Free religious fiction Kindle books for 20 Feb 15

Camp Emmaus

by Melissa R. L. Simonin

Two years ago a lie stole everything Lizzie Samuels held dear; her best friend Nate Harrison, her family, her relationship with God, her sense of worthâ?¦ and she wants it back.

Struggling to escape the hold of an abusive relationship, twenty-two year old Lizzie is desperate to get her life back on course and regain what was lost.

It all started at Camp Emmaus, and maybe there she’ll be able to start over. Accompanied by her Diabetic Alert service dog Samson, Lizzie accepts a summer position as camp counselor.

Lizzie finds more at camp than she ever expected. Within minutes of arriving she runs into Nate, the best friend she loved and who has never stopped loving her. The lies that tore them apart and sent Lizzie down a path of self-destruction soon begin to unravel, freeing her in some ways but imprisoning her in others.

With the support of prayer and her new Christian friends, Lizzie begins to find the self that God created her to be and to overcome the barriers that stand between her and the best life God has to offer.

Then an evil from the past returns and threatens not only Lizzie’s newly reclaimed joy, but her very life. Evil isn’t winning that easily, though. Nate and Samson, the two guys on earth who love Lizzie best, aren’t letting her go without a fight.

The search is on, but time is running out. Nate and Samson are in a race to find Lizzie before it’s too late and her worst nightmare comes trueâ?¦

Kristin’s Hope (The Pia Duology Book 2)

by Stephen Boyd

This is the conclusion of the Pia Duology. The first book, Stephen’s Legacy started the great adventure. A colony from Earth Launched to establish a world without religion. A world that they thought would be prefect.

Before the colony left an angel appear asking a group of unsuspecting Believers to risk their lives and imbed themselves into the colony. The adventure continues a few generations later. All religions are banned by order of death on this world now called Pia.



BROCK is by far the most powerful “Ultimate” Watcher to roam the earth. Bound by duty and love, he has spent centuries living in the shadows, protecting God’s so lovedâ?¦..humanity from his evil demon brethren.

JODI is a college professor who has been abandoned by her husband, family and friends. She has lost faith humanity and has no interest in establishing a new relationship. But when she walks upon Brock, in the park, both their worlds are changed. But is that change for the better?

Jodi is Brock’s â??Spirit’ Mate. She’s the one woman whose blood promises to extinguish the fiery darts of his demon within. Nothing will keep him from claiming her. But can she risk it? Are her wounds too deep?

Unknown to both of them, Brock’s enemies are gathering in mass. In hopes of delivering a devastating final blow to him, Jodi becomes their number one target.

How far will he go to save his “Spirit” Mate’s? Will Brock rescue Jodi in time for his own REDEMPTION?

Their contemporary love story is fraught with new found self worth, spirituality, sexuality and fierce bloody battles.

Cowboy’s Bride: Second Chance of Country’s Romance Bride (A Historical Western Romance Series)

by JJ Fox

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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author JJ Fox

She looked up at him then, her green eyes a keen mixture of shock, confusion, desire and a need she was so terrified of acknowledging. Smiling Ricky touched the side of her face, tracing her bottom lip with the pad of his thumb. When her eyes widened, he smiled more. “You’re much more innocent than I originally gave you credit for.”

“You have no idea,” Alivia whispered. She watched him now, watched with those witching green eyes that mesmerized him. The moment their lips met, there was a knowing that hadn’t been there the first time. The kiss on the porch had been scorching, molten need. This was sacrifice, a cleansing that Ricky found he needed just as desperately as Alivia did. Her flavor was rich, deep and flowing as it poured through him. Her surrender was slow, an indolent yearning that consumed him bit by bit. Tasting her lips with his tongue, Ricky felt her open for him and dove deeper into her. The flavor was richer now, pungent in it’s ardor. Sweet in it’s offering. Ricky put his hands on her hips and lifted, pulling her up so she’d wrap those long legs around him…..

The Life I Left Behind

by L. Thornhill Crane

A vampire story with a twist. Andrea’s life was forever changed by a run in with a ghostly apparition on a dark mountain road. When she awakens she finds herself in a hospital room surrounded by strangers. The tragic accident that almost took her life succeeded in taking her memory, and as she struggles to rediscover the life she no longer remembers she finds herself with more questions than answers. Her handsome and mysterious husband seems to be hiding something as the memories begin to return to her; disembodied voices call out to her and she is plagued by visions of a man in white. Add to that a loyal dog who no longer knows her, a compelling stranger with a cryptic warning and a husband that she’s beginning to worry might not be completely human; she finds herself questioning her choices, her faith and her own sanity. Suddenly, she is thrown into a world she never believed existed: a world populated by ghosts, vampires, angels, demons and a Love that is reaching out from the other side. Is Andrea’s imagination getting the better of her as her husband claims or does he have otherworldly secrets to hide? In order to find herself Andrea must push forward trusting in her faith regardless of her husband’s wishes to discover the life she left behind that night before it is too late. Her life or perhaps her soul may hang in the balanceâ?¦

The Herbalist’s Daughter: Book 1 Amish Herb Shop Series (Amish Romance)

by Karen Anna Vogel

Cassia Byler is a twenty-two year old beauty that has the small town of Smicksburg, PA baffled. She appears to be content not to court any man, only desiring to work alongside her dear father in his herb shop. When pushed too hard to court Moses Weaver by the knitting circle she attends, Cassia reveals the truth: she’s been secretly engagedâ?¦to an Outsider. Not a baptized Amish member, she won’t be shunned, but when she sees her dear father’s broken heart, will she reconsider? Can she leave the Amishâ?¦and the herb shopâ?¦and her father?

This book is dedicated in loving memory of a real Amish Herbalist in Smicksburg, PA, who many simply called Dr. Dan. This book tries to capture the care Dan gave to patients who drove many miles, desperate for a cure to their ailment, to find compassionate care and an acute mind for medicine.

Although this is work of fiction, as Dan didn’t name his kinner after plants, trees, and flowers, he was very unique and I try to portray this.

His wife and children were very good at running the store when Dan was away, so the family business part is accurate.

A daughter who strays from the Amish for the English life is purely fiction.

R.I.P Dr. Dan

Advocate of Time

by Craig Allan

Advocate of Time is a story of six youth with a strong desire to understand the depths of the Bible. They are met by a time traveling angel whose appearance resembles that of a rambling cowboy, roaming the countryside looking for work. Together they journey into time, discovering God’s creation and finding grace and peace in the events of the past.

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