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Candle Making: How To Make Candles At Home (#1 Guide to Making Beautiful Candles)

by Liz Bale

Candle Making: Who Else Wants To Discover The Quick and Easy Hacks To Make The Most Beautiful Candles Ever…

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Here’s What You Will Discover Inside This Candle Making Book

  • Why You Should Make Your Own Candles
  • EXACTLY What You Need To Start Making Great Candles
  • The key ingredients and wicks to take your candles to the next level
  • The Easiest Candle to Make
  • My Top favorite Candles That Will Blow Your Family and Friends Minds
  • Each candle recipe method is straight forward and easy to understand

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The Cranston Abductions

by Emory Boll

Stories of alien encounters have fascinated humans for centuries. Collated here are six concise tales taken from the last half century, which are in danger of being forgotten. In each case, the people affected have held fast to their version of events, despite skepticism and incomplete evidence. Science may not have found a way to prove their claims, but we have no reason to doubt them.

Essential Oils for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide to Essential Oils Recipes for Hair, Skin & Weight Loss

by Jane Forman

A Beginner’s Guide To Essential Oils

Essential oils are very important compounds that are used in different industries including both in cosmetics and pharmacological settings. Essential oils are also laden with potent compounds and substances that can help fight against inflammation and other disease. This is the reason why there are many people who use essential oils to improve their well-being. If you are one of the many people who want to start using essential oils, it is important that you educate yourself about them. Thus, this book is for you.

With this book, you will be able to do the following:

  • Understand what essential oils are. Chapter 1 gives a detailed discussion on what essential oils are. This chapter gives discussion on the different ways essential oils are extracted. Moreover, a discussion about the advantages of the different extraction methods is also included in the book.
  • Learn about the many benefits of using essential oil. Essential oil is not only used for their medicinal values but it is also used for other applications such as cooking food, cleaning surfaces and deodorizing spaces.
  • Chapter 3, on the other hand, gives a detailed discussion of the many essential oils that are available in the market. To make it easier, the list is provided in a table with other information including the origin of the essential oil and their specific purposes.

Moreover, the list is also in alphabetical order so that you can easily look up the essential oil that you are interested in using.

Essential oils are very helpful in improving the overall health of people and if you are one of the many people who want to use essential oils, it is important that you get yourself educated first.

Let this book serve as your guide to the wonderful world of essential oils. Enjoy!

Essential Body Butter: Essential Body Butter Boxset – Homemade Body Butter for Beginners & Homemade Body Butter Recipes: You Can Now Make Your Own DIY … With This DIY Guide (DIY Beauty Collection)

by Leanna Lockhart

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The Ultimate Body Butter Boxset – Homemade Body Butter for Beginners & Homemade Body Butter Recipes. Both Books for One Small Price.

Discover Your Secret To Better Looking Skin

How many of you have read every single book you could get your hands on that talked about beautiful skin?

How many times have you tried methods upon methods to improve the texture and health of your skin?

If you type, “how to get beautiful skin” on Google, you’ll get something like 1,08,00,00,000 results! That’s not the only hurdle, you have to comb through these results to find something that â??might’ work for you. This is why you should grab…

Homemade Body Butters for Beginners

– Do you see yourself reading each and every page of Google’s search results just to find something that might work? NO. It’s just not practical.

– Are you happy in your own skin? No? Kinda Sorta? Well you are here looking for another solution!

– Have you given up on beautiful skin just because you’re getting old? NO. You won’t give up!

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So what if each birthday adds a year to your bucket, it doesn’t mean you can’t have beautiful skin.

Who says old people have to have wrinkles? Who says your skin can’t be as soft as a baby’s skin?

Radiance is unlimited – those who know how to find it, will have it.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body – it is literally what makes you look like you – the real you.

The only difference is that you’re a beautiful person inside, but dull, pale and a lifeless person outside. You have worked days and nights to make ends meet, your skin has gone through thick and thin with you. Now, it’s time to pay it back. It’s time to bring out the beautiful you.

It’s Time To Make Heads Turn! It’s Time To… Butter UP!

This book is for those who:

– Would have spent large amounts of money to have the health of their skin back.

– Would have travelled the world in search of a magic skin Genie!

– Are too busy to incorporate expensive skin treatments and are looking for something fast and effective.

– Just want their old skin back!

Is that you?

If so, this book is for you. It’s jam-packed with lots of information, things that you might not have known. It’s written in simple language so you understand everything I have to say – no pressure, no timelines, no deadlines and no stress.

