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Leadership Development The Ultimate Guide: How To Lead Effectively & Efficiently (Leadership,Leadership Books,Leadership Development,Leadership Books,Leadership … Theory And Practice Book 1)

by Mike Robertson

Any venture of any nature requires a leader. It is the leader who is responsible for not just the running of things, but also the continuance of it. No business in the world has flourished or survived without a face.

This face is usually of the person who stands at the front and takes charge of all the affairs related to the said business. This person is called a leader.

This eBook seeks to explore the personality of a leader, the various aspects of his skills and some clarifications regarding what differentiates a leader from others. Let’s start our journey.

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Baby Animals Have Funny Names

by Kim Flewelling

Children LOVE learning about animals. Especially animal babies! Within the pages of this next ebook, by Kim Flewelling, readers young and the young at heart will travel along the pages and learn about young animals and their quite humorous names before they are all grown up! Meant to share with a special child at bedtime at home or when visiting family or added to a book collection during early literacy instruction in school.

Education Tip: Build new vocabulary skills. Explore with English Language Learners within individual, small group, or whole class instruction and integrate into curriculum and instruction for literacy (reading, writing) and science. Introduce into the Pre-K through Grade 2 curriculum wherever technology is available with ebook readers! Standards for reading and comprehension will help the reader and the teacher. Emergent and early words are embedded within the text for young readers and learners of English, as well as for bilingual populations. Look for challenge words too! Early and later developing speech sound combinations can be practiced during speech language therapy across settings: classroom inclusion, pull-out, private practice, and tutoring.

What kind of baby animal is an ephra or a cria?! How about a spat or a pinkie!

Children with special needs and learning differences will benefit from the layout of this adorable, educational e-book! Enjoy! Explore! Love Learning!

MATH WORK BOOK: Addition and Substraction

by Megan Lovefield

This work book is comprised with addition, subtraction work sheets to help you children understand math. It’s laid out in a way that it’s easy to understand and navigate. It’s for kid’s ages 5-7 years, for 1st graders to 2nd grade and also for Home schooler’s, teachers and tutors to educate and teach their kids in an easier and simpler way. Math is the one skill you need to master in your life. Education is key in saving a child’s future. Learning made easy!

The Second Grade Progressive Reader – Book 8 (Kindergarten through Grade 12 E-Books For You!)

by Amy Mazolla

The Second Grade Progressive Reader – Book 8 Book 8 is the Eighth installment of Complete Curriculum’s Second Grade Progressive Reader Series. The Second Grade Progressive Readers provide short fiction, engaging content and informational texts.

This E-book contains engaging stories for the Second Grade Reader. The series provides informational reading on such topics as U.S. History, Science, biographies, Geography and understanding key skills listed under the common core standards. Progressive Readers also develop and enhance many important reading skills, such as spelling and vocabulary, understanding compound words, homophones, antonyms, plural words, contractions, common suffixes, double letters, phonics,

grammar and more.

The Stories:


Noses and Scents

No Manners Molly

Hugh and The Whole World

Towering Terrance

Stumpy Goes to Mexico

by Michael Bacotti

The second book in the series: Stumpy.

Stumpy the silly kitten without a tail, chases after a gecko in the ancient Mayan Tulum Ruins.

What does the world look like if you’re a teeny tiny kitten?! Follow this lovable black and white meow meow as he braves his surroundings.

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