Free reference Kindle books for 21 Feb 15

Earn a Paycheck through the Net, Opportunity through Technology that helps everyone Profit in 2015!

by Raymond Williams

Primary focus and goal is to empower and educate people on how to generate extra income for their households!

How to be successful in affiliate marketing online

Build a traffic worthy website or blog

Earn a paycheck through the net

Opportunity that helps every one profit

Test your marketing advertisement for success

Proven, easy and guaranteed methods that work

Earn money online

Our Bright World: Learn Colors With Changing Weather and Seasons

by Kim Flewelling

Learn colors through changing weather and seasons! A beautiful resource for early elementary teachers Grade Pre-K through Grade 3. Makes language and literacy accessible for all children. Promotes diversity for English Language Learners using e-book readers! Children with Special Needs can have the choice of reading independently or with a reading partner using e-book readers. Add to literacy centers within early childhood classrooms, daycare, and preschool settings especially with spring on the way! Enjoy at home too! Engaging vocabulary with sequencing of the four seasons and weather patterns. Make reading accessible for the young and young at heart!

Character Building Writing Prompts

by Jo Ann Kuharske

This book contains positive character building writing prompts for the entire school year. This is a great resource to enhance any school who is using Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports, or PBIS. You can use these writing prompts to facilitate daily announcements.

Negro Please!: A Book Written for Most Black People and All White Folks

by J. Madison Radonagle

A frank discussion about race; the culpability of black people for their own poverty and despair.

How To Become A Professional Blogger

by James Moore

Once you have decided to become a paid blogger, you will need to get the experience that hiring managers are looking for. Follow the steps given in this book to boost your chances of conducting a successful job search and landing a blogging job that pays.

Apple iPhone 6 Guide: The Only Apple iPhone 6 Guide That You Will Ever Need

by Amarpreet Singh

The only Apple iPhone 6 Guide you’ll ever need!

The ultimate iPhone yet. And the ultimate guide yet! Use it to navigate its powerful features – or just get fascinated before buying yours!

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The iPhone 6 is a wonder machine. But how to get the best out of it? How to unlock its incredible potential? How to make its features work for you – and turn your life into a breeze? It’s all in here, in simple and easy language. So get hold of this guide and get ready to surf your iPhone 6 in no time!

Unraveling the iPhone 6!

You don’t have to be a gizmo geek to dissect it. All you need is this handy guide!

Every little nuance about the iPhone 6 has a story behind it. And every feature of it is designed to help you be more productive. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen beforeâ?¦ an experience that can’t be described in words. Download this guide now to know its folklore first hand!

Overwhelmed by the iPhone 6?

Don’t be. This guide will make you an iPhone 6 wizard – and fast!

Ask any iPhone user if he’d use another instrument – he wouldn’t! In fact, he’s addicted to the brand and just keeps upgrading. Why? Because it’s a cool, cult brand. And once you use it, you wouldn’t settle for anything less. It’s love at first sight – but our guide is no less, one look and you’ll fall in love with it too! It’s as simple and user-friendly as the iPhone 6 itself!

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Cornus V Buckthorn: Field Guide to identifying Cornus, Spindle and Buckthorn in the UK (The Cribs Book 25)

by Rachel The Gardener

One of a series of books intended for use in the field by UK Botanists, both Improvers and complete beginners, to help swiftly narrow down the identification of a plant.

They are intended to fill the gap between recognising the genus (“It’s a Willowherb!” “But which one?”) and being able to identify the species, and are intended to complement the larger Field Guides by summarising the key points or differences.

The Kindle is the perfect format for this, as you can look up any words you don’t understand in the Kindly dictionary, and then annotate the Crib to remind yourself.

Originally they were in the form of a pack of A6 cards on a ring, and you may prefer to print them out: but if you can take your Kindle out botanising with you, then so much the better!

THE NEW HOME SALES POCKET GUIDE: Perfecting your Sales Presentation

by Tyler Wilde

The Book that will change your financial future more than any other.

Whether you have been selling for years or are just starting out, this book will have a positive impact on your sales. By following the guidelines in this book, you will become more successful and earn more money as you learn how to increase your sales and how to achieve those hard to reach goals.

Official Mac OS X Guidebook

by Amarpreet Singh

The only Mac OS X Yosemite Guide you’ll ever need!

