale to Use the Other Guy’s Credit

    Five Buyer Financing Techniques That Sellers Reverse


    Using Garage Sales to Hone Skills

    Cooperative Versus Competitive Negotiation

    Discovering and Satisfying “Needs” Instead of Wants

    Negotiating with “Letters of Intent”

    Give Negotiated Benefits People Will Trade Off

    Making Multiple Forced Offers to Get Results


    Sales: A Key Factor in Creating Real Estate Wealth

    Four Ways to Use Equity to Create Cash

    Ads, Signs, and Flyers Motivate Buyers to Buy

    Creative “Open House” Approaches to Selling

    Preparing a House So It Can Sell Itself

    Five Ways Appliances Help Sell The House

    Sell the Sizzle, Not the Steak

    Closing the Contract So You Can Close the Sale

    Assembling Your “All-Pro” Selling Team

    Carrying Back Financing to Build Bigger Profits

    How to make money with Binary Options Trading Signals: Are you ready to finally start profiting from trading binary options?

    by An Quach –

    Are You Interested In Watching A Live Professional Traders Charts? With Binary Options Trading Signals, Trading Just Got Easier!

    Once trading online was introduced to the public, it was a game changer. For the first time, everyone was allowed to invest in financial markets, through online brokers. In few simple steps, anyone can open a trading account, and with more brokers offering their services, the competition started to attract more investors by providing different trading platforms, easier ways to open an account, trade and withdraw your profits, plus a variety of bonuses, and even trading courses. Today, within few minutes,, you can have an active trading account with the best trading brokers in the world, and receive a lot of valuable assistance and educational material.

    Success Secrets – How to Make Big Money with Real Estate (Cash Flow Depot Books)

    by Jack Miller

    Success Isn’t so much a matter of Winning’ as It Is the Result of Not Losing.

    One of the most successful people in the world is Warren Buffett.

    His Rule #1 is: Never lose money.

    His Rule #2 Is : Never forget Rule #I.

    We may not be able to avoid losing money, but we shouldn’t bet more than 10% of net capital on a single venture. This way, if things don’t pan out, we’ve still got a chance to use what we have left to recover what we’ve lost.

    Can you think of anyone you know who has been driven out of the real estate business and had to go back to work for wages because he or she didn’t understand this?

    Table of Contents:


    Winning By Avoiding Losing

    Trying to Hit Home Runs vs Buying Singles

    Buying Properties You Don’t Understand

    Using Financing That Creates Negative Cash Flow

    Treating Loans Like Earnings

    Getting Into Bed With Strangers

    Buying Out of Your Geographic Area

    Buying Too Many Properties Too Quick to Manage

    Buying El Cheapo Houses in Bad Neighborhoods

    Buying a Job vs Building an Investment Portfolio

    Failing to Learn Enough to Make and Hang on to Profits

    Buying Trophy Houses vs Good Investments

    Buying for Non-Economic Tax-Shelter Reasons

    Holding ‘Flipper’ Too Long

    Not Holding ‘Keepers’ Long Enough


    Analyzing and Harvesting Market Cycles to Maximize Profits

    Working in ‘Hot’ Markets to Get More Bang for Your Buck

    Money-Making-Magic in Slow Markets That Beats the Crowd

    Secrets of Sustained Survival in a Choppy Market

    Becoming Inflation and Depression Proof


    Dy-No-Mite Negotiating Tips That Give You The Edge

    Getting the Best Deals by Zigging When the Competition Zags

    Using Creative Financing Techniques

    Time-Tested Strategies That Make Money Today

    Trade-Ins, Trade-Ups, and Trade-Downs

    Leases that Create or Destroy Value

    Options to Buy, Sell, and Lease

    Partial Purchases and Sales

    Created Paper that Transfers Equity


    Beating the Bankers at Their Own Game

    Avoiding Credit Traps, Tricks, and Travesties

    How to Borrow Money Smarter and Better

    Creating and Selling Paper to Generate Cash Flow

    Motivating Private Investors to Lend You Money

    Pension Plan Financing

    Trading Price for Terms that Create Cash Flow and ProfitC


    Deep Discount Buying From Bankers and Their Victims

    Extracting Money From Lenders and Sellers in Trouble

    Negotiating Big Discounts From Lenders in Distress

    Discount-Leaseback-Buyback Techniques and Caveats


    Hands-Off Management Systems

    Positive and Negative Approaches to Managing Cash Flow

    Increasing Your Cash Flow More Each Month

    Structuring Long Net Leases, Lease/Options, Ground/Leases


    How to Hold on to What You have, and Get More

    Low Profile Property Acquisition that Confuses the Enemy

    Using Trusts to Create and Maintain Financial Privacy

    Using Corporations and LLC to Increase Take-Home Profits

    Dealing With Government to Stop Problems Before They Start

    Avoiding Government Subsidized Properties and Tenants

    Using Contractors to Avoid Employee Liability and Taxes

    Avoiding IRS Tax and Audit Problems

    Legal Tax Strategies That Maximize Sale and Rental Profits

    Avoiding Ownership and Management Law Suit Liability

    Protecting Against Lead Paint, Radon, and EPA Hazards

    Maximizing Profits in the 21st Century

    Frugality: How to Achieve More in Life by Spending Less (Frugal Living, Save Money)

    by William Pennybanks

    Can Being Frugal Really Make You Happier?

    Adopting a frugal mindset can be a challenge most of the time, but there is no challenge which cannot be conquered once you set your mind to it.

    Contrary to popular belief, living the frugal life is not synonymous to being cheap. As a matter of fact, this is why the author had decided to generously offer a timely and helpful guide on how you can live the frugal life in style by simply spending less to achieve more.

    Frugality: How to Achieve More in Life by Spending Less is the perfect must read book for anyone who wants to adopt a frugal type of lifestyle and save thousands of money annually.

    Whether you are a frugal newbie or a renowned finance manager, spending less is not always as easy as it seems, especially in this world where unnecessary things are so distracting that they often serve as constraints to almost every human being’s financial freedom instead as an effective set of motivational tools. Thankfully, the time has come when personal finance is no longer just about spending less or earning enough money for everyday life, but more on knowing what it is that you truly value so much so that you would like to put your money on it while making sure it is within your means.

    Download This Book Now and Learn the Following:

    • 4 Busted myths about Frugality
    • How to change your mentality from consumerism to frugality
    • The benefits of frugality
    • How to be frugal is all aspects of your life

    Learn the Basics of Frugality from Scratch

    This book orients you to the basics of frugality by letting you know what multiple benefits await you from spending less; and more importantly, it paints you a realistic picture of how amazing the frugal life can be when you cut down on costs, simplify your life, and abstain from spending too much money.

    Afraid That Your Friends Might Call You Cheap?

    The rarely acknowledged truth nowadays is the fact that there is always a realistic and efficient way to spend less. That is exactly what this brilliant how-to guide highlights. An informative book packed with all the right nuggets of knowledge and straight forward yet savvy tips you need to know about the world of frugality.

    Download This Book Today and Start Living a Frugal Life

    The Gain: A Teenage Millionaire

    by Alex Foltyn

    Austin Keller is a normal 16 year old kid. The only thing that separates his from any other teenager is he’s worth millions of dollars. In this story he must overcome the skepticism, and prove those who underestimate him wrong.

    Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.