You will enjoy reading this almost anytime and I’m hoping that you will learn from it. Homemade body butters can do wonders, but not if you have contradicting information.

This book will top your shelf for a long, long time!

Butter up, because you’re going to be as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside! You deserve it, you pretty you!

So what are you waiting for?

Dive into the book now and learn everything there is to know about Body Butters and discover your secret to better looking skin. I take you through the most valuable information in this simple, easy to follow guide.

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Mr. Green Thumb’s Grow Guide: The Proof: Money Does Grow On Trees!!!

by George R Martin III

If you’re reading this then you must have the right book…

Growing Cannabis in today’s market with all the uncertainty as well as what to use for the task seems a bit overwhelming.

Fear Not! “Mr. Green Thumb’s Grow Guide”- with its step by step approach will hopefully steer you clear of items you don’t need and to items you do.

This is a guide to help you decide what worked for me time and time again.

I grew Covertly for well over 10 years, so I can show you how I turned a simple 1 bedroom apartment into a profit making Juggernaut that rivaled some of the best grow ops in Northern California!

Growing Weed isn’t Rocket Science after all… but if you don’t know the basics you could turn fun and profit into disaster area in five minutes flat.

Disclaimer: Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.

Cancer: Natural Remedies: Sour Sop Nature’s Natural Chemo (Cancer, Cancer Free, Cancer Diet, Cancer Cure, Cancer Books, Natural Cure, Natural Remedies, Sour Sop, Natural Cures)

by Mary Lou Wheaton

Discover How to Defeat your Cancer with Sour Sop and Achieve a Revitalized Life


Available for Download to Read it on your PC, MAC, smart phone, tablet, or Kindle Device Today

Sour Sop the Natural Cancer Destroyer. A fruit that is reported to have a special chemical that is 10000 times stronger than the chemical used in chemotherapy. The potency and power that this South American fruit has is staggering. Yet what will be even more staggering is how empowered and revitalized you will be by purchasing this book and giving this fruit a try. Your about to discover the power that Sour Sop has in the decimation of cancer. Cancer is an ever pervasive problem within our society. Everyone knows how devastating this disease is for it has touched so many lives. However, not everyone knows about Sour Sop a fruit that was researched for its special chemical. A chemical that was found to be incapable of being resynthesized in a lab. A chemical that acts as nature’s natural form of chemotherapy for the body. One that only targets and destroys cancer cells and leave healthy cells untouched. Sour sop has been known about in South America for a very long time, and has been used greatly as a natural remedy for its numerous medicinal uses and revitalizing power.

Knowledge is power, and the knowledge about Sour Sop contained in this book can provide you with the power to combat your cancer and add vitality to your health. By learning about a natural remedy like Sour Sop, you will be using a natural method to tackle your cancer and strengthen yourself overall during your war with cancer. Or by incorporating a natural fruit like sour sop into your diet you may give your body a natural defense to stave off cancer completely and give you that extra boost of vitality everyone is always looking for.

Here is a Preview of What You’ll Learn…

  • What Sour Sop is and why it is good for your health
  • Background information about Sour Sop including its origin and other ailments it assists with
  • What is the science behind the effectiveness of Sour Sop
  • How it fights off cancer and also revitalizes your health
  • Some delicious recipes on how you can incorporate Sour Sop in an effective cancer diet
  • And much more!
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by Ernest G. Martin

This is a an early 20th century compendium that explains physiology and the human body. From the preface: “WHEN Alexander Pope wrote “The proper study of mankind is man,” he was thinking rather of man as a social being than as the possessor of an amazingly complex and interesting body. It is nevertheless true that to one who finds enjoyment in the study of intricate mechanisms or to one for whom that amazing sequence of events which we call life has appeal there is no more fascinating study than the study of the living body. That part of the study of the body which concerns itself primarily with activity and only secondarily with form and structure, makes up the science of Physiology. The way the body works is the central theme.
The practical value of Physiology to the general reader lies in the fact that it forms the basis of all sound rules of hygiene. Life is made up of bodily activities which may be carried on correctly or incorrectly. Carried on correctly they mean health, carried on incorrectly, unhealth. The world is flooded with health-preserving or health-restoring systems, urged upon the public, for the most part, by promoters in search of gain. Such of these as have merit are based on definite physiological principles, and anyone who has a common-sense working knowledge of his own body can order his life in accordance with them, at little or no expense. Moreover, a sound appreciation of Physiology drives home the truth that when the body is really out of order its restoration can be safely intrusted only to the properly trained physician: the man or woman who through years of painstaking study has won insight into the intricacies of the human mechanism and whose honest appreciation of the difficulties of his profession, and courageous sincerity in grappling with them, justify to the full the confidence in which he is held by his community.”

