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Living on Island Time, All the Time: Sailing and the Pursuit of Happiness

by Kristen Miller

Quit job? Check. Sell stuff? Check. Move aboard a sailboat? Check. Sail south to the Caribbean? Check. Learn to sail? That’s on the to-do list! When Kristen was in her mid-20s, she and her husband quit their jobs, sold their stuff, and sailed their 27-foot sailboat into the sunset. Their destination? The swaying coconut palm trees of the eastern Caribbean. The initial plan was a simple tropical sabbatical, but the three-year adventure changed Kristen’s fundamental views on how to live well. Instead of bringing home shell necklaces and baskets full of sea glass, she returned with a new philosophy on how to live a simple, meaningful life – she learned how to live on island time, all the time.

85 Sneaky Hiding Places. How To Stash Your Stuff!: (secret hiding places, secret hiding safes, secret hiding stuff, how to hide things, secret hiding, … hide things, hide money travel Book 1)

by Pamela Greenberg

How to Stash Your Stuff!

85 Sneaky Secret Hiding Places. /h2>

This book offers you great tips and suggestions on where you should and how you should consider hiding items inside and outside of your household in places that outsider’s would not think to look for these items.

In this world we live in today there is high levels of crimes that involve house break-ins where people get robbed of many items that are precious and special to them that they will never be able to replace. In this day and age you need to be prepared for certain things that could occur one being the unfortunate experience of having your home burglarized.

Not only will you be given tips and suggestions on how to protect your precious items but even shown ways to hide a spare key to your home outside of your house where intruders won’t think to look. You can great some great advice in ways to make your home environment more secure within this book without spending a large amount of money.

Installing a home security system is not an option everyone can afford. But the suggestions in this book will certainly help to make your home more safe and secure with little to no expense.

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Fly Fishing Knots – From the reel to the hook

by Andy Steer

Fly Fishing Knots – From the reel to the hook

Contains clear, concise, easy to follow knot-tying

illustrations of recommended fly fishing knots and set-up.



Copyright notice

Fly fishing knots set-up

Arbor knot

Albright knot

Nail knot

Needle knot

Braided loop

Surgeon’s loop

Perfection loop

Loop-loop connection

Surgeon’s knot

Surgeon’s knot dropper

Grinner knot

Orvis knot

Non-slip loop knot

Lefty’s loop

Double Turle knot

Tippet size

Tenkara knots traditional furled line set-up

Tenkara knots level line set-up

Lillian knot

Girth hitch

Tenkara one knot

Perfection loop

Loop-to-loop connection

Slip knot

Figure 8 stopper knot

Tenkara one knot

Level line to tippet

Tenkara one knot

Yamamoto knot

Improved clinch knot

This publication should help you to gain a solid base of reliable,

tried and tested knots, enabling you to land more fish.

Protect the environment and save money by losing less tackle.

Tight lines and strong knots.

40 Incredible Scavenger Hunts: Ready to Go Scavenger Hunts that Work

by Ray Hintz

40 Incredible Scavenger Hunts gives you 40 unique templates with over 1,500 item, picture and video ideas. Select from multiple themes, including: holidays, travel, events, activities and more! Don’t need a theme? Pull one of our ready to go hunts that work just about anywhere, at any time. Enjoy the hunts as is, mix them up, or customize them for your group by adding your own flare. It’s time to get your hunt on!

These scavenger hunts can be great for younger groups or businesses looking for a fun team building activity. Categories include, events, food, holiday, travel, location hunts, themed fun and basic scavenger hunts. In addition, you will get useful tips on how to plan, organize and execute the best scavenger hunts for you and your friends or group.

Scandals & Conspiracies in Sport History

Love scandals and conspiracies? Then this book is for you, it tells the story of various scandals and conspiracies in sport history with everything ranging from Baseball to Football (soccer).

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