Free historical fiction Kindle books for 21 Feb 15

Fortune Brawling (The Fortune Series Book 2)

by Hunter S. Jones

Two guitars. Two wild women. One crazy honky tonking night in Georgia. The Ace is high and the Joker is always wild.

When Texas meets Tennessee, the end result spells T.R.O.U.B.L.E

In Story Two of The Fortune Series, we find country musician Dallas Fortune in a tight spot. Guitar God Billie Joe McAllister has betrayed her once again. As if by magic, her BFF from Ft. Worth Texas, guitarist Jodie Marie Jennings, drives all night to come to her aid in a time of need.

What happens at Bud’s honky tonk in Trenton, Georgia should stay at Bud’s, but it doesn’t. What went wrong? Who gets in trouble and who gets revenge? Who are JD Fowler and Tom Vanderfleet? What does the best fairy godmother in Country Music history do to save the day this time around? These questions and more secrets are revealed in this adventurous, lighthearted and fun contemporary novelette.

Fortune Brawling is the second story in The Fortune Series. Set in contemporary Nashville and the surrounding rural areas. The series chronicles the life and loves of Dallas Fortune.

Care & Keeping: Book One Constance – HIstoric Age Play Erotic Romance ABDL (The Private Records of Doctor Renfrow 1)

by Eve Fontaine

“Now, be a good girl and lay very stillâ?¦.Doctor is going to check you then take your temperature.”

Constance is a wild girl. She gets whipping’s from her Pa, but she don’t mind. Her life during the depression on a West Virginia scrap of land is hard. When her life takes a sudden turn, she finds herself in the care and keeping of the local wealthy Doctor. She moves in with him and the other special staff of the Doctor’s hospital.

Soon, Constance learns there will be stern discipline in her new life, but there is also special care she will receive from the doctor. Constance is confused when she is made to wear clothes meant for a baby….and…a diaper.

This 10,000+ work of erotic fiction includes explicit scenes of hot taboo sex between a young girl and a much, much older, powerful, rich man. It contains hot, graphic scenes that include age play, ABDL, anal play, daddy play, All characters are at least 18 yeasr of age.

The Evolutionist: The Strange Tale of Alfred Russel Wallace

by Avi Sirlin

It is the year 1852, and the origin of species remains a mystery. In a primitive hut in the remote Amazonian jungle, Alfred Wallace, a brilliant young collector of scientific specimens, lies wasted by tropical illness. He does not expect to survive. Healed by a village shaman, Wallace continues his pioneering fieldwork in the Malay archipelago, crystalising his ideas about evolutionary theory, which Charles Darwin had also secretly formulated but was reluctant to publish. In this new novel based on the scientist’s extraordinary life, what unfolds is a dramatic tale of money, class, faith and discrimination.

DESTINY: A Story of Mary Queen of Scots and her Lady-in-Waiting Mary Seton

by Anne Kinsey

In the sixteenth century, when love was a tool of statecraft and marriage a political weapon, a rivalry between two queens ended when one of them faced the executioner.

Start reading and discover three fascinating women. Mary Queen of Scots, a woman revered as a martyr, condemned as a traitor, dazzlingly beautiful, and caught on the wrong side of a revolution. Queen Elizabeth I, declared a bastard in childhood, crowned queen of England at the age of twenty-five, and one of the most brilliant and enigmatic rulers in history. And finally, Mary Seton, whose life and destiny was entwined with both queens.

Here is the story of thwarted love, political marriages gone wrong, murders, plots of treason, long imprisonments, dramatic escapes, and a lifetime of loyalty.

The girl who challenged Napoleon (SHORT STORIES Book 1)

by Massimiliano Fiorelli

A short fiction that will carry you back to 1809 in a city like Rome, governed by the Pope, that was about to be shaken up by the arrival of the emperor Napoleon. In this historical background the author will make you feel like you are living with the characters you will meet, each one of them bearing his own state of mind and feelings. In this context, will take place the worry and the fears of young Ofelia, a very courageous roman princess that hates Napoleon.

An Accommodating Assassin

by Kurt Dysan

You can’t please everyone

Lady Anne summoned Jason to her chamber in the castle to hire him to kill the King’s oldest son. The Prince has threatened to arrest her husband for treason and have their property confiscated if she doesn’t give in to his sexual demands. She’s certain that after he enjoys her, he’ll carry out his plan anyway, leaving her with nothing. Lady Anne is beautiful and clearly wants him to ravish her. Her beautiful slave girl is also attracted to Jason and wants his help to escape her slavery. The least a professional assassin and virile man can do under the circumstances is to try to accommodate them all.

Who is Jesus? Study Edition: 1st Century Eyewitnesses Tell Their Stories

by Cheryl Ann Wills

What might it have felt like to meet Jesus when he walked the earth? What would it be like to witness miracles by him? What changes would follow? The short stories in this book are told by people who met Jesus in the Gospels, as imagined by the author. Discover the difference an encounter with Jesus made in their lives. As historical fiction, the stories accurately reflect the era’s culture and historical context. The study edition contains guided reflections based on the life concepts presented by the first century witness stories. It is designed to make people consider their own life events differently for the purpose of personal growth. The reflections are divided into six sections and are intended for use by individuals at their own pace or in groups.

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