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Creepology Volume 1

by Creep Creepersin

Creepology: Volume 1 (BOOKS 1-7) – ON SALE FOR ONLY $2.99 UNTIL DEC. 31ST! REGULAR PRICE – $4.99!

Creepology contains the complete volume of Creep Creepersin novellas that were published this year, plus, bonus material not found anywhere else! Save 60% versus buying the individual stories!

Creepology is a collection of the six novellas and short stories Creep Creepersin published this year. Includes…

Unsane Sam – over-weight nerds, mummified men, transmissions to space, catholic school girls, plump loose women, ugly twins, urine, panic attacks, dissolving people, Napoleon, anxiety and much, much more.

The Killing of P3 – a tale of espionage, intrigue, suspense and scheduled executions. Dive into this world of rank, lunacy, nudity, secret reports, murder, double agents, triple agents, the Chinese and sexbots!

Anxious Anxiety – 11 panic filled stories from the master of nervous over reaction. Let the panic attack begin as you dive in, against your will, into being watched, tortured, being a failure, finding gross things on your genitals, weird smells, tentacles out of where there shouldn’t be, being on the run, living in the past, surrounded in a drug fueled freak show, getting old, androids, Gorlows and prophecies.

Bacon – a tale about an orphan named Malcolm who finds himself wrapped in raw bacon! Is this a blessing or a curse? Welcome to a world full of hookers, gang bangs, crooked cops, naked men, exploding heads, penislegs, pretend robots, Samoans, urine, Indians from India, ribbons in space, giants, gunshots, motor-homes and dirty sex all wrapped in raw bacon.

Free Kindle Books – the story of one man’s quest to get the entire Amazon Kindle library for free and the repercussions of what an insane obsession could bring.

Gonorrhea – Joel thinks he had the night of his life last night until he notices the greenish, yellowish scab crusted over his pee hole. Join Joel as he tries decide if he should find and tell the goddess with whom he bedded the night before and then follow him as he embarks on the adventure of a lifetime!

The Roommate – Never before published BONUS book!


“If you don’t read anything else this year, READ Creep Creepersin’s FREE KINDLE BOOKS, it is EXCELLENT!”

“Holy cow…this is graphic, and hilarious. I found myself quietly giggling and getting embarrassed reading some of it and really liked getting inside the character of Sam in such vulnerable ways. I recommend this book to anyone who has a sense of humor.”

“This is one of the funniest books that I have read in a long time. I can’t say too much without removing the surprises so just read it and don’t blame me if you laugh till you pee your pants”

“This book was amazingly sexy in a computer geek sort of way.”

“I just finished reading the book Anxious Anxiety…OMG, still laughing my ass off! This stuff is too funny. I recommend this to anyone who likes experiencing animation through awesome writing. I am a fan for life.”

Throughout Creepology you will experience horror, satire, science fiction, bizarro, comedy, suspense, thrills and all sorts of weird, WTF moments. Find out more about Creep at

These stories are intended for MATURE readers.

Awesome Minecraft Builds: Secret Entrances (an Unofficial Minecraft Guidebook)

by MC Bros

Special Offer! Limited Time Discount! (Original Price – $10.99)

Tired of other players going through your stuff? Want a nice and quiet place where nobody will bother you? No problem! With the help of this book you will be one step closer to becoming an expert of secret doors and entrances. Build hidden storage rooms where you can hide all your goodies or just build a secret base where you will be able to mine and craft without being disturbed.

Includes easy step by step instructions!

Scroll up, click Buy Now and start building!

Naughty Kitties

by Ensee Seventeen

Some gentlemen’s magazines are shocking, some gentlemen’s magazines are raunchy, but no gentlemen’s magazine has ever been like this. Naughty Kitties is a fun romp of a parody of the girly magazine genre. This is the one dirty magazine you can leave around and not worry about what your kids might see. It’s a parody so if you are expecting undressed women then you are going to be sadly disappointed, but if you like a good laugh, or maybe want to play a joke on a friend then grab this book and let them stumble across all the “Naughty Kitties”. Get ready for “Kitties” in totally raw action shots.

Photo by O Palsson at

The Comedy Spot: Gig 4

by Bernard Morris

You’ll laugh yourself silly with The Comedy Spot. Or maybe not.

Gig 4

Life Lessons In The Saddle & Around The Manure Pile: Mule Tales of Whimsy from a Mid-Western Cowgirl

by Cindy K Roberts

Hilarious mule tales, short stories, filled with the cowgirl spirit and will tickle you in all the right places. Inspirational stories from matters of the heart on will and courage. Witty and cleverly written stories that have been grouch tested.

Unbelievable, true tales of adventure from author’s experiences on trail rides, travels and mule training. Caution: mules will fart!

The Secrets of Sports Betting

by Jeffrey Wiles

The Secrets of Sports Betting

A Far Cry From (book Book 1)

by Hannan T

A romantic drama about a girl with a magnetic personality and boy with a scarred past.

Ali is a Pakistani boy who has moved to Manchester, England and joined The Salford University for a Business and Management degree. Angeline now finished her college has joined The Salford University for the same degree as she did not want to be a lawyer just like her parents. How they two meet and what lengths she goes to uncover his past. Will she be able to live with her when she finds out !

The Waitress The PigThe Armadillo And The M o o n s h i n e: A Louisiana Saturday Night

by Based on a true Story

Life in Louisiana is very different and far removed from the modern world, we like it like that. This is a true story of lust and losers in the Louisiana bayou on a typical Saturday night.

Men worldwide do many foolish things for a little lovin, this is the Coonass version.

Blue Bee Boudro the 3rd, Just a Coonass looking for Love.


by Gary Whitmore

This is a goofy comedy aimed at Hollywood for making all those remake movies. Detective Carter Remake is bored investigating the same old repeat criminal cases in the tinsel town of Remakewood, California. So, Carter defies his crooked superior’s orders and races across the country, with his female dog partner Sabrina, in search of stolen government corruption evidence located in Washington D.C. But there’s the evil forces of some Senators that are trying to stop Carter and Sabrina from finding this evidence that could put all the Senators and Congressmen in prison.

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