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Dump Dinners Cookbook: 30 Ultimate Dump Dinner Recipes For Busy People (30 Ultimate Dump Dinner Recipes Part 2)

by Harrison Turner

Dump Dinners Are The Worlds Easiest Meals To Prepare!

Dump Dinners were designed to feed families with little to no effort. Simply mix the ingredients together in a dish and “dump” it in the oven. With the help of these Dump Dinner recipes you will return to find an incredibly delicious meal!

Why Get This Book:

– Delicious Dump Dinner Recipes

– These Dump Dinners Are Super Easy To Prepare With Easy To Follow Instructions!

– Includes Recipes Designed For Feeding Families With No Effort!

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Dump Dinners Are The Worlds Easiest Meals To Prepare!

Prepper’s Pantry: 55 Most Popular Convenience Food for Tasty Life Saving Meals (Prepper’s Pantry Books, Prepper’s Pantry, prepper survival)

by Melvin Garcia

Prepper’s Pantry (FREE Bonus Included)

55 Most Popular Convenience Food for Tasty Life Saving Meals

Who says that your emergency food stockpile has to be filled with bland, flavorless junk? With the right advice and the right amount of ingenuity, you can recreate a familiar, delicious, nutritious, and most of all comfortable variety for your family. Even in the worst disaster, you can use the act of preparing and eating meals to offer a slice of normalcy and comfort to your entire family. Nutrition is important, but it’s just as critical to make sure that you can provide that comfort to your family in a stressful emergency situation.

Circumstances can often make many of those “comfort foods” unavailable, but fortunately there are more shelf-stable options available for preppers than ever before! Just because you are living off of emergency rations does not mean that you will be eating beans and rice every day. This book will offer suggestions that will add flavor and variety to your emergency food storage! This book will teach you about:

This book will teach you about:

  • How to incorporate a variety of different fruits into your diet when they’re not available fresh
  • Enhancing and increasing the quality of convenience foods
  • Finding a balance between ready-to-eat meals and shelf-stable ingredients
  • Maximizing your family’s comfort in an emergency situation through food
  • Being creative and flexible with what you have on hand
  • Much, much more!

Getting Your FREE Bonus

Download this book, and find “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter right after the introduction or after the conclusion.

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Mason Jar Lunches: Quick and Easy Lunch Time Jar Recipes (Mason jar meals, mason jar recipes, mason jar salads, mason jar lunches Book 1)

by Kathy Hunt

Mason Jar Lunches: How to Make The BEST Tasting Quick and Easy Lunches on the Go…

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Here’s What You Will Discover Inside This Mason Jar Lunches Recipe Book

  • Tasty Chicken Lunch Recipes
  • Beautiful Beef Lunch Recipes On the Go
  • Mouth Watering Seafood Lunch Recipes
  • The Perfect Pork Lunch Time Recipes
  • Quick & Easy Vegetarian Lunch Recipes
  • Each recipe is straight forward and easy to understand

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Desserts for Two: 40 Quick & Easy, Gluten-Free, Wheat Free, Mostly Vegan, Whole Foods Superfoods Sweet Cookies, Cakes, Truffles and Pies for Weight Loss … loss energy-cooking for two Book 21)

by Don Orwell

How Can You Go Wrong With 100% Superfoods Desserts?

FACT:Way too many of us live in a state of poor health, lethargy and moderate obesity. We live with headaches, back pain, inflammation, arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, skin problems, insomnia and cancer – they’re all the byproducts of modern western diet, based on processed food. Superfoods are foods and the medicine and they can help with all these symptoms!!

Desserts for Two contains 40 Superfoods Desserts recipes for two, created with 100% Superfoods:

– Superfoods Raw Vegan Desserts – Half of the recipes are Raw Vegan

– Superfoods Vegan Desserts – Three Quarters of the recipes are Vegan

– All Recipes are 100% Gluten Free and Wheat Free

Most of the desserts can be prepared in just 10 minutes. Each recipe combines Superfoods ingredients that deliver astonishing amounts of antioxidants, essential fatty acids (like omega-3), minerals, vitamins, and more.

“Our Food Should Be Our Medicine And Our Medicine Should Be Our Food.” – Hippocrates 460 – 370 BC

Would You Like To Know More?

