Free mystery and thriller Kindle books for 21 Feb 15

Risk Everything: A Romantic Suspense Novel

by Evie Platt

They either risk their lives, or they lose them.

Drugs have plunged Amber Vaylun into hell, and now she’s about to have an untimely rendezvous with the devil. Someone killed her father, and that someone is now coming after her.

Barrett Lamb has all the tools to track down a killer. Gun? Check. Police experience? Yep. Built like a linebacker? You bet. But his attempt to drown his demons has him circling the drain faster than a dead fish. When Amber comes to him for help, it’s his last chance to dig his way out of rock bottom. And yeah, she might have Death at her heels, but she also has lips that can breathe life back into him.

There’s just one problem. Keeping themselves alive and their growing passion ablaze means outwitting someone who specializes in extinguishing both.

The Rule of Three: (Amber Lee Mysteries, Book 2)

by Katerina Martinez

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>><< A young witch is haunted by a shadowy spectre. Is it fate given form, or something more sinister? ——————————————– In the second book of the Amber Lee Mysteries Series we return to Raven’s Glen and pick up a few months after the story left off – a few months after the attack that almost killed Amber. Thanks to a lack of leads, Amber, a Wiccan with true magick power, abandoned the search for the mysterious figure who gave the order to have her killed. But the near death experience helped her grow into a more well-rounded witch and her life is starting to straighten itself out. So what is it? What’s keeping her up at night and why can’t she remember her dreams any more? Rattled by a debilitating lack of sleep and incessant nightmares she can’t remember, Amber struggles to keep the weak grip she has on her life before things start slipping through her fingers again. But there are forces at work in Raven’s Glen. Dark forces with a nefarious agenda. Forces beyond Amber’s ability to identify and defend against. Another mystery needs solving, and as the threads begin to unravel Amber discovers just how high the stakes really are. What is Amber really dreaming about? Who is the mysterious hooded man stalking her around town? What is wrong with Aaron, her rough ex-lover? And when it comes down to the crunch, will she learn from her mistakes in the arenas of morals, magick and romance? Or will she be consumed by her own hubris?

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