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31 Days of Prayer for My Teen: A Parent’s Guide

by Susan Alexander Yates

Have teenagers? Don’t panic!
It’s no secret that parenting teenagers is often overwhelming. We wonder, Where have I gone wrong? Is it too late? Will God hear me? Does he really care about the nitty-gritty issues my teen is facing?

Using simple truths and biblical promises, Susan Yates illustrates how God cares about the struggles and choices confronting your teen. Addressing thirty-one common concerns parents have, Susan will help you verbalize your worries and turn them into specific prayers for your teen. At the end of these daily entries you can personalize your prayer, write out a Scripture promise, and choose a character trait of God to focus on throughout the day.

If you feel inadequate to guide your children through their difficult teenage years, you are not alone. Full of encouragement and support, this book helps you take each problem to God and trust him with your worries.

“As a mother of teenagers, I often feel hopeless, speechless, and out-of-control. By opening up the pages of 31 Days of Prayer for My Teen I find the faith to believe, the words to pray, and the encouragement to place my children into the trustworthy hands of their Father.”-Lisa Whelchel, author of the best-seller Creative Correction, founder of MomTime Ministries

“Teen years test every parent’s mettle. Susan offers practical, pensive, and spiritual insights to surviving the days, months, or even years of unique change. Feeling like a helpless parent? Dive into these pages and you will find a respite from the stress.”-Michael J. Easley, senior pastor, Immanuel Bible Church

Elder Abuse Prevention and Intervention: A Guide to Dealing With Nursing Home Abuse and Other Elderly Abuse Issues

by Carrie Shenoy

If you’re ready to help stop the abuse of an elderly person in your life, then this book is for you!

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet, or Kindle device.

The abuse of elderly persons is fast becoming one of the major problems in the care of this vulnerable age group. These acts aren’t isolated to nursing homes either. It happens in the home as well, even sometimes perpetrated by members of the victim’s own family. If you’re planning to move into a nursing home, or are planning to move a family member into one or under the care of someone else, learning how to deal with elder abuse properly will help a lot in preventing its occurrence. How will you know that you’re being abused? When and how will you report the deed? These are all important points to understand so that you’re prepared to deal with the situation immediately, or better yet, prevent it from happening in the first place. This ebook will help you learn how to recognize and deal with abuse in nursing homes and at home by discussing both prevention and intervention in detail.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Signs and Symptoms of Elder Abuse
  • Types of Elder Abuse
  • Methods to Prevent Elder Abuse
  • Coping and Dealing with the Aftermath of Abuse
  • How to Ensure Homes are Safe from Elder Abuse
  • Helpful Resources and State-Sanctioned Guidelines to Tackle Elder Abuse
  • Much, much more!

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Brushing Teeth with Tommy: (children’s book) (rhymes ebook) (family values) (health and personal hygiene) (The Together Series Book 3)

by Ally Olson

This is a great full-color illustrated, rhyming children’s e-book for any boy who is ready to start brushing his teeth, just like the grown ups. Tommy learns about the toothbrush that everyone puts in their mouth every day, and becomes curious to try it out. The book features a fun and gentle explanation, encouraging kids to try new things and keep up with hygiene and health habits.

This e-book is part of “The Together Series,” written and illustrated by author and parenting advisor Ally Olson.

Ally Olson is a children’s books author, a parenting advisor and a mother of two wonderful kids. She focuses on creating the supportive environment and constant motivation essential to our success as parents. Ally’s books assist parents in building positive values and healthy habits, fostering sociability, providing clarity about the world, and creating a sense of togetherness in the family unit.

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Family of Choice

by Lissa Brown

Dr. Rory Wilson wrestles with the effects of childhood bullying by his father and others. Can he find it in his heart to forgive those who inflicted such pain, or will his scars prevent him from realizing a fulfilling family life? Three new F-words challenge Rory:â??forgiveness, family and fatherhood. Will he triumph yet again?

Reviews of Lissa Brown’s Another F-Word:

“Bulls eye on several levels, as a coming-out/coming-of-age story, a lesson on damage caused by bullying, challenges faced by educators trying to encourage diversity and tolerance, and how parental priorities have to evolve with a gay or lesbian child… Five stars out of five.” â??Echo Magazine

“Educators and advisors should read it. Parents should… Young adults should, especially if you’re questioning your sexuality. The book might answer some questions and help you.” â??Ambush Magazine

“Excellent job portraying the challenges gay boys face as well as those of a loving parent trying to understand and accept… depicts the rejection, bullying and outright hate gays and lesbians face and shows how family dynamics can influence the adults they will become … teenagers and adults would benefit from reading” â??Midwest Book Review

“Delivers excellent dialogue about homosexuality, teenage suicide, and coming out across three generations … The characters are treated as compassionate, open-minded individuals … educates people about dangers facing LGBT youth.” â??UNITE Magazine

“Succeeds on several levels. Shows the effects of parental bigotry and vicious treatment of a child, and offsets that with love and support from other family members and friends.” â??