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Dash Diet: The Ultimate Dash Diet Beginner’s Guide for Weight Loss and a Younger You (Dash Diet, Weight Loss, Low Sodium, Younger You)

by Colleen Taylor

Dash Diet: The Ultimate Dash Diet Beginner’s Guide for Weight Loss and a Younger You

You’re about to discover why so many people are following a DASH diet for weight loss, better health and to feel younger.

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A free yoga starter kit is included with this book.

The DASH diet is endorsed by the American Heart Association and is scientifically proven to lower blood pressure and cholesterol without medication. Which in turn will lower your risk of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. The DASH diet supports reaching and maintaining a healthy weight naturally. Rich in fruits, vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, fish, low-fat dairy, nuts and other healthy fats, you’ll be able to eat delicious foods on the DASH diet. It’s easy to follow and you can get started today!

Here what you’ll learn from the DASH Diet

  • What is the DASH diet
  • Why the DASH diet was developed
  • The benefits of a DASH diet
  • Serving sizes and portion control
  • The DASH food groups
  • DASH diet and weight loss
  • How easy it is to follow a DASH diet
  • and much, much more!

This isn’t a fad diet! See why millions of people are following the DASH diet for losing weight, reducing hypertension and a healthier lifestyle.


© 2015 All Rights Reserved

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Green Smoothies: Top 20 Green Smoothie Recipes for Rapid Weight Loss and Cleanse: (Green Smoothie Recipes, Green Smoothies for Weight Loss, Green Smoothie Cleanse)

by Dean Evans

Top 20 Green Smoothie Recipes for Rapid Weight Loss and Cleanse!

Lose Weight and Cleanse Your Body From Toxins

By the time you have justified why you can have “just one more biscuit”… you’ve already eaten it! Don’t worry we’ve all been there. If you’re reading this then I can imagine you’re wishing to be healthier or loss some weight, cleanse your body, feel happier and be more energetic? Sound about right? If so then this is the book for you!

Become Healthier, Happier and Reap the Rewards For Revitalising Your Body

Top 20 Green Smoothie Recipes for Rapid Weight Loss and Cleanse contains everything you need to start creating a HEALTHIER YOU TODAY! not only will you find the best green smoothie recipes optimised for weight loss and cleansing your body but you will also find out the “whys” and “hows” you might have after claiming that they work. For each smoothie there will be a short paragraph explaining the key health benefits within the ingredients and nutrients contained in the smoothie and what they do in your body, to make you healthier!

TWO BONUS Recipes For Added Variance

Inside you will find 20 of the best green smoothie recipes for aiding rapid weight loss and cleanse for you body. There is also TWO BONUS RECIPES for added variance. Losing weight and cleansing you’re body has never been tastier…

So start your journey TODAY!

Thanks for reading, and stay healthy!

The Japanese Cuisine Cookbook: Japanese Recipes for Beginners (Japanese Cooking)

by Gordon Rock

The Japanese Cuisine Cookbook: Japanese Recipes for Beginners


Japanese food is about so much more than sushi. It’s a whole new level of varieties that many people are unaware of. Japanese food is known for 2 things; 1) its deliciousness and 2) its super healthy.

This Japanese cuisine cookbook for beginners is designed to accommodate every reader with the most amazing, finger licking good and easy recipes. You might come across a few dishes that you haven’t even heard of, but each and every recipe in this cookbook is a must try.

This Japanese cuisine cookbook is compiled with lip-smacking recipes that Japanese people rely upon every day.

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Slow Cooker: Low carb, Healthy Eating, and Delicious Recipes Prepared For You!!! (Slow Cooker: Slow Cooker Cookbook,Low Carb, Healthy Eating,)

by John Korsh

Are you in a situation where you are not satisfied from your body? Do you feel that you need to lose some weight? Are you ready for next step that will bring you happiness, satisfaction and most important will make you healthier?

If your answer of all these questions is yes, then you are at the right place. Next pages will help you to understand why sometimes we really want to eat fast and unhealthy food, how to leave that bad habit behind us and lose some weight and how to eat lower carb and more healthy food. Also, at the last pages you will read some useful, healthy, easy and fast recipes that will definitely make you healthier and happier person.

