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How To Get Pregnant: Accomplish Your Dream Of Being A Mother – Get Pregnant By Following The Most Effective Guide Of How To Cure Infertility (How To Get … A Baby, Fertility, Fertility Books Book 3)

by Kathryn Smith

Discover How You Can Make Your Dream OF Being A Mother A Reality

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You’re about to discover how to cure your infertility problem by following this proven guide. I know what infertility is; long time ago, I faced this problem; fortunately I discovered the solution. Today, I’m not here trying to sell you lies, I’m here giving you the solution that helped me to overcome my infertility problem. If you already lost all your hopes of cure your infertility, I would like to invite you to read this book. You are going to think that this book is short, but believe me, in this book, I wrote my personal experience, and of course the diets, the recommendation that helped me to cure my problem, and all that I learned from my experience.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Chapter 1: All About Ovulation
  • Chapter 2: Lifestyle Changes to Help with Pregnancy
  • Chapter 3: Sex Positions to Help with Pregnancy
  • Chapter 4: Foods that can Increase Fertility
  • Chapter 5: Herbs to Help with Pregnancy
  • Chapter 6: What to Avoid when you’re Trying to Get Pregnant
  • Much, much more!

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Lucas’s Locker: Social Skills Story

by Kim Flewelling

Meet Lucas! First Grade is exciting and fun filled with new friends and new rules. How can everything that you love and treasure stay organized? Lucas learns first steps in how to take responsibility for himself, his actions and feel proud along the way! Find out how Lucas does just that with a little help in this endearing guided learning social skills story!

A first steps Social Story that teaches: Asking for help is okay!

Can You Spot Me? (Can You series Book 2)

by Kim Flewelling

Book 2 of the Can You series of senses books is a visual game book that will sharpen your child’s ability to guess then find each animal in nature! Emergent early reader! Share with a reading partner at home, daycare, school. Anywhere to make reading fun! Use as literacy enrichment. Perfect for English Language Learners of all ages! Early sight words, rhyme and repetition are embedded within the text which promotes building vocabulary, language comprehension and usage, decoding skills and reading for meaning!

Shared Reading Tip: Have fun modeling speech sounds in words:examples /m/, /n/, /p/, /b/, /t/, /d/, /k/, /g/, /h/, /l/, /r/ and beginning blends /sw/ swamp. Have the reading partner imitate sounds then words as added practice. Have the child or reading partner try to guess the wild animal by using the picture clue! The length of sentence and length of book are matched to be highly motivating for children to make connections while adding challenge words and sentences. International appeal!

Book Three: Rules of Parenting Twins – After a Year: Parenting young children

by Sandra L. McMillen

Parenting twins is a unique experience, as two babies of the same age are growing up under your care. With twins, you need to use different styles of parenting because your twins communicate with each other as much as they interact with you. That means that they will learn from one another as much as from their parents.

Each one of your twins may have different needs, and as a parent, you need to identify their unique needs. As you and your babies are still connected intimately even without the umbilical cord, your needs, behavior and preferences will effect your twins a great deal. Rules of Parenting Twins – After a Year will help you to determine ways through which you can facilitate development in your twins, and also discover new ways to enjoy yourself and your family more during this special time.

Children’s Book: Timmy goes to sleep – Short version (Fun to read collection with great illustrations! Book 1)

by Dr. Dolon

Timmy goes to Sleep is a unique children’s book written by Dr. Dolon.

The book rolls the story about a boy who enters the magical dream world and while on his journey,

discovers what the animals, the sun, moon, and even his parents dream about.

A fun and smart bedtime story to read to your 0-4 year old child and make him fall asleep with a wide smile.

A delightful experience.

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Love ICE: Love is all around, How do you think about LOVE? (How to break the love ICE Book 1)

by Amarine S

Love ICE

Have you believed about LOVE?

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– LOVE is all around

– ….

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The TeEnigma: The First Tricks For Happy Teenage Years (The Human Enigma Book 1)

by Nick S. Daniels

The teenage years are a time of fast growth and change. Everything that happens now is on a physical, social and mental level. Do adults really know what teenagers think? Do adults have time to talk to teenagers about their problems? Sure, some teens don’t think too much about adolescence but for others change can be a scary business. They often expected to make responsible choices about school, study, careers and work. They used to be children, playing with cars and dolls, and now they’re supposed to know everything? They’re supposed to act like adults? Add the economic climate, globalisation and the environment to the usual teenage issues, and it’s not surprising that teenagers sometimes feels quite worried.

What exactly happens at this stage of the human development that sends ripples into our whole adult life? Teenagers seem to worry a lot about everything. Is that normal? How do they perceive the changes happening in their lives? Do they understand them or do they need guidance?

Could they be trusted to take decisions that might affect them and their parents in the future? Is there any secret they should know about when living their teenage years? Are they supposed to discover different things by themselves or should they be given behavioral rules?

This short novel explores some of the issues mentioned above, seeking to bring together the adult perception of life with that of a troubled teenager. There are questions to be asked and answers to be given. But are they enough? Is change an illusion or a very possible outcome, given the proper guidance? Please enjoy this fictional story with roots into a real conversation about adolescence and the meaning of life!

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