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White Self-Loathing: Negrophilia or Mental Disorder?

by Arturo Raymond

Why does White Leftist America worship minorities, specifically Blacks? Why are Blacks over-represented by a huge margin in commercials and always portrayed as intellectuals and the highest authority figures in movies and television? Why do White neo-Liberals want to commit genocide against Whites? Is the neo-Liberal affliction known as White self-loathing Negrophilia or a suicidal mental disorder? Read this book and find out for yourself.

Western Spiritualist Philosophical System: The spiritist metaphysics for a pure spiritual reason, good will and perpetual peace

by Daniel Aço

Daniel Aço is a Brazilian spiritualist thinker and writer. He was born in 1976 and lives in Porto Alegre.

During a long time, the author defined himself as a free thinker. Today, not giving up such solid definition destined to good Western thinkers, the author prefers to be a thinker with freedom.

In English language, Daniel Aço means Daniel Steel. The Providence wanted that a man with the steel strength was able to expose the truths said in this book, which, in its first month, deserved a translation into Spanish and into English.

This book is about a unique work, because it involves a combination and a critic interpretation about the Western Philosophy at light of the spiritual scholars and the spirituality in general. Daniel Aço is the first to do it, and does it with the mastery owned by him, fighting for the philosophical freedom of the goodwill humans, before the presumptuous academic world and the famous philosophical systems.

This work must mean to Philosophy and Spirituality the same that “Chariots of the Gods?” by Erich von Däniken, means to Ufology. As Däniken, Daniel Aço undertook in this book, without abandoning the past, a solid metaphysical index for the spiritual studies in the centuries to come. As Däniken, Daniel Aço will also be, eventually, misunderstood and mocked. However, his seed was already planted. And his light, projected.

However the author says that he doesn’t mind if his work is original, or if it will sell two or twenty million copies, the work is innovative, even because exposes the alleged superiority of the Western philosophers and inserts the Spiritist Doctrine in the Western knowledge.

Its language is literary and there is a little bit of everything in its pages: literature, religion, psychology, metaphysics, moral, spirituality, philosophy, politics, sociology, ufology, science, causality, relativity, energy, mediumship, freedom, karma, reincarnation, satire, and much more. Finally, being a little biographic, the book can be a self-help book, for the person who reads it.

Nobody finishes reading this book as an untouchable being, not even its antagonists. Regarding them, by the way, the author doesn’t really care – also because he will sell, alone, more copies than all these antagonists together.

Demystifying The Bhagvad Gita: Understanding the Self

by Amit Kulshreshtha

Is it possible in the modern world to live a life of peace and joy, free from tension, anxiety, fear and frustration? We are worried for lack of peace and order in the world or for our relationships with others, but we fail to realize that this world is our relationship with others. If we use our relationships without understanding ourselves, we create further confusion and disorder.

When one understands oneself, one understands the other, and out of that understanding comes love. Today, love is the missing factor. There is a lack of affection, of warmth in relationships. This lack of love, tenderness, generosity in relationships is the cause of lack of trust, peace and order.

Understanding of the self, is therefore, of paramount importance. Without exploring the complete process of thought, feeling, and action in oneself, there cannot possibly be peace, order, and security. The study of oneself requires extraordinary awareness about what one does, without any judgement, condemnation, admiration, or blame.

Right action comes through understanding the process of oneself. Self-knowledge is the beginning of wisdom, it is a field of affection, warmth, and love.

This book is a step by step guide to understand oneself through modern knowledge and ancient wisdom. It is based on first six chapters of the Bhagavad-Gita. The Bhagavad-Gita is an extraordinary articulation of the fundamental truth of Vedanta in very structured manner. In the Bhagavad-Gita, it takes eighteen chapters to unfold the ultimate truth. First six chapters talk about the real nature of the self, attaining blissful state as a consequence of that understanding, and the ways to experience the real self. The next six chapters, from chapter seven to chapter twelve, talk about the infinite splendour of the divinity and creation in its fullness. The final six chapters, chapter thirteen to eighteen, talk about the relationship between oneself and the infinite divinity.

The best way to use this book is to read a page a day, and then to read the corresponding verses, which have been included in Devanagari as well as transliteration using itrans scheme using roman script for the readers not familiar with Devanagari script, and being transliteration of Sanskrit verses may give false spellcheck error. Translation of verses in English along with word to word translation is also included. Deeply think about the real meaning of the verses, and try to interpret your own meaning. By the grace of God you will receive more light from within based on your current state of understanding of the truth, and greater, and ever greater, understanding of the truth will be revealed to your mind. This is the sole objective, with which this work is offered at the feet of the Lord present in you.

Let Me Speak From My Heart: Not exactly a book of nonsense, but I’m working on it…

by Tom Morton

A collection of poems and short essays by the prominent Tom Morton, with a tinge of humour and a pinch of earnestness.

Ideas emanating from conversation with my wife: Ethology 101

Short topics about man and the universe

London Lifestyle Awards – Five Years

by Pooja Shah

A celebration of London’s lifestyle, awarding the talented individuals and companies that make London the greatest city in the world.

The New Racism: Social Class & Financial Status

by Raymond Williams

primary focus and goal is for the intent to empower, educate, free minds and open the eyes of everyday people to truth. This informative research is for anyone who seeks truth and knowledge.

Mammo (And Other Flights of Fancy)

by William Blacksmith

This is a collection of poems but still contains a couple that are near to my heart. Mammo and Andy Fox are two people in my life that I cherish and admire. If you have anyone like that in your life, these poems may touch a chord.

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