All those benefits, mentioned in the previous paragraph are connect with crab cycling, minimizing fats in our daily meals and eat some delicious and healthy food full with proteins, minerals and vitamins that are necessary for all organs in our body.

Before starting with a plan for healthy eating and low carbs, you should know what crabs are and why they are not recommended for your body and health, especially when you are consuming more than necessary.

Someone said that carbs are a source of energy. Yes, this is definitely true. If we ignore carbs, we will start feeling more tired and without energy, even if we did not had hard work day. Carbs are used to fuel cells such as those of the brain and muscles. According to many nutritionists, carbs are one of three macronutrients found in food. Other two are fats and proteins. However, carbs can be also really dangerous for our bodies and health. If we cross the red line and we are consuming them more than recommended dose, we can cause high blood pressure, problems with stomach, kidneys and other vital organs, etc. Plus, really important thing especially for women is that high level of carbs is a cause for high weight and problems with fatness. All these and more is the reason why many nutritionists and fitness instructors are trying to create great eating plan that will combine high-crab and low-crab days, where they will give more attention to proteins, vitamins and minerals.

There are many simple eating plans that include your favorite food, but also keep your body protect from high level of carbs. If you want to be slim and health, you should find the eating plan that will fit on your schedule and daily habits. The most well-known eating plan is a crab cycling program that includes five meals per day. So, let’s continue reading and see how this program is creating and how can help us to stay in shape.

Low Carb: Low Carb Cookbook and Low Carb Recipes: 25 Low Carb Beginners’ Recipes for Extreme Weight Loss and Mediterranean Style (Mediterranean Diet, Low Carb, Low Carb Diet, Mediterranean Cookbook)

by J.S. West

After reading this book you will learn all about the low-carb diet and the mediterranean diet, and how the two can fit together perfectly to provide you with the best possible weight loss outcome!

The Health and Wellness Benefits Will Be Incredible!

25 of The BEST Low Carb Mediterranean recipes included!


LIMITED TIME ONLY $2.99! (Regularly priced: $6.99)

In this book, you will learn all about the low-carb diet and the Mediterranean diet, and how the two can fit together perfectly to provide you with the best possible weight loss outcome. The first chapter of the book will provide you with plenty of information regarding the two types of diets. It will explain the ground rules for following a low-carb Mediterranean style diet, and why it is so important to stick to these “rules” when you are trying to lose weight.

The second chapter will be a brief run-down of the foods you should avoid, and the foods you are welcome to eat. These lists are not exhaustive, but do provide a great springboard from which to launch into your low-carb dieting.

The following three chapters will offer you a series of 25 recipes. These will include side dish and dressing recipes, salad and lighter dish recipes, and hearty dish recipes. You will have plenty of options to choose from in order to formulate your weekly meal plans for months to come. These recipes are all simple and do not take a long amount of time to prepare and cook. They are great for beginners to cooking and for newcomers to the low-carb Mediterranean diet.

The last chapter will provide you a week-long meal plan that should help you with your first step toward a healthier, skinnier lifestyle. This meal plan is very low in carbohydrates and high in proteins and vitamins. It is formulated specially to ensure that you have plenty of nutrients on a daily basis, and extra protein around lunchtime to help you power through your days. The included daily shopping lists and list of items to keep in stock in your pantry and refrigerator at all times should help make shopping for your new diet as easy as possible.

All in all, this book ensures that you have all the information necessary to firmly grasp and thoroughly understand the low-carb lifestyle and how it can help you burn away fat quickly while still staying healthy and eating plenty of delicious foods.

This is A Preview Of What You’ll Learnâ?¦

  • why the low carb diet works
  • what foods to eat and what foods to avoid
  • how to prepare 25 tasty low-carb Mediterranean style recipes
  • how to transition into the diet with a weekly meal plan and shopping list
  • and much, much more!

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The Vegan Cheese Bible: Ditching Dairy Products Has Never Been Easier (Dairy Free, Vegan Cheese, Vegan Recipes, Vegan Cookbook, Vegan Lifestyle)

by Riki Berko

Ditching Dairy Products Has Never Been Easier!

