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Horror: The Door that Leads Nowhere (Horror, Thriller, Suspense, Mystery, Death, Murder, Suspicion, Horrible, Murderer, Psychopath, Serial Killer, Haunted, Crime)

by Tracy Stewart

Horror Collection

Horror 1: The Door That Leads Nowhere

Sheriff Ken Waring knows first hand all about the Farraday house, as do most of the townspeople. They want the place pulled down, and although this was looked into, legal precedent says this is not possible.

The Farradays were found within a room of that house slaughtered. Ken Waring still remembers the bodies, the odors and the blood stains. Since that day, the house has become dilapidated, though offers shelter for those seeking it. The catch – they may never live to tell the tale.

When Katy and David find the house on their voyage, it seems a temptingly good place to lay their heads for a couple of nights. What happens next is only known by those who were there and who experienced it first hand. The Farraday house is a renowned haunted venue which has secrets all of its own. Among those secrets is a facing up to fears that both Sheriff Ken Waring and Katy’s mother have had to come to terms with. Can anyone escape?

Horror 2: Worst Fears Confronted

The Farraday house is a house that locals believe to be possessed by evil spirits, following the mass slaughter that took place there in the past. Now, empty and offering shelter to strangers in passing, the house stands by the side of the road between Leicester and Rangston. A passing Amish man asks Sheriff Ken Waring if there is somewhere that he can stay for a couple of nights. Not wishing to stay in hotels or places of luxury, the Farraday residence seems to offer all that this traveling man needs. However, does it?

Will the house become a danger to him? Local resident students, who have grown up with the notion that the Farraday house is evil, set out to prove that the story is nonsense. Will they achieve this? Will the exorcism performed by the local Catholic priest prove to have been effective against the background of numerous disappearances? This continuation from the first in the series catches readers up with the latest happenings in this haunted abode.

Horror 3: Without a Single Trace

When property developers visit the town of Leicester, little are they prepared for the resistance of the residents. There have been rumors about how much this would affect the lives of people who had lived in Leicester all of their lives.

Ella and Alice have the key property and if they agree to sell up, Leicester becomes a town with a history, though not one with a future. Enlisting the help of the sheriff, Ella and Alice move into the Farraday place to evade the real estate agent acting on behalf of the developers, who is pretty determined to make a deal.

Will she survive her visit to the Farraday house? What happens when Alice and Ella are confronted by one of the surviving Farraday family members? What lies behind the door for those who dare to enter it? Only readers of the whole story will be able to find out.

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The Old Cadet

by D. S. Cooper

When a student vanishes from Ethan North Academy the nation’s oldest military preparatory school is forced to close forever, unless a small band of alumni can solve the mystery. Enter disabled ex-Boston cop Kevin O’Connor, discredited oceanographer Walter Weiss, and Alaskan hunter Derek Yeager, who was expelled from Ethan North two weeks before graduation, twenty years earlier. Together with their former teacher Master Sergeant Rocky Chambers and school president Colonel ‘Trip’ Hammond, they join the boy’s mother, Liu Chen, in the desperate quest to find her son in the misty Appalachian foothills of Parsons County Pennsylvania.

Heartless (Demonborn Book 1)

by Rita Herron

He had no heart…until he met Clarissa…
Born half demon, FBI agent Vincent Valtrez has fought the evil inside him all his life.

But now a serial killer has struck, using the victims’ worst fears to end their lives, and he must call upon that dark side to track down the killer.

Worse, he’s forced to work with a psychic named Clarissa King on the case, but he can’t allow himself to get close to her or she might see inside his own mind – and reveal his darkest secret.

Clarissa King is tortured by images of the murders and hears the victims’ terrified cries before they die.

But Special Agent Vincent Valtrez wants nothing to do with her or her visions.

Still passion ignites between them, and denying it is impossible. Yet in his arms, she also senses a dangerous force lurking beneath the surface of his desire.

And that the killer might be connected to Vincent.

Will Vincent save himself and Clarissa – and find his heart — or will he join the dark side forever?


by Anne Bikov

“Just because you can’t hear her screaming, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have something to scream about.”

To the outside world, Mercy grew up experiencing horrific nightmares and possible schizophrenic episodes. To her, it’s an every day struggle to fend off the evil she brought back with her from the brink of death.

As the hold and effects Mercy’s “evil freaks” had on her became stronger, so did her boyfriend, Aaron’s determination to keep her safe and happy. On a night when an attack crossed to a level even she couldn’t have imagined, putting the boy she loves at risk, Mercy faces a heartbreaking choice: push Aaron away for his own good or watch him become the next victim. Signing herself into a mental hospital, Mercy’s choice to keep her loved one’s safe leaves her mind numbed by drugs until a new doctor gives her the tools to set things right. Will Mercy be willing to do what it takes to free herself forever?

REAPERS – Stave 2

by Thornton Brothers

REAPERS is an epic eBook serial set in a sprawling dark fantasy universe of tragic characters, complex villains, and shocking story turns.

Danger, heartache, grit, tension, brotherhood, trauma, betrayal, sacrifice, fear. Death square in the face. All in a day’s work for the REAPERS – an elite black-ops team deployed to remote, untamed conflict zones. Their mission: to assassinate covert targets, conduct rescue operations and gather intelligence.

We follow this tight band as its members evolve; some will die and be replaced by new faces, some will defect, be injured or retire, and others will change in unimaginable ways. All will be tested to their limits.

Written by The Thornton Brothers.

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Uncle Vernon

by Jenny Twist

When Alison spends an illicit weekend with her boyfriend she finds she has bitten off more than she can chew. Gary’s household is eccentric to say the least, and there is something very peculiar about Uncle Vernon.

Uncle Vernon only comes to visit at Halloween and he spends a lot of time in the cellar. Nobody knows what he does down there. But he’s perfectly harmless, really, isn’t he. Isn’t he?

Bedtime Tales of Horror: Fear House

by Bradley Poage

Carly and John are out for a night of fun at a local carnival. But little do they realize tonight they will face their ultimate fears as they enter an attraction called Fear House.

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