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Zentangle Basics: The Ultimate Guide for Absolute Beginners With Unique Patterns and Shapes (zentangle basics, zentangle basics featuring ideas, zentangle basics book)

by Jeff Adams

Zentangle Basics

The Ultimate Guide for Absolute Beginners With Unique Patterns and Shapes

Zentangle is all the rage nowadays. Described by some as meditation for the artist, it’s a drawing that consists of unique patterns and lines to form something. Sometimes, it’s abstract. Other times, it forms a familiar picture. People say that it helps them meditate, improves their focus, and boosts their confidence. If you’re new to Zentangle, you may have plenty of questions. How much art skill do I need? What are the requirements? Can I draw it on anything, or does it need a certain format? Can I clear my mind before I draw, so that it’s easier on me? Are there patterns I can use as a reference?

In Zentangle Basics, we have you covered! This book will cover the history of Zentangle, what makes a drawing a Zentangle, what you need, how you should go about with your Zentangle, and so much more. We won’t leave you in the dark. By this book, you shall be on your way to becoming a Zentangle master! We’ll provide you with various patterns that you can use to get you started. Make a pretty flower! Create a distorted tile that will make anyone dizzy! Make a never-ending series of zig zags. Everything will be available to you in an easy-to-explain format. You won’t feel intimidated, and you won’t need to give this book a second glance because something was poorly explained.

So if you’re interested in what Zentangle can do for you, give this book a try. You’ll be glad you did.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • What is Zentangle?
  • Requirements for a Zentangle
  • Clearing Your Mind
  • Tangles to Get You Started
  • Drawing Tips

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Exotic Scales and Arpeggios

by Bryan DeLauney

Arpeggios and exotic scales are starting to become the mainstay in music. This book will give you the tools that you will need to play exotic scales like the Iwato, Arabic, and Phrygian dominant, just to name a few. Not only that, but pairing these scales with diminished 7th, add#11, or augmented arpeggios will take your sound to the next level.

Having just the arpeggio or scale diagrams is not enough. This book will give you some examples of chords that you can play them over, ideas of phrases, and usability of the scales. The arpeggios section will teach you not only the basic, but advanced arpeggios and guide you on how you can construct arpeggios to fit your needs.

To Die Of Laughter (laughter series Book 1)

by Aleksandr Aleshichev

A compiled set of artworks and caricatures on a variety of themes such as Circus, Clown,Tennnis, Christmas, and New Year.

Tearing Apart a Whisper (The Haze Collection Book 1)

by Jason Porter Collinsworth

Poetic memoir of Jason Porter Collinsworth, the most interesting man alive.

Prelude to the superhero adventure novel, The Unrevealed.

Brighten Your Day!: Babies & Mothers Picture Book (Kindle Unlimited Books for Happy People 15)

by Allison Heath

Babies & Mothers Edition!

Happiness, gratitude and love are three of the strongest and most inspiring emotions that people can feel. They are also emotions that heal and uplift the body, mind and spirit. Even glancing at an adorable animal or relaxing nature scene enhances health and happiness. We’ve created these picture books to inspire you, put a smile on your face and brighten your day.

These picture books are designed especially for the kindle unlimited reader. Read a different book everyday -and smile!

Love, Allison Heath & Happy Cat

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