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The Final Shortcut

by G. Bernard Ray

Wildly imaginative and engaging.

A dark, horrific secret lies buried in the serenity of Kentucky’s Bluegrass Mountains. A psychotic, madman stalks the road ways of Bontonville for his next victim. His huge family property connects two highways with a private shortcut known only to him. He lures truckers and travelers into his private hell where he ruthlessly attacks them, hides their vehicles and disposes of their bodies in an immense underground lair where they become part of his deliciously macabre collection. For over twenty years not a shred of evidence has escaped his maniacal control. Until one day a federal agent on a case in the next county, stumbles on a clue that erupts into an intense, deadly chase to catch the most heinous killer in local history. Not since “Silence of the Lambs” has there been a novel so enthralling, imaginative, gruesome and bizarre. This is a tale with engaging characters, a realistic plot with many unexpected turns and a suspenseful, action-packed ending that will leave you exhausted.

SUBMISSION to my Lord (Billionaire Domination and Submission BDSM Erotic Romance): A BDSM Romance (Lord of Discipline Book 1)

by Alice May Ball

SUBMISSION to my Billionaire Lord

Meet the billionaire Magnus Lord

Billionaire Magnus Lord has chosen the Chicago partnership where lovely young Tanya White works as his new law firm. The tall billionaire’s chiseled looks and piercing eyes set all the female hearts on the firm racing on his arrival. Tanya is summoned to the conference room, but Magnus Lord storms out.

He then subjects her to an ordeal of exquisite and excruciating corrections, testing and stretching her will and restraint to her limits of endurance and beyond. He forces her to submit to him, and to suffer pain and humiliation at his hands.

She must do whatever he commands. Anything. And she only wants more. But will he give it to her, and can she take it?

WARNING: This 9,500 word story contains lengthy, detailed, explicit and graphic scenes of many varieties of extremely adult activities. It is suitable ONLY for readers aged 18+.

ALL characters portrayed are aged over 18 years.

Blood Lost (Bloodbound Book 1)

by Aurelia T. Evans

Bloodstains on her clothing and bloodlust between the sheets, she’s never been more lostâ?¦and that’s why he chooses her.


As if wandering the streets in bloody clothes after losing her memory isn’t bad enough, Julia’s been kidnapped by vampires and presented to Nathan, high priest of Dominion.

Nathan’s not interested in a bleeder, perfectly content with fellow priest Lucas as his companion, lover, and willing servant. However, when Lucas offers her to him, Julia’s endearing confusion and lack of fear intrigue him.

With nowhere else to go without her memories, Julia accepts Nathan’s proposition and embarks on a sensual but deadly journey into the world of Dominion and its arrogant, esoteric eliteâ?¦as well as the darkness of her own desires and the mystery of her past.


Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of mature content and should not be read by anyone under the age of eighteen. Warnings for vampire-related horror, imprisonment and trafficking, bloodplay, suggestion of MM Master/servant relationship.

Part of a five-book series, so it ends on a cliffhanger.

Shadows of Night

by Rose Shababy

On the fast track with the Seattle police department, officer Wesley Bennett didn’t think life could get any sweeter. His boss Eddie was more like a brother, and his wife Rita seemed like the perfect woman.

Then Sharon came along, a beautiful bundle of joy they all adored, no one more than Wesley.

When Sharon vanishes in one horrible moment, their world changes. Wesley is plagued with nightmares and haunted by unanswered questions. Soon he begins to drown his sorrows, obsessing over Sharon’s disappearance, and their makeshift family is torn apart.

Ten years later, Wesley finds himself alone, living in a hotel room, drunk and unable to move past the memory of Sharon. A phone call turns his already upside down world around on its axis and thrusts the three of them together again.

Once Wesley learns the truth and comes face to face with the surrogate family he lost, he spins out of control.

As he struggles to escape his misery, the nightmares seem to take shape and grow until Wesley can no longer discern between reality and the nightmares. Worse, he’s not so sure anymore that the dreams aren’t reality.

Now his life is on the line while Eddie and Rita race to save him. What they don’t know is that even with a little help, only Wesley can save himself â?¦ and help sometimes comes from the most unexpected places.

Bitten By Treachery (Hadley Werewolves Book 2)

by Shawntelle Madison

The Hadley Werewolves trilogy, which began with BITTEN BY DECEIT, continues with BITTEN BY TREACHERY.

It’s not like Charly the witch wanted to betray the Hadley werewolves. Or infiltrate the pack. But it’s the only way to save her mother and protect her coven from a dark evil. She’s a witch in wolf’s clothing – until an unfortunate bite forces her to become the one thing she detests the most.

The last time a witch came to Hadley, she almost destroyed Trenton’s pack. He won’t let it happen again, especially now that this lone wolf is feeling so drawn to a certain new new girl in town. Charly is the most intriguing woman he’s ever met, and he wants to know all about her.

The passion between Charly and Trenton shocks them both, but can she trust him with her secret…and her heart? One thing is for certain: she has to tell him the truth soon – before it brings about the end of both Trenton and the innocent citizens of Hadley.

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Stories by Shawntelle Madison:

HADLEY WEREWOLVES SERIES (Romantic Horror Novellas):

Book 1: Bitten by Deceit

Book 2: Bitten by Treachery

Book 3: Bitten by Vengeance

COVETED SERIES (Urban Fantasy Romance)

Prequel Novella: Collected

Book 1: Coveted

Book 2: Kept

Book 3: Compelled


Book 1: Repossessed

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The Wormwood Event: An apocalyptic horror dystopian tale

by JM Guillen

At the end of the world, she holds the only key to the future, written in madness and blood.

Grace believed she was going to be a computer programmer someday, perhaps create programs that educate children, or save lives. She never thought she would be fleeing for her life from her roommate. She also never thought that her roommate would be a ragged, undead monstrosity that clawed out her own eyes.

Sometimes, life takes odd turns.

The turn in Grace’s life came the night of the Wormwood Star, when the dead awoke and twisted aberrations began to walk the land. As technology and sanity began to corrode, all of civilization began to collapse.

Meanwhile Grace and her new comrades struggle to survive, struggle to understand what had happened.

But Grace is special. Grace owns a curious gathering of old papers- a work convoluted with equations, constellational alignments, and dire dates in history. As she reads more, the nature of the work begins to shred the remnants her mind, until eventually Grace cannot tell what is true and what is false. She has horrific waking dreams and begins to doubt all she knows.

Which is unfortunate, as she may in fact be the only person on the planet who can change what has happened.

Ward Z: Revelation

by Amy Cross

“Your Book of Revelation is our Book of Genesis.”

It began with a strange new kind of cancer, born on the other side of the world. Then it erupted on a British hospital ward. And now it’s reached a campsite…

Camp Everbee is a place for sick and dying teens to get together and try to have fun. Unfortunately for Lizzie Miller and the latest batch of campers, contaminated medical waste has brought a deadly mutation to the area, and it soon becomes clear that something is lurking in the forest near the camp, something that needs bodies.

Soon Lizzie and the others find themselves engaged in a fight for survival against an enemy that not only lurks in the dark, but also hides within.

Ward Z: Revelation is the story of a deadly new species emerging from within human bodies, and four girls’ attempt to escape with their lives so they can warn the rest of humanity.

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