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How To Dunk: Strategies To Drastically Increase Your Vertical Jump (Vertical Jump, Basketball, Dunk, How to Dunk, Increase Vertical, NBA, Basketball Techniques)

by Arnold Lopez

Let Me Teach You How To Increase That Vertical Leap And Start Dunking!

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  • The Value of Dunking
  • Developing Your Vertical Jump
  • Improve Your Jumping Technique
  • Putting It Together – Learn How to Dunk
  • Effective Techniques to Help You Start Dunking in Games
  • Important Tips for Dunkers Everywhere
  • And Much, Much More!
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Progressive Calisthenics: The 20-Minute Dream Body with Bodyweight Exercises (Calisthenics)

by John Powers

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Calisthenics: What are they?

Are you looking to lose fat while also building muscle, creating a lean, toned body? If so, a Calisthenics workout is right for you. When it comes to bodyweight training, there is nothing more frustrating than losing fat, without building muscle on top of that fat loss. Most people just aim for a lower number of the scale, but if you want a powerful, functional body, you should also be gaining muscle, as you are losing fat.

This is where Calisthenics training comes into play.

It is one of the best, most effective ways to improve your overall health. But how can you learn the right calisthenics exercises, the right nutrition for your workout, and the right lifestyle to compliment your new body? This is where Progressive Calisthenics comes in!

In this book, you will learn twelve of the top bodyweight exercises, designed to make you not just lose weight, but actually build muscles and improve flexibility. You will finally have not just a body that looks great, but a body that is strong and is primed to take serious punishment. These exercises make you live longer and your body stay healthy longer.

Addition to that, you will find the most effective advanced bodyweight training exercises and 30-Day Challenge to take your body to the whole new level!

And the best part of this book is that the results happen FAST! No more waiting around for your diets or workout regimen to show results. With this program, you will begin to see the fat melt away and the muscle mass packing on. What could be better than that? Only twenty minutes a day and you will be seeing great results, which will only motivate you to work harder!

This book is equipped with workouts that are great for beginners and for advanced athletes. No matter your level, you can find a workout and a diet plan that fits your lifestyle and helps you achieve what you want to achieve.

Can it really be that easy?

With this book IT IS! Not only will you find detailed workout and nutritional guidelines, you will find answers to all of the following questions and more!

– Is a bodyweight workout the same as weight training?

– Can calisthenics actually help you build strength and real muscle?

– Is calisthenics mass easy to build?

– How do you do calisthenics exercises and for how long?

– What kind of exercises can be done without equipment?

– Do I need to take supplements? The best food choices to make.

– What kind of exercises you should do to lose weight fast?

– How to amp-up the basic bodyweight exercises to increase lean muscle growth?

– How to have a killer abs?

You can have your Dream Body in only 20 Minutes a day! All you need is a step-by-step guide that walks you through the process.

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The Bull and The Ban – Exploring the Catalan Ban on Bullfighting

by Catherine Tosko

In 2012, Catalonia, an autonomous province of Spain, abolishes bullfighting, and Cat Tosko decides to make a documentary about it, “The Bull and The Ban”. This is the book of the exclusive interviews, essays and photos with matadors such as Francisco Rivera Ordóñez (Death and the Sun) and Frank Evans (The Last British Bullfighter), Catalan politicians, animal rights activists and those who work in the bullfighting industry, including children as young as three years old. As well as an insight into what bullfighting is, these interviews explore the case for and against bullfighting and gives a history of Catalonia’ s struggle for independence and rights. This is a moral journey of one British ex-pat into what it is to be human, and what it means to kill a bull, and the far-reaching effects of the Catalan ban on bullfighting worldwide. With a foreword by writer-bullfighter Alexander Fiske-Harrison, author of “Into The Arena – The World of the Spanish Bullfight”.

The Violation

by Jeff Schneider

The entire sporting world is turned upside down. Everyone, including writers, broadcasters, coaches, athletic directorsâ??even parentsâ??are ignoring the fact that steroids are being used in college athletics.

And killing people.

I Built a Raft

by James Nugent

I built a raft out of plastic pop bottles and plywood, and then sailed away for a Saturday. I had sailed many kinds of vessels in the waters of southern Puget Sound, but never a homemade raft. The raft cost me $60. The adventure was priceless. Join me as I try this grand experiment.


Rafting is inherently dangerous. A homemade raft is even more risky. Human beings simply don’t breathe underwater. I do not recommend trying to copy my exploits. I do recommend that you do sit back in the safety of your living room and enjoy my ludicrous adventure.

Bits and Pieces

I cobbled my raft together mostly from bits and pieces from around my yard and my 22′ Columbia sailboat in the marina in Olympia Washington.

For floatation I used 400, 2 liter plastic bottles. There were also some 1 liter plastic bottles sprinkled into the mix. In order to contain all the bottles I made flotation bags out of plastic lawn fencing.

The pop bottles were placed in the handmade bags. Plastic ties secured the flotation bags closed. I ended up with eight bags that would be the flotation for my adventure vessel!

The hull of my raft was made of scrap 2x4s and some ¼” plywood.

Improve Your Golf Game In Eight Simple Steps: State of the Art Golf Training

by Sports Media

Improve Your Golf Game In Eight Simple Steps

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Discover and sharpen your game with the best and finest golf lessons. The book has everything you need to know about golf.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Introduction of Golf
  • Rules of Golf
  • 8 Simple Steps to Make You a Pro
  • Secret Techniques to Improve the Game
  • Much, much more!

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