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How to Be a Hippie: Your Guide to Joining the Hippie Community, Learning about the Hippie Movement, and Discovering True Hippie Culture

by Tyler Starry

If you want to learn all about the hippie movement and what true hippie culture is all about, then this book is for you!

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No one can tell you how to be a hippie. That would be very unhippie-like. It’s not about growing out your hair, wearing bright colorful clothing, listening to 60s music, getting stoned, being a vegetarian, or living in a commune. Being a hippie means having certain ideals and pursuing them actively. So in a way, it can be said that hippies have always been around at all times and in all places. If you want to pattern yourself after the 60s hippies, however, then start by embracing their chore values: peace, love, the environment, and the beyond. This short ebook will provide you with a concise and colorful overview of the hippie culture and the history of the hippie movement. And by the end of it, you’ll have a pretty clear picture of the hippie already inside of you.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The History of the Hippie Movement
  • The Summer of Love
  • Opposing the Establishment in Favor of Peace
  • Concern for the Environment
  • The Use of Hallucinogens
  • Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out
  • Hippies Today
  • Much, much more!

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by Daniel Buck

There are many examples in the Bible of men who were married to

more than one woman, and even some women who were married

to more than one man. Were those exceptions to the rule, or examples

we are free to follow today? Could there really be only one

biblical model for marriage?

Beginning with Adam and Eve and going down through Ahasuerus and Esther, the author examines ever kind of marriage mentioned in the Hebrew Scriptures, tying them in with the statement of Jesus that he who created at the beginning

created them male and female, and said, “For this cause shall

a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife;

and they two shall be one flesh.”

DIY Survival Hacks! Survival Techniques for Beginners: Learn to Survive Any Disaster with Simple DIY Household Hacks (survival guide for beginners, DIY Household Hacks Book 1)

by Kristina Marchant

Learn About, Prepare For And Respond To All Kinds Of Disasters

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Are you prepared for a wildfire to destroy your home? Or a flood to submerge your valuables? What will you do if a tornado hits? Or if a winter freeze locks you in your own home? DIY Survival Hacks is a manual is for anyone wishing to prepare themselves and those they love for disaster. This guide will present the very basics of preparing for disasters in general terms, including how to make much of the kit on your own out of household materials.

The structure of this ebook is chapter based, focused on the most important elements that will deepen your understanding of what a disaster is, what you need to do to be safe, and how to put it all together. This ebook examines how to prepare for the worst and how to protect yourself, your family, and your community.

This book discusses:

* General types of disasters

* How to do the preparation for all kinds of disasters before they begin

* Primary and Secondary emergency preparedness kits

* How to assemble food stock

* What you need to include in your primary and secondary preparedness kits

* You will get lists of all the basic tools to keep ready in the house

This is for anyone who wants to not merely react to situations, but to think ahead and plan for events. You needn’t be a “survivalist” to stay safe in hazardous situations with these simple and DIY hacks!

Would You Like To Know All That And Much More??

Invest in yourself and take action today by downloading this book for $2.99 only!!

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Instinct and Morality: The Basic Concepts in Philosophy Series

by Somparn Promta

A book deals with the possible relation between instincts and morality. The book examines how to understand religious teaching in the light of biology; and vice versa.

#tickingTimeBomb: Aamir’sFight

by Amish Vishwanath

various newspaper articles on super-hit episode of SATYAMEV JAYATEY,how to fight against TV Disease.Trends in social media #tickingTimeBomb was high.Let’s see what was this #tickingTimeBomb.

Why Trade Unions?: Leveraging Rights

by Clinton R. LeFort

Human Rights

This essay looks at the many benefits that the trade unions provide too its immediate members as well as its international associates. The many benefits of trade unions are viewed from a practical as well as political perspective while bringing evidence to bear from the most current research and studies in philosophy, morality, ethics, social studies, politics, psychology and economics. Lastly, this paper looks at the unavoidable criticism leveled against trade unions and some of the possible solutions for those criticisms.

Man has a natural right because he is a free human agent to form bonds and associations with others in order to reach the end to which he lives. There is no written law that says that men cannot form associations with one another and help one another reach a just goal. Humankind is social in nature and is made to depend upon others for his own livelihood. There are others who have lived alone without the aid of society, but even smaller groups of the tribe in the remotest regions of the world have their own social taboos where each member depends upon others.

Yoga for Beginners: Yoga! Yoga! Yoga! How to Yoga the Right Way! (Yoga, Yoga For Beginners, Yoga Books, Yoga For Weight Loss, Yoga Journal, Yoga Poses, Yoga Meditation)

by Michelle Gretta

The Perfect Guide for Yoga Beginners: How to Meditate, Relieve Stress, and Lose Weight

What is this yoga craze all about? Some might tell you they’re doing it to lose weight, others to relax, but the bottom line is that yoga can be a solution to a number of common lifestyle concerns.

