Free religious fiction Kindle books for 22 Feb 15

Amish Romance: No More Amish Bees (Amish Romance Trilogy Book 2)

by Michelle Eastwood

Twenty-eight-year-old Mary Hilty now does the accounting books for the bee business that she has turned over to her husband of five years Jacob Shyrock only something has gone wrong and the bees are dying.

Read No More Amish Bees, but not before you read the first installment No More Amish Love ( You’ll learn more about Amish life, bees, politics, family life, love and fine entertainment as a young woman, Mary Hilty Shyrock works to pursue her destiny of personal freedom.

Finding your Place PART FOUR (Romance, erotica, alpha male, bdsm, romance, romance)

by Hertz

Finding your Place PART FOUR

Alchemy & Transmutation: Has the Rapture Began?

by George R Martin III

Alchemy & Transmutation begins with a journey within. We humans at times avoid the common truths that drive us every day. The ability to change your situation comes from positive action & affirmations. We can truly have our hearts desire, we can have what we want & we can be who we want. The ability to speak what we want into our reality is a gift that was passed down to us from the creators themselves, the Elohim.

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