“Page-turner which will take your breath away … realistic portrayal of a family and rural community coming to terms with the emerging sexuality of one of its most vulnerable citizens … about the pain and consequences of bullying in our schools … for any parent whose child

has been the victim of bullying.”

â??Mountain Times

Lisa’s Story (English – Russian Edition)

by Mikhail Teplyashin

Lisa’s Story is about a young woman contemplating her death due to a terminal illness. She is able to make peace with herself and come to grips with her eventual demise, however, how does she alleviate the pain and suffering this will cause her homosexual partner? We see inside the mind of Lisa as she contemplates this situation and laments about her life and the decisions she has made in the past. What could she possibly leave her partner as a remembrance once she is finally gone?

Mandy and the Flower Splash Speed Bike

by Lorraine Best

This book is about a little seven year old girl name Mandy. Mandy has a problem and she figures out the best way to solve the problem with the help of her best friend Amelia.

The book is a picture book and also very easy to read alone at the ages of 6 to 8 years old. Within the story there is a very valuable lesson that Mandy will learn. You can choose to read with your child or let them explore the story on there on.

Pooky Pear & Milly Pop – A day at the zoo

by Kimberly Whitnell

A day at the zoo (volume two of a multiple book series)

Pooky Pear had made many friends at her new school, but none were as close to her as Milly Pop. She enjoyed meeting new students and was always looking for ways to help others. A day at the zoo provided such an opportunity

About the Pooky Pear & Milly Pop book series

Pooky Pear & Milly Pop learn about patience, kindness, sharing and respect through various experiences at school and at home.

A message from Pooky Pear & Milly Pop

Our interest in meeting you is simple. We are not sure when or why our society’s core values deteriorated, but they have and we wish to see them restored. Throughout our multiple book series (soon to be published), ethics are examined and emotions are expressed. All of the joys and challenges that our parents, teachers and caregivers face can be discussed while reading about real life situations. Plus, each book is written in rhyme, so they are fun to read!

Xtreme180 Magazine: Rebuilding America’s Youth

by Edwin Carter

Xtreme180 Magazine highlights teens and young adults who have made an Xtreme 180° turn around in their lives. Studies have shown that teens are most influenced by their peers and media. Xtreme180 was created to show teens in a positive light and that there are teenagers that have made poor choices but have gotten back on the right track. Xtreme180 is all about making a turn around by choosing the right choice and having a mindset to keep making positive choices no matter what life throws at you.

Child Nutrition! Toddlers and Young Children: How to plan your child’s nutrition and diet plan with healthy foods and nutrition for kids!

by Howard T. Wilson

Child Nutrition. Toddlers and Young Children!

Paying attention to our toddler’s nutrition can be harder today than ever before. Through their TV commercials the media constantly tries to persuade our children to buy more and more sweets and junk food and our job as parents has become more difficult.

This book will teach you what you need to know about child nutrition so that your toddler gets all the nutrients that he needs to develop properly.

Here are some of the things that you will learn:

– What the daily guidelines for toddlers of different ages based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans are!

– How your toddler’s menu should look like according to the American Academy of Pediatrics!

– The recommended intake of sugar for children according to the American Heart Association!

You will also learn about:

– What grains your toddler needs and the difference between different types of grains!

– What vegetables are best suited for toddlers!

– The amount of protein that your toddler needs!

You will learn about vitamin A, C, D, Folate, Zinc, Calcium and Iron!

Further, you will learn that sugar has at least 13 different names used on product labels and you will learn what these names are!

Other things that you will learn:

– The nutritional guidelines for school-age children!

– Healthy alternatives to junk food!

– How to eat healthy with your toddler at a restaurant!

– What foods can cause anxiety and depression in children!

– How to ensure that your toddler eats more vegetables!

– Healthy snack ideas for you and your toddler!

And much more!

Child nutrition does not have to be difficult or frustrating anymore and this is exactly what this book promotes!

Everything that you wanted and needed to know about how to properly create a correct diet for your toddler is now explained to you in a very simple and easy way to understand!

This being said, I want to thank you and congratulate you for downloading your copy of “Child Nutrition. Toddlers and Young Children!

Potty Training: Tremendous No-Stress System for Early Pottying. The Best Approach to Diapers Free Toilet Habits (Potty Training, Potty Training in 3 Days, Potty Train in a Weekend)

by Mary Roberts

Potty Training (FREE Bonus Included)

Tremendous No-Stress System for Early Pottying. The Best Approach to Diapers Free Toilet Habits

This eBook was written to help you find the less stressful simple ways to toilet training that have worked for others. As it is a hard time for everyone having a few guidelines that you can follow can possibly help to make the process a lot easier for you and your child.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • Is your Child showing signs they are ready?
  • Popular methods of toilet training
  • Do boys or girls take longer to toilet train?
  • What parents can do
  • Potty training a child with autism

Getting Your FREE Bonus

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Download your copy of “Tremendous No-Stress System for Early Pottying. The Best Approach to Diapers Free Toilet Habits” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.


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