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The Doughboys: America and the First World War

by Gary Mead

More than three million American men, many of them volunteers, joined the A.E.F. in the first 20 months of US involvement in the First World War.

Of these, over 50,000 were killed on European soil.

These were the Doughboys, the young men recruited from the cities and farms of the United Sates, who travelled across the Atlantic to aid the allies in the trenches and on the battlefields.

Without their courage and determination, the outcome of the war would have been very different.

Why did America become involved in the First World War?

What was the fighting experience of the A.E.F. in France and Russia?

Most importantly, why has the vital contribution made by the Americans been largely neglected by historians of the Great War?

Drawing upon the often harrowing personal accounts of the soldiers of the A.E.F., this book establishes the pivotal role played by the Americans in the defeat of the central powers in November 1918.

In this fascinating study, based on original research, Gary Mead adjusts the balance of history in favour of these unsung heroes.

Drawing on a rich selection of engaging personal accounts, he brings us the stories of the young men whose courage and tenacity changed the course of the war.

â??The appearance of the Americans was decisive…the achievements of the doughboys were unfairly forgotten’ – John Keegan, Daily Telegraph

â??Gary Mead argues that Europeans, especially the British and French, have allowed a fog of ignorance and forgetfulness to obscure the decisive role of America’s doughboys…Their story is well worth telling.’ – Charles Wheeler, Literary Review

â??Mead has done a good job in placing the AEF where it heroically belongs…[he] does well to set the record straight.’ – Cal McCrystal, Financial Times

â??A fine account of the Great War…an impressive historical debut that gazes behind time’s curtain at the startling, pivotal experiences of the American fighting men of WWI’ – Kirkus Reviews

Gary Mead was a journalist for the Financial Times for ten years and has worked extensively with the BBC.

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Texas Tornadoes: The Lone Star State’s Deadliest Twisters

by Marlene Bradford

Tornadoes are not just a part of Texas culture; they are a part of the history of many towns and communities throughout the state. The more than fifteen thousand tornadoes that have touched down somewhere within the boundaries of the Lone Star state since 1880 have claimed nearly eighteen hundred lives. Most were so weak the only evidence of their brief existence was a few displaced shingles or scattered tree branches. A few, however, left behind such destruction that just a mention of them sends chills down the spines of survivors: Waco, Wichita Falls, Saragosa, Jarrell. Texas Tornadoes details these storms that have claimed more than ten lives or are historically significant such as achieving a rare F5 rating.

Veterans: Rebuild America

by Chad Grills

Veterans: Rebuild America offers a pathway for veterans who want to use their experiences and existing skills to thrive, find health, wealth, and peace of mind in the new economy.

It contains over 20 chapters including:

– 58 Businesses that are rebuilding America and how veterans can reverse engineer opportunities to join them

– BEDS: The only four types of future-proof professions in the new economy

– How to get training for high growth, in-demand careers in as little as three months, plus over 60 connectors to help you on your way

– College or Not: How to avoid getting a worthless college degree, and how to find options outside the Post 9-11 GI Bill

– Why traditional mentorship doesn’t work, and how to find the best digital mentors, plus 60 of the best teachers in the world

– 75 business ideas anyone can start today to begin the journey from entrepreneur to founder

– The Reading List of 65 highly filtered, life changing books, plus the 52 a year, and 1000 a day practice

– How-to strategically layer skills until we become a monopoly of one; the economic and logical way to find our passion

– Becoming antifragile in the new economy by mastering: survival, growth, and signaling

– Building opportunity generators on LinkedIn, Angel List, Twitter, and Medium

– The CEO habit; mindsets, experiments, and activities to find, audit, restore, and fuel healthy relationships

– The 66-day body and brain detox

– Competency triggers: what they are, how to learn them, and how to instantly build rapport with successful people

– Plus the HRSE practice for veterans who want to become leaders

If America will survive and thrive in the future…

….we need our veterans to become the leaders and entrepreneurs who will rebuild our country.

Gilgamesh:King in Quest of Immortality: An Extra-Biblical Proof for the Genesis Flood (An Introduction to the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh Book 1)

by RicTamily Royalties

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Experts on ancient history consider the Epic of Gilgamesh to be the oldest preserved Mesopotamian poem ever written. Archeologists say that the story was originally written on 11 clay tablets in cuneiform script. The story was about the notable exploits of a historical and legendary king of Uruk (modern day Iraq) who lived somewhere between 2750 and 2500 B.C.E. His name is Gilgamesh.

