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Java 8: Fundamental principles of Java programming

by Kevin Lynch

Java 8

Fundamental principles of Java programming

This book is about java 8 programming. Its emphasis is on the new and advanced programming features which were introduced by java 8. These features include Lambda expression, advanced functional programming, predicates, base 64 encoding, streams, collections and others.

On reading this book, you will get to know what you need before you can begin to program in java 8. You will also get to know how to set up a working project and a class in java 8, as this marks the beginning of programming in java 8.

The different uses of the lambda expression in java 8 are explored in detail. Functional programming using lambda expression has been discussed with ease for the purpose of fast understanding. Sometimes, you might need to join/concatenate strings while programming in java. Searching for a word in a file is also covered in this book, and the different ways of achieving this are shown. You will understand how to do this on reading this book.

Note this in each topic, there are programs illustrating how to achieve your results, and an explanation on the same programs follows. Thus, ease of understanding has been enhanced in this book. The following topics are explored in detail:

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • Requirements for java 8 programming
  • Creating a Project and a Class
  • Java 8 Data Types
  • Encapsulation in Java 8
  • Lambda Expression in java 8 programming
  • Uses of Lambda Expression in java 8
  • Functional Programming in java 8
  • Streams in Java 8
  • Predicates in Java 8
  • Reading files in Java 8 programming
  • Math class in Java 8
  • Concatenating Strings using String.join() method
  • Base 64 encoding in Java 8

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PYTHON: Python Prgramming – Learn Python FAST – The Ultimate Crash Course to Learning the Basics of the Python Programming Language In No Time (Python, … command line, programming, java Book 1)

by M.J. Brown

PYTHON: Learn Python FAST – The Ultimate Crash Course to Learning the Basics of the Python Programming Language In No Time

Even Apple is using Python for many of its systems. It’s wide acceptance seems to have increased just in the past few years.

. This language was created by Guido van Rossum in the late 1980’s. It can be compared with popular languages such as Java,C++ etc. It is easy for experienced programmers as well as beginners to learn and master Python.This language has got better readability being a high-level language and is easy to write. It has a wide variety of data types, lists, dictionaries and has a clear syntax. Since this is a high-level language, it is portable – which means programs written using Python can easily run on different computer/operating systems.

By the time you have finished reading PYTHON: Learn Python FAST, you will have learned:

  • Basics of Python and Getting Started
  • Python Object Types and Operators
  • Common operations, statements, and syntax
  • Applications using Python, including web development, scientific computing, education, and graphical user interfaces (GUI)
  • Some simple examples of Python coded applications.

Python is an object oriented, high-level programming language which is very helpful in quickly writing powerful programs.

Although this is an introductory course in using Python, you can expect further more detailed releases by the same author This brief course is also a reliable reference tool for the basic elements of Python programming, enough for you to begin practicing writing applications. Now it is time for you to go ahead and explore the endless possibilities of Python.

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Coping with Computer Induced Hand Pain: Guidelines for Pain-free Computing

by Edward Rothchilds

I worked in the field of information technology for 25 years, constantly typing and using my mouse. Gradually over a period of time this computer use started to take its toll on my hands and as a result I began to experience hand pain. The pain came on gradually, but it worsened over time and eventually reached the point where it was so bad that I was forced to consider quitting work. This was a serious personal crisis because I had to work to support my family.

I did research looking for guidance on how to deal with this situation but unfortunately none was to be found. So, I set out to solve the problem myself.

After much effort, I developed an innovative set of techniques that allowed me to continue to work pain-free on the computer. The methodology I developed integrates elements of software, hardware, and work practices. I have successfully used this methodology at the office for five years with the result that I am able to put in a full day of work, using my computer pain-free. I wrote this book to share the unique innovations that I devised with others who may have a need for this information.

In this book I explain in great detail the methodology that I developed which allowed me to do computer work pain-free. The information that I present in this book is of vital interest to anyone who is experiencing hand pain caused by their computer use.

Evernote Essentials Guide (Boxed Set): 3 Books In 1 Complete Evernote Essentials Guide For Beginners

by Speedy Publishing

In this day and age, everyone has a seemingly endless number of website passwords to remember, but Evernote is a great tool to help you keep everything in an accessible place, no matter what computer you are using. Many people keep these organized on a flash drive, but what if forget it and aren’t at home? With Evernote, no matter what computer you are using, you can have access to all of your files, including the all important document where you keep your passwords and much more!

3D Game Development Practical Introduction: By Theresa Hill

by Theresa Hill

This book introduces the reader to the necessary programming skills necessary to develop 2D and 3D computer games. The book lists a number of common game mechanics, and illustrates through examples how these mechanics can be bound to each other to both give the required behavior and allow the player to interact with game elements. Additionally, there is a set of exercises at the end of each chapter that solidify reader’s understanding of the content. Chapter and sections are arranged in a non-linear way, which allows the reader to go smoothly from one chapter to another picking only topics of interest. Since programming is the main focus of the book, other content such as 3D graphics might look too simple to be useful for real game development. On the other hand, the code is neatly commented and organized to follow the best practices, which make it reusable, easily modifiable, and scalable for real projects.

