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Entering The Eastern Gin

by Ramadan Hassan

Some things in this life inspire me to see the human condition in a different light. I believe that a hearty will and strong values transcend time and place. With these ideals in mind I wrote my three tales â?¦I call them collectively, the eastern gin,

This story derives from one of the most antiquated and culture old countries in the Middle East (Iran).
The setting of this tale takes place prior to the outbreak of the Islamic revolution. We meet an individual who is obsessed with the lives of the upper echelon, and is engrossed with a woman above his class; we also meet an Englishman who has come to a foreign land to study his historical archives. Both men have varied lives, but both their tales shall intertwine. Two different ends…One believes in love. Other believes in the mind. One lives in the past, the other studies the past in order to make a better future

We encounter a man whose virtues and morals have longed played with his mind. At this time â?¦ his life will be bent towards dark ventures. The devil and disciples begin this tale aboard Noah’s ark. The devil decided to make a wager that he could influence the lives of the impressionable man and his siblings, forever changing their destinies. The expanse of this story and the devils influence ends in a poor village in modern Lebanon, the story of a man willing to sacrifice it all to the devil, in order to fulfill all his unknown desires.

The setting of this story is 16th century turkey. We encounter a man who does services for the sultan of turkey at the time. When the man comes to collect a reward from the sultan after performing his services, he is surprised to find yet another mission awaiting him. He decides to venture on his own to find his own path. The man and his best friend decided to steal the sultan fortune, but misfortune falls upon the man and the treasure is lost…
Three hundred years later a poor Greek fisherman stumbles upon the gold…Each man lived centuries apart, they each had a motive for the money, but how will it influence their lives? And how does the story lay upon one woman’s shouldersâ?¦will history repeat itself? Or not true…are we live in false time.

Remembrance Day III: Pax Julia

by Steen Alexander

“In the vast ocean of her beautiful eyes he found his fountain of love, as always, a love which made him feel stronger.” At last, Duvalier finds peace in his life.

Pax Julia marks a transition from World War Two to the Cold War, a time when Major Duvalier, gets appointed Head of a special section, Section D, inside MI6. Secretly, during the years 1946-49 he actively supports Haganah, against the British government, and becomes a true ally of the first Israeli secret networks which help him place moles inside the Soviet Union and its satellites. But, most importantly, in the middle of a deep personal crisis and moral self-doubt, he finds the love of his life and a much needed inner peace. Hence the title of the third book that refers to the name of his wife, Julia. The Suez Canal Crisis in 1956 finally leads Duvalier to resign from British service and move back to the land of his childhood, Belgium, after a set of bitter betrayals. The aftermath of the Suez Canal Crisis comes to mark the beginning of his new life as an independent agent and private investigator, inspiring him to found the Bureau in Brussels, the pivot of the trilogy.

Meeting Boudicca

by C.A. Powell

Queen Boudicca is defeated. Her Iceni and other British allies are dead or fleeing from the vengeance of unmerciful Rome. The British rebellion is over. The beaten Iceni Warrior queen has gone into hiding and awaits her poison elixir which will aid her departure from life while the waiting druids wish to bury her in a secret place.

However, before Boudicca can complete her final and drastic act; a messenger arrives with news of a potential alliance. The Brigantes Queen Cartimandua may be able to offer a new pact against Rome. This is confusing because Cartimandua is loyal to Rome and has betrayed other Britons who fought Rome in the past.

Cartimandua is equally perplexed. She has no desire to aid Boudicca and fears the Iceni queen. Could both sovereigns be pawns in another participants’ ploy? To find the culprits of the conspiracy, Cartimandua chooses to indulge the inappropriate consultation of two very different British queens.


by Nina Maksi

A Note from the Author

My book is based on certain events that took place in the Soviet Azerbaijan (USSR) from 1988 to 1990. These events are known all over the planet. An outrage upon humanity. Nazism – The genocide, atrocious annihilation of the Armenian civilian population in the Soviet Azerbaijan (USSR) was preplanned by Baku ruling circles. They even had a scenario of the bloody mass murder of the Armenians. Terrorism, genocide of peaceful, civilian Armenians during two years – Two-year genocide, two-year terrorism – It should be observed that genocide is the extreme form of terrorism. And only villains could commit such crimes. Those monsters would savagely kill the civilian unarmed Armenians regardless of their sex and age; they would spare neither infants, nor old people, nor women. Crowds of five thousand dishonest and impudent cowards, armed murderers carried out pogroms in civilian Armenians’ houses. I have no doubt that there will come a day when history will put everything into place. And we should always remember that the Armenians with their ancient, many-thousand-year old civilization are the only Christians at the foot of Mount Ararat.

Tiger: 1936, Madrid (Tiger flash fiction Book 5)

by Jordan Taylor

– Once There Was A Tiger –

Stories in the Tiger series cross 100 years of history, seen in glimpses through eyes of the tiger. In 1936 the Spanish Civil War broke out across Spain and beyond. One witness in Madrid had no voice to share his story, no words to tell of the atrocities he saw, and nowhere to turn as the first bombs fell.

Before you read, please be aware Tiger stories are shorts and flash fiction ranging from about three to seven pages in length. Tigers need only a blink to tell a tale.

Waterloo Teeth

by Stephen Austen

Waterloo Teeth is a novelette set in the year of 1815. The story is based on historical facts surrounding certain dental practices during the Napoleonic wars. But be prepared; this is no ordinary tale of one dental customer’s experience of 19th Century dentistry techniques. It is a story of fear and a vengeful spirit seeking justice!

Meet Odysseus Osborne, businessman and trader at the London Corn Exchange. His rotten teeth are in need of replacement; his daughter Xenia especially thinks so. A forward-thinking young woman ahead of her time, Xenia becomes a central character in the events which unfold, unwittingly at first, as the result of her father’s new set of false teeth.

Odysseus Osborne and his daughter embark on a mysterious and frightening contact with the world of the disembodied which leads them to discover something horrendous about medical practices of the day.

At once both quirky and tragic, Waterloo Teeth promises to entertain and not leave you a little spine-chilled!

Format: Novelette

Words: 16, 245

Pages: 50

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