According to the so-called “Sumerian King List” Gilgamesh had reigned in the city of Uruk for 126 years. You may wonder why it was that long, but you need to understand that during that ancient period, the human lifespan was still reaching a maximum of 150 years. For instance, the biblical “Moses” who lived until the early part of 1200 B.C.E., died at the age of 120 years old. As you see, a hundred years of age was still common and reachable during that period.

Now, from the perspective of this mythological epic, Gilgamesh is seen to be half-human and half-god; he’s a demigod – like the Hercules of the Greeks – who personally built the walls, towers, and strongholds of the ancient city of Uruk in order to defend his people from human and even mystical enemies. Thus, this ancient and legendary king was not ordinary.

Of course today, we are skeptical about the superhuman description of Gilgamesh. We try to explain the records in the Tablets by saying that these supernatural descriptions were figurative way of depicting his remarkable accomplishments as the famous king of Uruk. The supernatural accomplishments recorded in the Tablets are considered to be a literal account of his incredible ability, which may have been given by the forces of good or by the forces of darkness. We are then faced with a conclusion that reality is not only the “natural” or the “scientific,” but perhaps something “beyond.” That is what the authors of the story want to show the reader, from a religious perspective.

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Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass: An American Slave

by Frederick Douglass

A dramatic autobiography and powerful firsthand account of slavery, written by America’s most influential abolitionist

First published in 1845, Narrativeof the Life of Frederick Douglass is an eye-opening depiction of American slavery. Part autobiography, part human-rights treatise, it describes the everyday horrors inflicted on captive laborers, as well as the strength and courage needed to survive.
Born into slavery on a Maryland plantation in 1818, Frederick Douglass spent years secretly teaching himself to read and writeâ??a crime for which he risked life and limb. After two failed escapes, Douglass finally, blessedly boarded a train in 1838 that would eventually lead him to New York City, and freedom.
Few books have done more to change America’s notion of African Americans than this seminal work. Beyond its historical and social relevancy, it is admired today for its gripping stories, intensity of spirit, and heartfelt humanity.
This ebook has been professionally proofread to ensure accuracy and readability on all devices.

One of the Gang: Sexualized Violence in Vietnam War Films

by Mandy Oviatt

The focus in this book not to determine the frequency of rape, or the number of rapes that occurred, but to discuss the socialization processes that enhance rape proclivities, the link between sex and violence that enhances the opportunity to rape, the rationales behind rape in Vietnam, and to show how films about the Vietnam War accurately portrayed these processes. For this book, I examine the films Platoon

(1986) Casualties of War (1989) and Full Metal Jacket (1989).

American Sniper : Adelbert Waldron: The Myth and Mystery Behind Vietnam’s Most Mysterious Soldier

by Richard Quarry

Before there was “American Sniper” Chris Kyle, there was Adelbert “Bert” Waldron.

Waldron had over 109 confirmed kills in the Vietnam War. He received two Distinguished Service Crosses as well as a Silver Star for his exploits and heroism during the war.

Yet he remains largely unknown to the public.

This book discuesses some of the mystery and myths regarding Waldron, questioning the number of his kills, the reasons behind his questionable discharge and his shady dealings with international arms dealer Mitchell Werbell III.

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Black Lives Matter: From Holocaust to Lynching to Liberation

by Thomas Jerome Baker

Carter G. Woodson, in “The Mis-Education of the Negro” (1933), contends that African Americans have been educated away from their own culture and traditions and attached to the fringes of European culture; thus dislocated from themselves. He asserts that African Americans often valorize European culture to the detriment of our own heritage (p. 7). Although he does not advocate rejection of American citizenship or nationality, he believed that assuming African Americans hold the same position as European Americans vis-à-vis the realities of America would lead to the psychological and cultural death of the African American population.

Furthermore, if education is ever to be substantive and meaningful within the context of American society, Woodson argues, it must first address the African’s historical experiences, both in Africa and America (p. 7). In this book, I respond to Woodson’s call to action by tracing out a self-selected, historical “Middle Passage” that will carry me from the African Holocaust to Liberation. In this way, I validate my own cultural heritage by creating a meaningful narrative, from the days of the African Holocaust, to lynching in the days of the Jim Crow South, and ultimately to liberation of the spirit and of the soul. The journey is a fascinating one. As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. so eloquently put it, “Darkness can not drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate can not drive out hate, only love can do that.”

