Free poetry Kindle books for 20 Feb 15

The Winter Bites My Bones

by Dennis McHale

The long anticipated anthology of American poet, Dennis McHale, a book that will both enthrall and serve as a wake-up call for a life spent in gripped in the clutches of despair and suffering.

The Experience

by A.E. Charles

For the last four years A.E.Charles has been writing poems about his college experience, which includes what he has learned about his faith, relationships, society, family, and himself. Through this process, he has grown as a person, and he believes the college experience helped him discover his identity and true purpose. His hope is that this book will help motivate, inspire, and challenge the way you think about life. He also hopes it inspires you to follow your dreams and live a fulfilling life.

FootSteps of Faith

by Feon Davis

Every word communicates a decision: peace, and resolution are brought forth from the very soul.

The Giant’s Short

by R.E. Skibiski

In THE GIANT’S SHORT, a giant’s short film is nominated for Hollywood’s biggest award, which is, to say the least, a gigantic accomplishment. But surprisingly, the giant isn’t happy. How can that be? There’s a simple answer: the giant has stage fright. Worried to no end at the thought of being in front of so many people, the glum giant utters fear after fear as he gives himself one last look in the mirror before leaving. Will help come in time? Yes. But it’s not until the giant’s fears peak that the aforementioned help comes, or in this case, flies, his way. A parrot, the giant’s pet, having overheard enough of the giant’s doom and gloom, lands on his pal’s burdened shoulder, lends him an ear, and then uses a nifty trick to get the giant to change his tune and be a bit more optimistic.




The New Me & Repentance (The New Me: 4 Essential Stages of Spiritual Rebirth Book 1)

by Ciara Ijames

Have you ever wanted to be made new? I mean brand new? Ever wanted new thoughts, a new heart, a new motivation, become a new person overall? You’re probably thinking, “Yeah, I want to but because of the abuse, my sins, and who I used to be, is this possible?” With man this impossible, but with God, all things are possible. In 2 Corinthians 5:17, it says if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature but many times in our walk with Christ, we fall back into the same old slumps, habits, and old ways. Then instead of you enjoying your relationship with Christ, you are frustrated because it seems as if you can’t catch a break. Well if this is you, The New Me, is just what you need.

This book is contains a collection of poems that focuses on Repentance. Repentance is essential in every area of life, especially for those who are walking with Christ. So many principles and experiences in this book will benefit one who is searching for enlightenment in this particular area. Whether you are asking for forgiveness or having trouble forgiving, this book is for you. Maybe you are struggling with painful issues from your past that will not let you live life. This book will definitely inspire you to let go of whatever has been keeping you hostage. But most importantly, this book concentrates on one turning from their wicked ways and turning to God. Move and grow with Ciara Ijames as she expounds on topics and issues such as forgiveness, frustration, worship, and love in this series of poetry that will do what it is meant to do: Introduce you to The New You!

People’s War in Nepal: Songs and narratives from the frontline

by Vinaya Ghimire

The ten years of Nepalese civil war serves as the background for this book. The poems and stories collected in this book are inspired by true events during the decade long Maoist insurgency in Nepal. This is not a historical account; however, the characters did actually exist and the incidents actually happened.

Robo-Politicians: Poetry and Comics about Robots, Politics, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Life

by Richard Meyer

Robots! They want your vote because they know what’s best for you. You need four pieces of broccoli and should send Furry-Girl/Changeling on the robot dating site a smiley face. There is an 87% chance on the third date she’ll morph into you and touch your genitals. Wait, what about the female voters? She’ll still do it. That girl has boundary issues, but you’re the one to solve them! After the fourth date, of course.

Robo-Politicians is a collection of comics, poems, and generally awesome comments about robots, science fiction, fantasy, life, religion, sex, and there even a thing about Billy Collins. The guy will be dead soon, there isn’t time to find a more suitable venue for work regarding the aging poet! Quick, someone steal his brain and put it in a robot dog! It’ll be adorable!

Shades of Love: A Book of Erotic, Passionate Poems and Odes by Clare Collins

by Clare Collins

A selection of poems, written in a variety of styles from free verse, sonnets, haiku and one tanka. The poetry expresses erotic and passionate love also the loss of love and the joy of love. Some more experimental poems dwell on the nebulous quality of love which almost defies description.

Dark, Ominous, Poetry (Volume 1)

by Rose Golden

Love, Life, Even death can be depressing at times. But thats no reason not to enjoy every minute of it! Rose Golden’s collected works of poetry is available for the first time in this paperback, compelte with artwork also by her. Inside you will find poems that will make laugh, cry, and may plauge you long after your finished reading. You have been warned!


by Linda Dobinson

Encounter is a book of poems written mostly in free verse but with some traditional poetic forms – villanelle, pantoum and haiku – included. The collection is divided into three sharply observed themes – love, nature and life.

The author’s inspiration comes from many sources. She grew up in Barbados and the poems inspired by those memories show a strong emotional connection.

Married and divorced twice, the poems charting the author’s personal experience of love – the joy it brings, the pain when it goes wrong, and then finally moving on are poignant and sometimes raw.

However, the author’s greatest inspirations are nature and the seasons. The thrill of a new spring, mercurial summer, the glorious colours of autumn, the frozen wonders of winter -these poems are beautifully observed and imagistic. The author would like to say, though, that her feelings about snow are ambivalent and some of the happy snowy poems are definitely fictional.

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