One of the biggest complaints my vegan friends have about their choice of vegan diet is that they miss cheese. They miss having cheese on their pizza, toasted cheese sandwiches, and cheese in pastas amongst other cheesy delights.

Being vegan is a lifestyle choice taken because people don’t want to consume animal products, damaging chemicals or hormones that are round in our everyday foodstuffs. It is a choice for a healthy, balanced diet, which is kind on the body and also on the animals that share this beautiful planet with us.

this recipe book brings you much happiness as you work your way through the many cheese recipes and add them to your daily diet.

Here Is a Preview Of What You Will Find…

  • Vegan Mozarella, Parmesan, Cottage
  • Vegan Halloumi, Soft cream, Gouda
  • Different Vegan Yogurts
  • Sweet Cheeses, Spicy Cheeses.
  • Different Variations of Nuts Cheeses
  • Much, much more!

Grab your copy today!

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Paleo Dessert Recipes – 30 Deliciouc Paleo Dessert Recipes (Paleo Dessert Recipes, Paleo Recipes Book 22)

by Susan Peterson

“Paleo Dessert Recipes” by Multiple #1 Amazon Best Selling Author – Susan Peterson

“The Best Paleo Dessert Recipes, Period.”

The Paleo Diet has exploded with popularity all around the world. So far, thousands of people have dedicated themselves to throwing processed food out of their diet and eating more holistically and naturally.

Processed foods are all too common in our society today and they wreak havoc on the body. It is important to make sure that you monitor your food intake and you stay away from foods that are unhealthy.

Who Wants Some Cake…?

This book is a compilation of Paleo dessert recipes for you to enjoy. Inside you will find 30 delicious and healthy paleo dessert recipes including:

1. Apple Crisp

2. Blueberry Cobbler

3. Berry Dessert

4. Baked Bananas

5. Sweet Potato Dessert

6. Blueberry Nut Crumble

7. No-Bake Banana Parfait

8. Lemon Cake

9. Chocolate Mousse

10. Chocolate Pudding

11. Sugar Cookies

12. Peach Crisp

13. Vanilla “Milk” Shake

14. Chocolate-Dipped Berries

15. Pumpkin Dessert

16. Pumpkin Pudding

17. Chocolate-Almond Clusters

18. Strawberry “Milk” Shake

19. Vanilla and Honey Pudding

20. Chocolate-Molasses Candies

21. Cranberry Apple Dessert

22. Peanut Butter “Milk” Shake

23. Freezer Fudge

24. Peanut Freezer Fudge

25. No-Bake “Cheese” Cake

26. Chocolate Freezer “Cheese” Cake

27. Chocolate Chip Cookies

28. Snickerdoodles

29. Chocolate Cake

30. No-Bake Berry Parfait

Each recipe comes complete with clear, easy to follow instructions and nutrition information, allowing you to make the right nutritional choices for you and your family.

Paleo Diet Benefits

The paleo diet is the diet the human body is supposed to follow, and as such, all the positive results gained from following the paleo foundations seamlessly fall into place:

– Increased Energy

– Clearer, Smoother Skin

– Weight Loss Results

– Better Performance and Recovery

– Stronger Immune System

…and Much Much More!!!

Get your copy of “Paleo Dessert Recipes” by Susan Peterson today…

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Low Carb: 30 Delicious Low Carb Recipes–To Help You Lose Weight, And Become Healthier!! (Low Carb: Low Carb Diet, Low Carb Recipes, And Low Carb Cookbook)

by John Korsh

Learn How to Use Low Carb Recipes to Lose Weight and Become Healthier

It seems like the entire World has realized the Importance of Healthy Lifestyle and Eating Habits. Saying this, one should also mention that “Low Carb” Diets are a buzz these days. By adopting a “Low Carb” diet in your food plan, you are actually restricting the Consumption of Carbohydrates for treating many diseases like Obesity and Diabetes. Besides, it also helps in killing your appetite in a good way along with providing therapeutic treatments for certain neurological disorders. On physical Grounds, you feel more energetic after implementing a Low carb diet, thus making you less sleepy and ability to think clearly and focus more on your work. The colorful veggies in your diet leaves room for colors in your life as it makes you feel lighter, stronger, sharper , enthusiastic and lively. It may appear difficult to follow a low carb diet but as someone wise said “When there is a will, there is a way”. You can cook a low carb delicacy that with lots of proteins, fruits and veggies without compromising on your taste buds. You can eat plenty of green veggies rich in protein and other antioxidant properties that will give you a charming and Youthful appearance. Whether you are a Working Professional, Student or a Homemaker, you can avail the benefits of “Low Carb” diet irrespective of your Gender and take a step forward to long, healthy life. Complement your “Low Carb” Diet with a fitness regime and exercise plan that works best for you to give it a more effective shape. A Lot of Low Carb Ready to eat snacks are available in the market due to its excessive demand. Cook one, and share it with your loved ones.