3D Video Processing and Transmission

by Theresa Hill

3D video provides us the sensation of depth by adding a depth dimension to already existing 2D video. This provides the users, improved quality of experience (QoE), natural viewing conditions and a supportive platform for human interaction. On the other hand, 3D video in medical applications (e.g., robotic surgery, minimal invasive surgery (MIS)) could improve the diagnosis and accuracy of surgical procedures. However, the demand for resources (e.g., a large storage and high bandwidth for communication) is hindering the deployment of 3D video applications into a wider market. This book elaborates on the major components of end-to-end 3D video communication chain and discusses the current issues and potential solutions using existing technologies and infrastructures. The main topics covered in this book are different 3D-video formats, 3D video capture technologies, 3D video encoding methods, 3D video transmission approaches, and 3D video quality evaluation aspects.

Conversion Optimization Blueprint: 5 Quick Practical Essentials

by Jason Baker

You need conversion optimization as that is absolutely critical to your survival, growth and development.

You will know more about:







This book is essential if you want to see your profits sky rocket.

Itz Hack: Computer in Your Style

by Mayank Singh Sisodiya

this book will help to learn you basic useful & secret tricks of computer

The Niche Website ATM: How You Can Set Up a Stupid Simple Niche Website and Make Hundreds a Month On Complete Autopilot (make money online w/ internet … With Strategies Internet Marketing Book 1)

by Redd Myles

Want to make hundreds per month PER website?!

Well in this inexpensive eBook, I will show you how..

This book is not like the others in any way.

I will show you the start to finish process of how to set up a SIMPLE niche website and how to monetize it to make money even WHILE YOU SLEEP!

If you are ready to take action and start living the life of your dreams, buy this book and apply the knowledge and you can have great success!

OPTIMUM e-Book Success: Effective Book Authoring – Design – Marketing – Sales

by David Rice

If you are an active writer-publisher, selling your books through on-line retailers like e-Books, Google, eBay, Craig’s List, or other on-line retailers, then “Optimum e-Book Success” is definitely for you!

Writers who have been working very long in the on-line retail marketplace know how crucially important effective support services can be to help you successfully market your books!

You know how valuable an independent second opinion can be for the optimum design and flow of your book content.

You know how a single “One Star Review” can mean death to the sales of your book, even if you already have several Four Star and Five Star Reviews!

This book is all about American Writers Guild, an organization founded by writers, for writers, and passionate about serving the needs of writers everywhere.

American Writers Guild is passionate about leveling the playing field in a market too frequently tilted against the best interests of the writer-publisher.

One example of American Writers Guild Support Services involves their provision of the “Writer’s Advantage Positive Book Review” Service.

The Writer’s Advantage Positive Book Review Service provides you with one of the most crucially important marketing tools available and the Writers Guild makes certain that your reviews are exactly where you want them, in the (4) and (5) Star Rating Field!

American Writers Guild selects their Review Team with care and all Guild Reviewers DO NOT review any guild member book they feel they cannot genuinely award with a minimum (4) Star Review.

The Writers Guild Book Review Policy is only one of the awesome reasons to become a member of this dynamic organization.

American Writers Guild is passionate about giving you the support you need, when you need it, and how you need it, and always at a very affordable price.

Furthermore, the American Writer’s Advantage Support Services provide you with the protection you need from what are often completely unfounded Negative Book Reviews, along with the caustic or hostile comments that can accompany many of the one and two star reviews.

The Writers Guild knows the value of support and provides all Guild Members with the support services they need in marketing, promotion, and sales, for complete success with all of your book projects.

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Self Learning Microsoft Access 2010: Part- I

by Whitley Johnson

Access 2010 is a powerful Database application that allows users to produce tables, forms, queries and reports within a database it can also contain calculations, graphs, pictures and files. This ebook is the first part of a series of four ebooks which will learn you how to use Access. In this part you can read about the basics to help you understand Access better.

The primary function of Microsoft Office Access 2010 is an information management program. Information is stored in separate lists called tables, and information in one table may relate to information in one or more other tables. These groups of information, when considered together as a whole, become a database.

Access is designed to use the data in these databases to extract the information relevant to your situation. Access can also generate reports (such as quarterly sales by each employee) based on the data contained in the database. The Office 2010 package also features a lot of interconnectivity between the various programs, including a newly designed SharePoint service that lets users in your organization connect and share information using a special data centre via the Internet.

On installation of Access, the installation of sample databases like Northwind is an option.

Web Services with Java

by By David Reed

The concept of a web service is rather simple; however, the implementation often faces many challenges from the technical aspects to the overall strategy of a business. This book places the emphasis on the technical implementation and technical challenges of a web service from the field. The book leads you through a journey of developing your first web service application to more complex multitier enterprise application. The examples include the use of commercially available software product such as Oracle Fusion Middleware and open source from the Apache Foundation. Through this journey, you will be able to understand and master a process that enable you to incorporate sound techniques to your web service applicatio

Chromecast: Practical Chromecast Guidelines. Set It Up and Stream! (Chromecast books, Chromecast device, Google chromecast)

by Alexander Cox


Practical Chromecast Guidelines. Set It Up and Stream!

For any person that has went out and bought a Chromecast for their television, you have joined an ever growing number of people that see this device and have enjoyed the large number of advantages that can come from streaming content from their computer or mobile device to their television. This book will discuss everything that you need to know about setting up and enjoying a large number of your favorite shows all from the comfort of your living room. Chromecast and will see that setting it up to use will be a lot simpler than what many people would have thought it would be.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • Setting up your Chromecast for use with your television
  • How to set up Chromecast on your Mac or PC
  • How to set up Chromecast with the Wi-Fi
  • Some of the many services that you can enjoy with Chromecast
  • How to add your own pictures to Chromecast
  • How Chromecast works with your Android device

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