New features, upgrades, enhancements, improvements – the Yosemite has it all. Master them and be the Yosemite champ!

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Not all features and upgrades in the new Yosemite are advertised, so how do you know about them? Through this all-inclusive guide. Did you know that you could set up your Macs, iPads or iPod Touch to receive cellular calls? Or about the hand off and continuity features? Or annotation? Know these and more!

Yosemite: New, fresh look, complete redesign of software!

The Yosemite OS comes power packed with features that connect all Apple devices like never before. Make the most of them!

A key differential of Yosemite is its vibrant new design. Fresh like morning dew, the windows and toolbars are pleasantly translucent – created to bring out the patented Retina display. Icons, fonts, buttons, practically everything has undergone a makeover. But this beauty is not merely skin deep. Uncover the secrets embedded deep inside Yosemite!

Yosemite transforms the Mac experience yet again!

The famed Mac interface has gotten even better enhancing the user experience even more. Learn more, enjoy more!

As diehard Mac users know, everyday tools like the Dock, Notification Center and Spotlight have been redesigned for faster results. Now share files across all Apple devices through a brand new feature called AirDrop. These are just the tip of the iceberg called Yosemite OS. This wonderful guide bares all!

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The Only Galaxy Note 4 Guide That You Will Ever Need

by Amarpreet Singh

The only Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Guide you’ll ever need!

Master the Galaxy Note 4! As a bonus, become an expert of practically any Android phone! This eBook is your one single source!

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 offers you the quintessential Android experience. And it’s a powerful multi-tasker. This eBook lends you a helping hand to understand the phone and maximize its capabilities. Unlock its potential, unleash its possibilities!

Go on a voyage to Galaxy Note 4!

Here’s a smartphone that’s smarter than you think. Its cluster of advanced features are explained in simple terms!

The Galaxy Note 4 is a powerhouse in your palm. How to exploit its capabilities and push it to the limits is up to you. This eBook packs in every bit of information you need – from very basic communication to the very complex function of troubleshooting it – given in a simple, easy, step-by-step format. By the time you’re through with this eBook, you would be an Android champion!

New to smartphones? Worry not!

You don’t have be a space scientist to explore this Galaxy. Trust this eBook – your friend, philosopher and guide every step of the way!

Smartphones are all about doing much more than just calling or texting – ultimately, it’s about getting more done in life. And Galaxy Note 4 can transform yours – if only you know how to optimize its amazing features. Know it all, do it all, right here with this eBook. Be smart about it!

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Student Entrepreneurship and Innovation- What It Takes To Start Your Own Business With No Money- Simple Guide & Strategy


The purpose of this book then is to give a basic overview of the entrepreneurial process and methods by which students can become involved in entrepreneurship and innovation. Choosing to follow the entrepreneurial road is one of the greatest steps students can take in defining their own independence and discovering their potential. This book will cover some of these many benefits and even show why failure and errors are not something that should stop students from pursing dreams of running their own businesses.

Dissertation Writing Workshop

This workshop is formed in two parts. It will help you to understand what a dissertation is, from how to pick a topic, how to research effectively and how to plan a structure, to completion of your dissertation.

Successful learning is all about removing barriers to learning. This Workshop is aimed at providing a base to work from, to help you in your journey to creating and developing your dissertation.

Let us take a look at a content list of what will be covered. Firstly, we’ll discuss what a dissertation involves, its different parts and tasks within the dissertation process. Then we’ll move on to how to pick a topic and write a title. Thirdly, we’ll discuss ways to research and, finally, we’ll look at how to plan your writing.

Contents Part One:

1. What is a Dissertation?

– What a dissertation involves

– Dissertation parts

– Common models of writing

– Tasks within the dissertation process

2. Making a Start

– How to pick a topic and make a title

– Research questions

3. Research & Note taking

– Areas of research and picking valid sources

– Reading more effectively

– Types of note taking

– Organising notes

4. Planning

– Traditional planning technique

– Further planning techniques (using Outline tool, questions, word count)


Contents Part Two:

5. Dissertation Parts

– Parts of the dissertation

– Abstract

– Introduction

– Chapters

– Paragraphs

– Conclusion

6. Academic Language

– What to avoid

– What to use

– Sources of language

– Example

7. Editing

– Editing Checklist.

– Basic Editing Techniques.

– Ways of cutting back.

– Adding words

– Bibliography

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