Here Is A Preview Of What You Will Learn:

  • In Low Carb , you will learn, low carb and success story of Drew Carb
  • In Low Carb , you will find 30 delicious low carb recipes

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30 Day Juice Plan for Weight Loss, Detox and Overall Better Health

by Brad Armstrong

Included in this ebook are 30 vitalizing and healthy juice recipes. I have made a 7 day plan for each of the four weeks; however feel free to change the order. By the end of the month I hope you will have actualized your goal of weight loss, Detoxing and simply just feeling healthier! I strongly urge you to avoid all processed foods and eat only organic vegetables and fruits.

I made the plan in order that you can follow it like a regiment. It is very easy just to buy this ebook or others like and not make it a regiment. The 7 day plan gives you an exact step by step to follow. It is your job to implement this juicing plan. Juicing is an easy way to virtually guarantee that you will reach your daily target for vegetables and fruits. Every health authority recommends that we get 6-8 servings of vegetables and fruits per day and very few of us actually get that. This is where my easy juicing plan will help. A word of caution as far as fruits, if you are trying to lose weight focus more on vegetables and greens rather fruits. Combining all types of greens such as kale or spinach is a great way to lose weight and still feel filled up.

Check out my other books

Rules for Healthy Living by Eating Right

50+ Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss, Detox & Better Overall Health

Green Smoothie Health A to Z: A Beginner’s Quick Start Recipe Guide To Green Smoothies Benefiting The Most Common Health Concerns

by J.V. Phillips

Find out How To Get Started Making The Perfect Green Smoothies For All Of Your Health Concernsâ?¦Today!

For a limited time, get this Amazon Kindle Book for just $0.99. Regularly priced at $2.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Green smoothies are widely recognized for their numerous health benefits, and you’re about to find out the quickest steps to becoming healthy with the most delicious green smoothie recipes around! I am confident that the green smoothie recipes provided here will help you get started making healthy green smoothies right away, even if you have never made a single green smoothie in your life! While the beginner “juicer” will benefit the most from this book, the seasoned green smoothie connoisseur may also find value in many of the recipes covered hereâ??even if it is just a refresher, or recipe they have not yet tried.

There are many ways to get started with green smoothiesâ??let what I am presenting here help guide you through a concise, proven set of healthy steps that will put you on the right path to green smoothie health! This book is more than just a collection of recipesâ??rather, it is a small “road map” to improving your overall health and wellness with green smoothiesâ??one sip at a time!

Here Is Just A Sneak Peek Of What’s Inside…

  • 63 Recipes To Help You Find The BEST Ingredients And Combinations To Use For The Most Common Health Concerns Includingâ?¦
  • Arthritis and Cancer Prevention
  • Digestive Health and Ulcers
  • Your Immune System and The Common Cold
  • Women’s Health, (i.e. Pregnancy, Cellulite and Breast Health) and Men’s Health, (i.e. Hair Loss and Erectile Dysfunction)
  • Anti-Aging and Beautiful Skin
  • Heart Health
  • Quit Smoking and Healthy Teeth
  • More Energy
  • Weight Loss
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

Take action with your Health TODAY and download “Green Smoothie Health A to Z” for a limited time discount of only $0.99!

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Tamarind, the Indian Date

by Roby Ciju

Tamarind is a multipurpose tree. Timber of a fully grown tree yields brown-colored hardy durable heartwood which is used for various carpentry purposes. Young, tender leaves are used as a delicious vegetable. Its pod-shaped fruit has great commercial value. Fruit may be eaten raw or may be used in various culinary or medicinal preparations. Fruit pulp extracted from mature, ripe fruits after removing seeds are available in the market for culinary uses.

