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BitShares 101: A Guidebook on How To Profit From the Next Generation of Bitcoin, Crypto Currencies and Decentralized Businesses

by Max Wright

Bitcoin did for money what I believe Bitshares will do for business. In the very near future we will see the status quo of business operations transformed into a decentralized and trustless environment that functions more efficiently and fairly than any of the world’s preceding models. My name is Max Wright, a crypto-currency author, investor, and evangelist. I wrote this book to give you a base-level understanding of how this new system will function, and how you can make it work for you. Welcome to Bitshares 101.

In this book we will discuss the future as it unfolds before our very eyes.

I am really excited about the many technological advances happening in the Bitcoin 2.0 world. While similar in many ways to Bitcoin’s evolution several years ago, this next generation Blockchain technology has the potential to generate billions of dollars, even if few people know or understand what is happening right now.

Every month I see another seed-fund or VC investing tens of millions of dollars in Bitcoin related businesses. And to me, there is no surprise why.

The future lies with this technology.

Those words are familiar. In 2012 when Bitcoin cost only $11 per coin I created a video series about Bitcoin for my paid subscribers and used those very words: The future lies with this technology.

In 2013 when the price of Bitcoin was $100 per coin I transcribed and published that content on Amazon Kindle in a book titled The Bitcoin Revolution: Ending Tyranny for Fun and Profit. That book was the top rated Bitcoin book for the remainder of 2013.

In November of 2013 with Bitcoin’s price at an all-time high of $1100 I sensed a correction coming soon and told my paid subscribers to take profits now.

The reason I share this is not to brag or boast but because I have established a record of predicting trends in the Bitcoin world and I have another one for you.

In August of 2014, I introduced Bitshares to my paid subscribers on a live webinar. A single Bitshare at the time was worth only 8/10’s of one penny.

Today, in December of 2014, I release this book to Amazon after the price of Bitshares has more than doubled to 1.9 cents.

Once again, I think this is just the beginning of an amazing ride. Please enjoy this journey into Bitshares and join me at where I host a weekly show and podcast exploring the fascinating world of Bitshares.

The future lies with this technology.

Amazon FBA: The 2015 Definitive Guide to Becoming Rich from Selling Physical products on Amazon FBA

by Stephan Toony

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This book contains the key steps and strategies on how to quickly create an online Amazon FBA Physical Product Business that can easily make you $5,000 to $10,000 per month, every month. Period.

Over the last 6 months, I have built an Amazing Online FBA Business and I’m proud to say that now I have much more time for my family. I’m now turning over over $20,000 dollars of physical product per month on my online store. It has truly changed my life and I want to impart my knowledge so that others can learn from my experience that I’ve gained.

Do you want to start earning thousands of dollars a month or more from Amazon FBA?

In this book you are going to learn:

  • Why Amazon FBA is the best platform for selling physical products compared to other options
  • How configure and organise your Amazon FBA account for sucess
  • Where to source the most profitable products in order to be able to stock it with Amazon’s distribution centres
  • How to get your items into the Amazon warehouses cost effectively
  • How to price your items for success (and for the long term)
  • The best products to sell, how to get your self into the (holy grail) ‘gated’ categories within the FBA program
  • A basic overview of how to outsource parts of your business online, set sales goals for the future , and plan your success in Amazon FBA.
  • What are you waiting for? Amazon FBA Sucess awaits you!

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    This #1 Best Selling Critically Acclaimed Book is now available Globally on Amazon – Download it Now!

    Kindle Unlimited For Free: 5 Easy Ways To Make Amazon Pay For Your Subscription

    by Max Blackwell

    Kindle Unlimited is a Great Subscription Service!

    Learn the 5 Easy Ways to make Amazon PAY FOR YOUR SUBSCRIPTION!

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    by Jeremy Turner

    If you are overseas and want access to your favorite online TV, music, and movies then this is the how-to book for you!

    Are you getting tired of the, “Sorry this content is not available in your region” when you try to access your favorite online programming? Or even worse, are you stationed or living overseas and can no longer access the online streaming services that you love? Or maybe you just want to protect your communications when accessing the Internet over public Wi-Fi. If that sounds like you then look no further!

    Pretty much everyone knows that a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or Smart DNS can be used to get around these type of blocks and there are many companies selling these type of services. But why sign up for yearly contracts for subpar performance or give your personal information over to yet another third party when you can just do it yourself at almost no cost? Although you’ll need to put in a little bit of elbow grease at the beginning, imagine being able to come home, turn on the television, and watch your favorite online programming just like you did back home!

    This book will teach you from beginning to end â?? with over 100 screenshots â?? how to setup your own VPN or Smart DNS clone in the Cloud so that you can watch your favorite online TV and movies as well as listen to your favorite music streaming stations. Most of the techniques in this book have been successfully tested with Apple TV, Roku 3, iPhones, iPads, and even Android phones but can potentially work with many others!

    You won’t need to be a super computer genius to succeed either. I’ve consolidated much of the information freely available on the Internet with my own commentary and experience. Using a Linksys E4200v1 and Asus RT-AC68U home wireless router as a reference, here are some highlights of the skills you will learn to setup your own do-it-yourself overseas streaming solution:

    • Make a network diagram and take a speed baseline
    • Upgrade your home router to DD-WRT or Tomato USB third party firmware
    • Setup a VPN or Smart DNS clone virtual server securely in the Cloud
    • Demo of these tools in action
    • Speed comparison demo against a very popular paid VPN service provider

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