Free poetry Kindle books for 21 Feb 15

Beyond Infinity

by Puja Jindal

This is a collection of Poetries written by me over time

Dreamer’s Memories

by E. Hallford

A man meets a brotherhood before setting out on an adventure to save the world.

One of the Longest English Poems Ever Written

Love Grace & Sorrow in No Particular Order

by Kevin Semeniuk

A book of poetry filled with stories of love, hope, and the resilience of the human spirit.

“Having storytelling brought to life in the way that Kevin creates images is important for our culture as a whole. His writing touches on a deeper level of hope & some of the pain that we have become accustomed to hiding or being ashamed of in our own life stories. His words are perfect & shine a light on all walks of life & that shows throughout his book. I think everyone could benefit from reading Kevin’s words.”

– Chief Vern Janvier of the Dene Nation of Chipewyan Prairie

“I think it’s important for people to overlook any preconceived fears or ideas they may have about poetry when approaching Kevin’s writing. His writing is fearless & raw, touching on subjects that just aren’t being addressed or receiving the attention they deserve in our day to day. From the loss of a loved one to war to poverty & love & hope, there’s something in this book for everyone.”

– Madchild, Award winning recording artist.

“Kevin Semeniuk is an incredible storyteller and philosopher. His poems address morality and integrity with a message of inspiration and hope.”

– Trumaine De-Antonio

“If feelings could be extracted in their purest form, it would be through your poems. Your writing is amazing and emotional. I feel like I’m taking a journey through my soul every time I read your poetry.”

– Wendy Hernandez

Before the Epiphany

by Alice Saunders

Epiphanies are meant to be shared, discussed and contemplated. From the most painful ones that squeeze that beating organ in our chest to the ones that cause us to cringe when face to face with the truth, they should be captured and memorialized. From the thoughts that keep us awake at night to the dreams that keep us wanting more sleep, they all deserve equal attention and appreciation. The poems in this book break down the elements that create such experiences. They transform these elements into the usable energy that fuels us. This energy is universal. It puts smiles on our faces, its pushes us into action, and it allows us to relive the sweetest moments of our past while eagerly looking forward to the future that awaits us.

Before the Epiphany is just that, the buildup, the moment before the breakthrough takes place. The poems inside this book reveal each pixel that creates the picture of an epiphany. Readers who are looking to be inspired, encouraged, and enlightened will be wise to join Saunders as she reveals the beauty in even the darkest moments of life.

Are you ready to discover what happened before the epiphany?


Scryptures is a short collective anthology of dark visual prose. An  imaginable of poetic horror, includes the popular Hymn to the Gallows and Deliverance which was featured in Haunted after Dark magazine alongside a collaboration with Dark imagery of Anathema Photography, also includes exclusive new dark literature, such as the Victorian Gothic journey of Dance of the Satyrs.Includes a bonus interview from 2014.

Scryptures consists of –

Archangel’s Melody
Amongst the Graves
Dance of the Satyrs
Deliverance          (featured in Haunted after Dark- Issue Seven, alongside Anathema Photography)
Hymn to the Gallows        (Featured in Haunted after Dark)
Journey of Tomorrow       (also appears in The HorrorZine – Fall/Winter 2014)
Rise of the New Dawn     (also appears in The HorrorZine – Fall/Winter 2014)
Showtime of Fear             (Featured in Haunted after Dark)
The Journeymen
Touch of the Blade (also appears in The HorrorZine – Fall/Winter 2014)
Wings of Babylon          ( Conclusion to “The Fallen Angel”)



This a beautiful book of poetry to touch the inner person, which may change the way how you then look at life and the sometimes enigmatic situations we are faced with at times.

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