This eBook makes a compelling argument that when it comes to weight loss, yoga is the better alternative to dieting. Yoga can make you more self-aware so that you can pinpoint the exact triggers that are causing your weight gain. Not only that, practicing yoga provides a healthier and more stable way to lose that weight.

Meditation, one component of yoga, is an acclaimed method to reduce anxiety and stress and bring calmness to the mind. Another component is mindfulness. Practicing mindfulness has been implicated in the improvement of your wellbeing, interpersonal skills, concentration ability, and capacity to enjoy life. Meditation and mindfulness are both covered in detail in this eBook to get you started down the road to finding inner peace.

Whether you want to join a yoga studio or practice in the comfort of your own home, this informative eBook is complete with diagrams showing the yoga poses so that any beginner can get started right away.

Table of Contents

  • Yoga for Beginners
  • Yoga Weight Loss for Beginners
  • Yoga Poses for Weight Loss
  • Yoga Poses for Stress Relief
  • Tips for Finding Inner Peace
  • Meditation and Yoga
  • Mindfulness Tips
  • Yoga and Spirituality
  • What are Chakras
  • Yoga and Tai Chi

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XL PIPELINE FUN – Goodbye Clean Air – Water – Soil – Planet: Hello Toxic Waste – Grunge – Slime – Yuk (Political Responsibility Series Book 8)

by Erica Wolf

So, you want to try living with the GOP XL Pipeline Jobs Bill?

Not only does the author discuss the wonders of living with the XL Pipeline and Massive Environment Pollution, but she also discusses the fun and excitement of living with oil leaks, explosions, fires and who knows what else!.

All of these oil pipeline factors creating another wonderful day in the neighborhood, seething with toxic waste, grunge, slime, and yuk!

Have you ever asked yourself; what the “New World Order” might look like once it becomes the norm, rather than the exception?

Are you beginning to get the picture of how the New World Order just might actually look and work, once fully implemented?

Have you noticed the propaganda related to the latest Weaponized Virus, the Ebola Virus, where the state of Connecticut has just instituted Medical Martial Law?

Have you wondered why Connecticut decided to institute Martial Law within their own state?

Have you noticed how our world is continually filled with threats of terrorism accompanied by accelerated loss of rights and liberties?

Have you noticed how our police are becoming more and more militarized and involved in episodes hurting civilians for no apparent reason?

Have you noticed more and more surveillance cameras on ever street intersection to watch every move we make?

Have you noticed the continual and unnecessary creation of more and more restrictions on our freedoms and travel, accompanied by more harassment at our airports and train stations?

Have you noticed more and more global warming accompanied by more and more climate disasters that we all need to contend with daily?

So, you want to try living with the GOP Jobs Bill (XL Pipeline)?

Perhaps NOW is a good time to WAKE UP and smell the fumes, and go back to the top of this page and order this exciting new book!!

The Irreverent Guide to Eliminating Racism (The Irreverent Guides Book 1)

by Montgomery Rhodes

Is it really possible to eliminate racism?

The short answer is, although improbable, it is possible. In this succinct, often irreverent and occasionally humorous look at the causes of racism, Montgomery Rhodes provides eleven steps that we must take if we even have a hope of eradicating racism once and for all.

The purpose of this book is to use humor to open a dialog about the nature of racism and some of the measures we can take to reduce or eliminate racism. You may laugh at Montgomery’s sarcastic sense of humor or you may think he is way off base with unsubstantiated opinions. Probably both. But, if we can get people talking, we will be one step closer to eradicating this horrific practice.

“But racism has been around since Cane and Able,” you may say. You’d be right. But slavery also existed since Cane and Able and it is nearly non-existent today. Yes, it still exists in some forms and in some areas of the globe but it has largely been relegated to the history books. That is the future of racism if we really want to do something about it.

In this book, we explore the Bible as a source of racism. The Bible itself is not racistâ?¦it is a collection of writings from multiple sources, perhaps inspired by God and perhaps not. What is true, however, is that for thousands of years, people have used the writings in the bible to influence power. Power, and those seeking it, is the true source of racism.

The sad truth is, we won’t actually eliminate racism; we’ll just replace it with another form of institutional hatred that unscrupulous power hungry people will use to control an unsuspecting populous. Without racism, future wars will have to be fought over another arbitrarily selected nonsensical reason; maybe we’ll go to war against people who say, “I could care less.” But, that probably would be the most justified war we’ve had.

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