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With Spring Comes The Fall (Living With the Dead Book 1)

by Joshua Guess

*This book is also part of “Living With the Dead: Year One”. If you already own “Year One” it is not necessary to purchase this volume.*

Living With the Dead is an ongoing survival horror story set in the zombie apocalypse. Its original format was and is a serialized daily blog.

When the world falls apart and the true nature of mankind is revealed, a small group of survivors in Kentucky make a go of holding their ground and building again. Through hordes of undead and bands of ruthless marauders, they come together with a common purpose. Over the days and months, they begin to learn that when the world is filled with the dead, the only choice is to learn how to truly live.

The Bitter Seasons (Living With the Dead Book 2)

by Joshua Guess

*This book is also part of “Living With the Dead: Year One”, so if you own “Year One” already, it is not necessary to purchase this volume.*

Living With the Dead is a serialized story set in real time at the beginning of and during the zombie apocalypse. This volume collects the second six months of the story’s first year.

As the group of survivors in Kentucky grows and the compound evolves into a true community, new hope rises. The struggle to live has become a cooperative effort by many to build something new. Though the threat of the zombie hoards and violent marauders is ever-present, the citizens of the compound discover new allies and friends, and new hope. The effort of merely existing fades as the growing community discovers that it is possible to truly live in a world of the dead.

98012 and the Guardian’s Key

by Treyci Kay

What would you do if you discovered your whole world was made up of lies?

In the distant future, society commits to a more peaceful existence. Conformity is the rule.

One night, Marcus 98012 awakens from a dream and is led to the horrifying truth. He discovers that nothing is what it seems as the unexplainable things around him come into focus: the mysterious elders, the disappearances of students- the oddly different Leila 98001.

During Marcus’s search for the truth, he becomes a threat to the elders that run this mysterious world and he must decide between trying to destroy the system or escaping it with his life.

Decaying Humanity

by James Barton

Roommates and best friends Harvey and Jim are obsessed with zombie movies. That is until videos start appearing online, claiming to be footage of real undead outbreaks. Can their knowledge of once fictional creatures help them against the real thing? They soon realize that the undead aren’t the only threat they face. With their supplies running low and armed raiders attacking everyone, they will need to take their survival plan to a new level. How much will they sacrifice to survive, and who â?¦ or what â?¦ will they become when it is all over?

Homeworld Blues (Triworlds Revolution Book 1)

by A. J. McMillan

As a member of the ruling class aboard a star ship destined to deliver her people to a new home world, Trayia is duty-bound and loyal to the cause. But when an encounter with the rebellious Kavata opens her eyes to the ship’s dark secret, she begins to question everything she’s ever known. As the black and white world around them falls away, the young women embark on an epic journey to find the key to their people’s survival and uncover the truth of their origins; with the help of a blind monk, a fugitive prisoner, and a clueless drummer.

It’s going to be a much harder revolution than anyone thought.

Rebel Heart (Engines of Liberty Book 1)

by Graham Bradley

For centuries the British Empire has ruled territories the world over, maintaining its grasp on its far-flung colonies by way of magic and brute force. Any successful attempt at rebellion is short-lived, as the rebels do not have the benefit of wizardy on their side.

The most recent attempt at secession happened in the New World in 1776, some two hundred years ago. General George Washington nearly succeeded at rallying his countrymen in a military revolt against the Crown. But disunity and infighting ultimately brought them down, and Washington was executed in a public spectacle.

Most people gave up. But not all.

The cleverest and most driven survivors went to ground. They learned from their mistakes. They planned, they plotted, they tinkered and they toiled. They began to develop new weapons and machines that would level the playing field. With technology at their fingertips, anyone could stand toe-to-toe with a British mage and come off conqueror.

The uprising has been a long time coming. The arsenal is as large as it’s going to get. Now all the “technomancer” army needs is soldiers, young patriots like Calvin Adler, who has had enough of the mages pushing him around.

Freedom beckons, if he will but pay the price in blood, sweat, and tears.

This is the New Revolution.

The Atomic Sea: Part Three: An Epic Fantasy / Science Fiction Adventure

by Jack Conner

Epic adventure in a strange world by the bestselling author of “The War of the Black Tower: An Epic Fantasy Trilogy”.

A thousand years ago, the sea began to change, and the change spread.

Now the boiling, toxic, lightning-wreathed Atomic Sea has encompassed every ocean on the planet, and the creatures that live in it have become mutated and unnatural. The sea’s taint can infect any human who comes in contact with it or with unprocessed seafood, killing them . . . or altering them. No one knows why the sea has become this way or what it portends, only that it’s irrevocably changed the world.

Meanwhile, world war has erupted, and the small country of Ghenisa, like many others, is tottering on the brink of collapse under the onslaught of the Empire of Octung. Middle-aged widower Dr. Francis Avery is aboard a military whaling ship far out on the Atomic Sea when a series of murders onboard propels him down a rabbit-hole of danger and terror unlike any other.

Soon he becomes aware of a spy on the ship, but that’s just the beginning. With the help of the grizzled whaler Janx and a mysterious woman named Layanna, he will embark on an epic quest to save Ghenisa from Octung and unravel the secrets of the Atomic Sea.

Ë?Ë?Ë? This is the third volume of a multi-part saga of epic fantasy / science fiction adventure and high stakes in an awe-inspiring world unlike any you’ve ever seen before. Welcome to the world of the Atomic Sea.

NOTE: In its original version, Part Two encompassed what is now Books Two and Three. It was a massive volume and priced accordingly. To keep costs down I’ve split the book into parts, so if you read the original version of Part Two and want to know what happens next, hang on. The next part of the story is coming soon.

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