Free historical fiction Kindle books for 22 Feb 15

The Post Road Spinster

by Donna C. Keenan

Abigail Simpson and her family have just moved to the bleak, cold wilderness of Maine. The year is 1876 and with every day that passes she becomes more sure of her fate as a spinster like her Aunt Juliette. On his trusty utility wagon, Silas Barker attempts to snag the young woman for his bride, but a fate almost as bleak may save her from his clutches. A young stagecoach driver, with a new promotion under his belt has also caught the eye of young Abigail. William Ash is a handsome young man but being too timid has proven disastrous in his past. The summer ticks by and with every walk she takes down the Post Road, Abigail and her daydreams grow. Is spinsterhood in her future? Will Silas win her hand? Follow along as summer turns to winter and find out whether or not she becomes the spinster of the Post Road.

Ravished By Vikings 3 (FMMM Creamy Historical Menage)

by Estelle Brittingham

Lynna’s creamy journey with Viking warriors takes an unexpected turn.

Its been over a week since Lynna was last ravished by Vikings, but all lusty Lynna can think about are hard Viking men and having their strong hands everywhere.

She knows that her new role in the Viking armies encampment is to make sure that King Magnild’s men never go thirsty again, but she wants more than just simple satisfaction.

What Lynna wants is to be taken hard and without protection. And surrounded by a Viking army, she finds plenty of men eager to help her find some much needed relief.

**For a sneak peak into the next part of The Ravished By Vikings Series, simply look inside to discover more!**

Disciplined Inside The Manor: Historical Forbidden Steamy First Time

by Winter Peake

Inexperienced Erlina gets taught a ravishing lesson by Graysen â?? The Man Of The House.

Tonight, Erlina will learn a hard lesson about what an innocent lady is allowed to do inside this muscular mans house.

And once Graysen is through with her, Erlina will be begging to be taught even more lessonsâ?¦ deep and without protection.

**This is a standalone short story about a very steamy encounter**

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