Live To Eat: Meals Everyone Can Make

by Adam Pittaway-Hay

I often hear from colleagues friends and family “I just don’t have time”. My response to them is that making good, fresh meals or snacks takes no time at all and is very easy.

In this book you will not find any particular style of cuisine or even a certain cooking style. I believe in entrees, main meals and desserts that can be prepared in 30 to 60 minutes and still allow you the time to do what you need to after a long day at the office; and that is exactly what you will find in this book, with most recipes taking no more than 30 minutes to create. Like most people, I have a full time job and I am also a home taught cook.

Over the years I have discovered what I like to call â??hero’ ingredients. (Verjuice, Manuka Honey, Chili, Olive Oil & Dark Chocolate) These ingredients can be used to make meals that are nutritious but most importantly, do not cost the earth.

It is my philosophy that recipes should be easy to follow. For this reason I have done away with complex methods, diagrams and cooking times and replaced these with easy to follow steps and one clear ingredients list. Each recipe in this book is designed to serve two people but the ingredients can be scaled to serve as many as you like.

By using the â??hero’ ingredients that I have discussed in this book and using my time saving steps, it is possible for anyone to follow these recipes. I hope you enjoy tasting my delicious and healthy recipes.

Sunday Supper: Starting Your Week Right with Recipes from the Lone Carpenter

by Lone Carpenter

From the popular blogger, The Lone Carpenter, comes a genius cookbook that is sure to get your family to the table.

Simple but delicious food, carefully and lovingly made. The family sitting around the table, all together. Sometimes it seems that the home cooked family sit down dinner has become a thing of the past. But a new cookbook, Sunday Supper: Starting Your Week Right with Recipes From the Lone Carpenter, shows that sharing fresh and tasty food with those you love never gets old.

You’ve learned handy carpentry tips from the Lone Carpenter. Now he applies the same attention to detail and clear, straightforward approach to Sunday Supper. The cooking carpenter shares his years of experience in the kitchen, making family dinner an easy affair with recipes anyone can make.

You haven’t had meatloaf till you’ve savored the succulent Bacon-Wrapped Meatloaf you’ll find within these pages. Then try the signature Lone Carpenter Meatballs with Sauce, which takes an hour to make but tastes like you spent all day. Or dig in to some lusciously Creamy Crock Pot Pork Chops with Modern Succotash. Finish up a sweet dinner on a sweet note, with Pineapple Upside-Down Cake, or go fancy with some Pumpkin and Maple Creme Caramel.

Sunday Supper features:

  • 10 complete dinner menus
  • Tips on alternate preparations and ingredient substitutions
  • A handy shopping list for each menu
  • Color photographs
  • And more!

Good food, good family, good times…Holding a real family dinner has become more difficult. But it’s more important than ever and easy with this book! Download a copy of Sunday Supper today, and bring the family together!

Paleo Freezer Recipes – 30 Simple & Easy Paleo Freezer Recipes (Palep Freezer Recipes, Paleo Recipes Book 23)

by Cheerful Chef

Cheerful Chef Amazon Best Selling Author and Publisher

30 Paleo Freezer Recipes + Surprise Bonus Inside

Inside “30 Paleo Freezer Recipes” you will find:

1. Pork and Beans

2. Pineapple Pork Chops

3. Sliced Rosemary Pork and Sauce

4. Pork Chops and Apples

5. Peach Pork Chops

6. Preseasoned Salmon

7. Preseasoned Lemon Tilapia

8. Preseasoned Spicy Cod

9. Garlic Freezer Shrimp

10. Sweet and Spicy Shrimp

11. Swordfish Steaks for a Busy Night

12. Paleo Stewed Beef

13. Spicy Beef Stew

14. Tomato Beef Soup

15. Mushroom Beefsteak

16. Oniony Beef Tips

17. Lemon Pepper Chicken Thighs

18. Sweet and Tangy Chicken Thighs

19. Italian Drumsticks

20. Paleo Barbecue Drumsticks

21. Paleo Chicken Soup

22. Herbed Chicken and Veggie Soup

23. Chicken Stew with Snap Peas

24. Make-Ahead Thai Veggie Stir Fry

25. Make-Ahead Sweet and Sour Stir Fry

26. Pineapple Veggie Stir Fry

27. Zippy Zucchini Side Dish

28. Make-Ahead Freezer Spinach

29. Squash for a Crowd

30. Cinnamon Carrots

Pick up your copy of “30 Paleo Freezer Recipes” by Cheerful Chef today and impress your friends and family with a delicious Sweet and Spicy Shrimp’s…