In doing so, we consciously affirm that black lives matter. No black life is expendable, not in the days of the Middle Passage, not in the days of Willie Lynch and Lynch-law, not in the days of overt racism, racial profiling, or even at low levels of covert racial microaggression.

Mr. Bonner And the Amazing Adventures of POSEIDON’S CHARGE

by W. M. Montague

Being a merchant sea trader in the seventeenth century is perilous at best. Join Mr. Bonner and his crew aboard Poseidon’s Charge as they deal with life on the north seas and the never ending drama of life during the latter days of piracy. Visit ports of call and meet the local flavor.

Will Mr. Bonner’s’ plan come to fruition? Will The crew survive the pirates? What is to become of their prisoners? What is Haganbrire? Come journey with us on our adventure and learn the answers.

Stoicism – Discover Amazing Ways To Apply The Stoic Philosophy To Your Daily Everyday Life To Become A Better Person

by Rebecca Hartman

Discover 7 Amazing Ways To Apply The Stoic Philosophy To Your Daily Everyday Life To Become A Better Person

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Have you ever heard the phrase, “a stoic expression”? Most of us probably have and most of us probably understand it means to have a blank expression – quite useful in a poker game. It does go far beyond here though. The phrase regarding stoic expressions comes from the principle stoic belief that they are above emotions.

Stoics believed that being subject to emotions, therefore showing emotions, was a weakness and the only way to overcome this was to eliminate emotion entirely. The religion, or philosophy depending on how you want to look at it, still goes further than that. The main aim for stoics was living in a virtuous way and all else did not matter. In fact, anything that was not virtuous was essentially against the religion and things that were not virtuous was nearly everything that could possibly reflect poorly on the person.

Things that could easily reflect poorly on a person would be negative behavior and emotions. One of the easiest ways to do away with this is to void all expression. The emotion of joy was just a bad as anger. Either deviation from expressionless was negative.

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I am writing this book because of the powerful abilities that are imbedded in Stoic philosophy. I have been an avid researcher, student and practitioner of Stoic principles which I find enlightening and motivating. Prior to delving into Stoicism, I had a very minimal understanding of it and I feel that this is the case for most people.

This book, I hope, will bring Stoicism into your area of consideration and that you will understand the merits of both, this book and the Stoic beliefs entirely.

These will be elaborated on each in turn. Use these in your life and see how it can benefit you! Results will happen quickly.

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Tasty catalog of Ukrainian cuisine (Wonderful magnificent art Book 51)

by Artfull noble artman

Beauty will save the world, so please enjoy gluttony and Tasty catalog of Ukrainian cuisine

The Firearm Encyclopedia

by Neil Wayne

The Firearm Encylopedia covers the vast history of weapons up until 1955. It describes a large variety of weapons in great detail, including hundreds of illustrations to give you a better idea of what these weapons looked like and how they operated.

This manual is an excellent source for detailed information regarding your favorite weapons, including pistols, rifles, light machine guns, machine carbines, and sniper rifles. Learn more about the Springfield Rifle, the M1 Garand, the 9mm Sten, or the .455 Webley Revolver. Over 70 weapons are described in this incredible textbook.

Stalingrad 1942 – Hell on Earth

by Tom Edward-Watson

Historians have claimed that Stalingrad was one of the fiercest and most harrowing battles fought in World War II. In August of 1942, Hitler’s army reached the doorstep of the motherland (thanks to his blitzkrieg tactics) and prepared for one of the longest and most violent battles in human history. The Russians were determined to hold onto Stalingrad at any cost, even if it meant starvation or hypothermia.

The Battle was a turning point in the war, and this book tells the tale in stunning detail. Learn about the battles leading up to (and after) the battle of Stalingrad, and look at the more personal stories of courage, commitment, and fortitude from those that participated.

Scotia the Brave

by Gordon Fraser

The story of the R.M.S. Scotia – a tale of entrepreneurship, inventiveness, opportunism, risk-taking and battles for supremacy.

The Vintage Cookbook: Great Foods, Healthy Foods

by Joanna Crockery

Thes Vintage Cookbook

Another great cookbook brought to you by Joanna Crockery

The vintage cookbook: First edition, first printing of the 1979 reprint of a 1972 cookbook. Full title is “The vintage cookbook; Great foods, Healthy foods”: Being a Collection of Upwards of One Hundred of the Most Ancient and Approv’d Recipes in the USA.” Written by Mrs. Joanna Crockery. Apparently, no one actually read this cookbook! Now you can enjoy it, as well.

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