UFO INSIGHT 10: UFOs & Flying Saucer Sighting Reports

Great UFO Sighting Report From 2015

SOCIAL ANXIETY: The ultimate guide to overcome social anxiety forever- improve your life to become more happy, focus and free. (Anxiety relief, self-help, treatment, Anxiety Book 1)

by Phillip Spencer

Discover How To Overcome Social Anxiety For Life

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You’re about to discover how to overcome social anxiety disorder/social phobia for the rest of your life. Millions of people suffer from social anxiety but don’t know how to cure this problem. Most people realize and feel within themselves the daily pain and how much of a problem this is, but are unable to change their disorder for lacking knowledge of what they really are facing and lacking an effective strategy to approach social anxiety. Many feel that it’s been part of their life for so long that they believe it’s who they are and it can’t be changed. Well, the truth is if you are suffering from social anxiety you have everything to gain and nothing to lose in following the advice inside. This book is the guide you need to help you free yourself from social anxiety and help you to be able to take control of you life.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What is social anxiety disorder
  • Common triggers
  • Signs and symptoms
  • How to face your fears
  • How to build better relationships
  • How to change your lifestyle
  • Much, much more!

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Stress Relief: Guide to Reduce Stress, Overcome Stress and Techniques to Help You Reduce Stress (Most Effective Techniques to Reduce, Prevent and Eliminate … Relief and Stress Management Techniques)

by Jessica Lopez

Guide to Reducing Stress, Overcome Stress and Natural Techniques to Help You Control Your Stress Emotions

Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $2.99. Regularly priced

at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

This book contains information about the different steps and strategies on how to manage your outlook when stressed.

The truth is, stress is a fundamental part of life. We subject our physical and emotional parts to different stimuli and environment every single day. As we grow old we face tougher stress stimulants in different forms of dreams, frustration, disappointment, values, fear and responsibilities. We go through a lot just to get “there”, or more often than not, some people don’t even know where is “there” which causes them a different and debilitating kind of stress as well.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What is Stress and Complications
  • Strategies for Handling Stress
  • Different Types of Stress
  • How to Use Stress Moving Forward
  • Natural Ways to Deal with Stress
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

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Survival Guide for Women: Get Your Self Prepared For Any Disaster (Survival Guides Book 1)

by John Cliff

Emergencies can strike at any time, it is important to be prepared for them. Often the majority of panic and confusion occurs because people do not know what they are supposed to be doing and they get a little frightened. The next time that an emergency strikes, you can be prepared and ready to save your family with the tips in this guidebook.

This guidebook covers some of the most common disasters that occur in this country. Everything from fire, tornado, earthquake, floods, hurricanes, and blizzards can happen at a moments’ notice and you need to be prepared. You will learn tips on what to put into an emergency kit, hot to spot a disaster, and things you should do ahead of time if you are given notice of the emergency. This guidebook has all the information you will need to be ready to go when disaster strikes.

Download Your Copy Now



Diabetes is becoming an epidemic of enormous consequences in this country.

Diabetes among children and adults are skyrocketing.

Why do you have to pay attention to this WARNING! It’s becauseâ?¦

Constantly monitor your blood sugar levels and take drugs to maintain your diabetes within the normal range.

Fear the diabetes complications such as stroke and heart attack that can paralyze your body partially or completely or dieâ?¦

Have impaired ability to fight infection and heal wounds; foot ulcers and other foot problemsâ?¦

Fear the development of other complications associated with diabetes such as kidney diseaseâ?¦ whereby you’re hooked up to a dialysis machine 6 to 10 hours a day, three times a week to clean up your blood from toxins or be in a kidney transplantation waiting lists for a kidney donor and die while waiting for itâ?¦

Are frustrated that you have to endure multiple injections daily just to survive and constantly monitoring your food intake.

Fear of having your legs amputated as a complication of diabetesâ?¦

Suffer from eyes disease such as diabetes retinopathy that can cause partial blindness or total blindnessâ?¦

Hopeless knowing that the cure of diabetes has not been discovered yetâ?¦

Friends, these problems not only affect your health but also your family, finances, and your lifeâ?¦

But don’t you worry, now you canâ?¦

Rejuvenate Your Body and Mind with These Essential Tips! Information that can have a dramatic impact, your health with my eBook, Diabetes Tomorrow.


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