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Children’s Book:Good Night Jungle (Bedtime Stories for Children,children book series)

by Leela hope

Do your kids worry that they are the only ones who are afraid of the dark?

It is time to get ready for bed and Leonard the Clever Lion and his
 Friends all have their special things that they need to go to sleep.
 Rhino’s favorite sleepy toy has gone missing and the friends look
 Everywhere for it. Will the friends find the toy before it is time for bed?
 Will Larry wake up in time for bed? A story for children of any
 Age and parents too. See the story unfold with vivid
 Illustrations and told through rhyming verse.
 Learn about what it takes to get a real good night of sleep.

The Gift: Psychic Surgery in the Philippines

by Gail Thackray

“I had heard about these infamous Filipino “Psychic Surgeons” who put their patients into a kind of spiritual trance and then perform actual surgery on them. And I mean with blood, guts and everything! They supposedly open up the body without instruments and are able to place their hands inside and even pull out tumors and things! All without anesthetic! How? – It is done in the name of spiritual healing, with lots of prayer and faith. Could this be real?”

Gail Thackray, a psychic and energy healer herself, travels to the Philippines to experience this phenomenon. Gail receives far more than she ever expected. Through Gail we get a glimpse at how this really happens in a physical way but also on the ethereal realms. Gail gives us an intimate look at how exactly they perform psychic surgery. How they create the energy and their specific healing techniques. She shares the real, the fake, and the totally unbelievable. An intriguing, entertaining story for anyone, but especially those interested in learning more about spiritual healing.

Gail Thackray is a medium and spiritual educator. She has written several books on spirituality including the best seller Gail Thackray’s Spiritual Journeys: Visiting John of God. Many people said they felt the energy right through the book and actually received a healing just by reading it! Gail has a remarkable way of bringing experiences directly to the reader and this too will bring the miracle of the Philippine healers directly into your heart.

The Lost Heirs: The first story of Eshla (The Eshla Adventures Book 1)

by A. Moran-Soley

A five star Amazon rated, steampunk, fantasy, adventure!

How do you find a key that’s hidden in history itself? How do you defeat an evil tyrant, if he’s your own headmaster? How do four modern teenagers blend in to a 1920’s British boarding school?

Eshla is a steampunk, fantasy world of flying machines, mechanical contraptions and gleaming copper pipes, divided into four diverse regions and struggling to deal with its past. Whilst Eric Grayson is an ordinary fourteen year old school boy, oblivious to the dangerous adventure waiting for him at the bottom of the school field.

The incredible request made of Eric sends him, his three close friends, and a fluffy blue sausage-loving creature from Eshla, go searching through time on a mission of mercy.

Do you love to read about time travelling, science fiction quests and mysterious new worlds? ‘The Lost Heirs’ will keep you on the edge of your seat.

A middle grade/YA novel, reminiscent of the Narnia tales crossed with Doctor Who!

A five star reviewer wrote: “Her writing reminded me of Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia and even Dr. Seuss”

Bentwhistle the Dragon in A Threat from the Past

by Paul Cude

Ever been addicted? Most people have at some point, but it was different for these three. They’d become addicted to their respective sports: hockey, lacrosse and rugby. What’s wrong with that? Nothing, apart from the fact they’re DRAGONS, living in the present day, in a world in which dragons disguised as humans have infiltrated the human race at almost every level, to guide and protect them.

Three young dragons, a master mantra maker, and a complete dragon stranger with more than a little history attached to him, become caught up in an evil plot by a sinister newcomer to steal a precious commodity, vital to the dragon community. How will the reluctant hero and his friends fare against an enemy of his race from far in the past?

Fascinating insights into the dragon world are interspersed throughout the book. Ever wondered how dragons travel below ground at almost the speed of sound? Or how they use magical mantras to transform their giant bodies into convincing human shapes?

In an action packed adventure that features both human and dragon team sports, you’ll learn the true story of George and the Dragon, get a dragon-like perspective on human social issues and insight into what to do if you meet a giant spider grinning at you when you’re wearing nothing but your smile!

You’d be flamin’ mad to miss it.

T. S. Livingston and the Mystery at Madame Molineaux’s

by Violet Selborne

Twin sisters Maddie and Jo Livingston have spent their lives traveling the world with their famous archaeologist parents. But when the Livingstons’ work takes them on a mysterious year-long excavation in Siberia, much too dangerous for two twelve-year-old girls, Maddie and Jo are whisked off to a castle in Switzerland, where they find themselves piecing together a mystery of their own.

Madame Molineaux’s School for Girls is filled with interesting students and professors from all over Europe. But it doesn’t take long for the girls to figure out that this is no ordinary boarding school: bizarre animals, hidden tapestries, secret tunnels, and a long list of unanswered questions keep Maddie, Jo, and their new friends searching for clues around every corner. Where is that snotty Mary Spivey going when she sneaks out of her dormitory at night? What secret is their beloved headmistress is trying to protect? Who is concealing treasures in the unlikeliest of hiding places? The girls must put all these strange pieces together to discover the staggering truthâ??and to save their school before Madame Molineaux’s closes its doorsâ??for good!

St. Patrick’s Day: Fun Short Stories For Kids (Children’s Book: Cute, Bedtime Stories for Beginning Readers Book 3)

by Pam Powers

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Welcome in St. Patrick’s Day with these Kid Friendly Short Stories about Leprechauns and Four Leaf Clovers. The perfect read for Early and Beginning Readers, filled with Cute Illustrations. Great for Bedtime Stories, Waiting Rooms and Road Trips.


by Francis Louis Guy Smith

Matilda O’Halloran’s father was killed in New Orleans by Irish assassins and she went to live with her uncle Dan in Texas. On the day of her arrival, her uncle was also murdered. Marcus Mc Clanahan came along and the two of them sought to find the assassins. The trail led across Texas and back to New Orleans. What they found was not what either of them expected.

Isabell in Candy Land

by L. A. Murray

L. A. Murray is a United States Navy Veteran who stumbled across the world of writing children’s books in 2014. Her newfound passion of creating kids literature is captivated from her travels around the world.

Currently, she lives in Virginia with her two daughters and dog, Dixie.

The Paint Horse (White Cloud Station Book 10)

by Trudy Nicholson

Before Lucy found her wild White Cloud Station horse, Hope, she had a well-loved, black-and-white paint riding horse. But Paintbox was taken from her by his spiteful former owners and there was nothing Lucy could do. Despite having Hope, Lucy never got over losing Paintbox. The worst part was, she had no idea what became of him until, one day, a mysterious letter arrivesâ?¦.

Sentinel (The Sentinel Trilogy Book 1)

by Jamie S. Foley

When random people across the world abruptly vanish, Darien Aetherswift looks to a secretive Serran Academy for answersâ?¦ and stumbles upon their ancient collection of supernatural powers.

But the Academy is destroyed in a brutal raid, trapping Darien on the wrong side of a surreal war. As apocalyptic plagues twist reality, what becomes of truthâ?¦ and who can be trusted?

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