Free religious fiction Kindle books for 21 Feb 15

Murder of the ABC’s

by Margaret Franklin Zadow

A killer is on a rampage at the reunion of a group of sixty-something women. Nicole Banks, niece of the hosts, barely escapes with her life, but the second victim isn’t so lucky. Engaged to television anchorman Justin Jerome, she must decide if she should marry him to be safe. As the number of bodies increases, Deputy Sheriff Adam Zollinger frantically searches for clues. Will he be in time to save Nicole’s life and prevent her marriage to one of his suspects, or is Nicole really the evil serial killer?

Methuselah’s Father (The Methuselah Chronicles Book 1)

by Terry Lee Hamilton

Methuselah’s Father is Book One in the seven-book series of historical novels entitled

The Methuselah Chronicles. Set in the time before the Flood, these novels trace the lives

of Enoch, Methuselah, and Noah as they overcome, through faith in God, the same problems facing families today.

Methuselah’s Father, the first book in the life of Enoch, tells how his search for God leads Enoch to Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden.

Going Home

by Aphrodite


Mercy in Oklahoma City

by Michael Fulkerson

Blonde haired and green eyed, Maria De Palacio was left, as a newborn , on a Texas beach about sixteen years ago, but God didn’t abandon her.

He gave her a home with a loving Tex/Mex family; where, she learned Spanish and discovered a book written in the 1700’s, but strangely addressed to her.

Maria developed faith and learned obedience to Heaven. Caring for the needs of others became her lifestyle.

She found her place in the world with God.

Jesus World

by Jamie Buckingham

Have you ever wondered what Disney World would be like if it were centered on Jesus instead of cartoon characters? Would it be a good thing? Or would there just be as much fantasy as any other theme park run by robotics and remote controls? Is it OK to make Jesus and his message more “entertaining” if people are converted in the process? Or is it better to simply follow the pattern of his life and his lifestyle, and make not just converts, but true disciples? Jesus World, a novel, is a fictional study of the differences between high profile Christianity, riddled with compromise yet justified by countless conversions, and simple Jesus-like discipleship. Can both exist side-by-side? Or will one overtake the other, in the name of God?

Be Still

by Pamela Young

Be Still opens with the emotional election of a new Pope, and an ominous warning. Some unlikely messengers claim to have been visited by angels – all of whom deliver the same frightening message.

Emmy-winning television reporter Amanda Fox hears of the reports but, ever the skeptic, dismisses them. But as more and more reports surface from all over the world, she decides to investigate who is really behind these allegations. The chilling evidence she discovers shakes her beliefs of God, His message and the consequences to mankind for defying Him.

Of one encounter in Lima, Peru, Young writes:

“Can you tell me what happened?” Amanda asked gently.

He looked at her without speaking. Finally he said quietly

“It was here. I was sleeping. I heard someone call me.

รข??Manny,’ she said. I turned over and saw a woman.” Tears began to well in his eyes as hecontinued. “She called my name

again and said that God loves me and has chosen me

to bring a message to the world.” He stopped and took a


“What was the message?”

He looked at her and said, “She said that she wanted me to tell them that God has loved His people but they have not loved

Him.” He stopped and began to sob softly. He continued

brokenly,”And then she said to tell God’s people to prepare


Finally! A timely novel that delivers a much-needed message in a world where morals and civility have taken an ugly turn. Be Still is an enthralling, revelatory story that will hold your attention to the end.

Sara’s Laughter

by Tom Milton

Despite warnings from her mother that if she waited too long to get married she wouldn’t be able to find a husband, Sara waited until she found the right man, but now she is thirty-five and she is having trouble getting pregnant. She has tried everything except technologies that are not approved by her religion. Under pressure from her widowed father to give him a grandson, she is tempted to try anything, but she keeps hoping for a miracle. Her hope is kept alive by a dream in which God told her husband she would have a baby. When her sister Becky, who doesn’t want to have children, gets pregnant accidentally from an extramarital fling, Sara comes up with a solution that would finally make her dream come true. But when things don’t go according to plan she loses her way, and she discovers a side of her nature she never imagined.

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