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Seal Team 6 (Warrior Cookbook Book 1)

by Steven Doornbos

With Seal Team VI often in the news I thought it would be interesting to explore exactly what it takes to become a Seal Team member. More than that however, I wondered how, with all of the strenuous exercise they are put through for six solid months, they survive the training ordeal and yet stay healthy.

As I began to explore this I learned that becoming a SEAL isn’t something you just sign up for, join and then suddenly you are one of the team. It is in fact a process that starts well before you are accepted into the program.

Diet plays a vital role in this preparation and we’re going to explore what dietary requirements, recipes etc. are, or can be, used in the preparation and training process.

The term “Seal Team VI” refers to the U.S. Government’s special counter-terrorism unit of the Navy. Its proper designation however is actually “The United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group (NSWDG.)

Most of the information about this unit is highly classified and it is very difficult to learn details of the activities it performs worldwide. The Government will not normally comment on the missions as they are so highly classified and important to the security of the Nation.

As a unit Seal Team VI was formed during the Viet Nam era (circa1962) and has grown since that time. They now operate world-wide and are most active today in Afghanistan and the Middle East arena of warfare.


by Joseph Harper

INDIGESTION – HOW TO STOP BEING UPSET is a book about indigestion. What indigestion is and what may cause it. It also covers the symptoms, treatment and who gets indigestion. But you will want to know about the Indigestion Diet and a new break-through supplement that could change your life.

Heartwarming Soups: Soups are the ultimate comfort food and the foundation of soul-satisfying meals.

by Paul Jacob

Soups are the ultimate comfort food. Whether they’re teamed with a sandwich, crusty bread or a salad, they’re the foundation of soul-satisfying meals. And many of us instinctively turn to them when we want a really healthy lunch or dinner.

That’s why it’s so ironic that many traditional soups are bursting with fats. Many start with a butter and flour roux or are enriched with heavy cream, egg yolks, butter, and cheese just before being served. I have in this given the choice to choose which is best for you. So enjoy these fantastic recipes.

Italian Delights: Soups and Salads: A Guide to the Soups and Salads of Italy

by Diana Bianchi

In Italian Delights: A Guide to the Soups and Salads of Italy, you will find a selection of the recipes that have become standards for many Italian families.

In this book, you will find 24 soup recipes, 11 salads and 9 delicious dressings that will dress up any salad.

Using fresh ingredients and homemade techniques whenever possible, you will find the traditional Italian recipes that have meant home and family to generations of Italians.

In this book, you will find such irresistible dishes as:

* Minestrone alla Milanese

* Brodo di Lenticchie (Lentil Soup)

* Stracciatella Soup

* Zuppa alla Primaverile (Vegetable Soup)

* Sausage and Vegetable Tortellini Soup

* Italian Wedding Soup

* Pasta Salad with Basil

* Spinach Fazoli

* Italian Seafood Salad

* Tomato Vinaigrette Dressing

* Garlic Dressing


This book is the second in Diana Bianchi’s series of Italian Delights that will take you through the entire range of great Italian cuisine including soups, sauces, pasta, rice and polenta, main dishes and desserts.

The series will also include the amazing breads of Italy, regional Christmas favorites and, of course, pizzas.

DIABETES – Basic Facts You Need to Know

by Joseph Harper

Diabetes – Basic Facts You Need to Know on How to Control Your Diabetes is a short book about some of the fundamental questions on diabetes. It tells you what it is and what possibly causes it. It covers some of the basic symptoms and who can develop diabetes. There are treatments available depending on the type of diabetes. Also certain foods to eat and not to eat. This could be the start of learning about the basics of diabetes. Joseph Harper is a well-rounded health advocate and writer on a variety of health concerns. He has a large selection of Free Special Reports on many health conditions.

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