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Get Your Joy Back

by Laurie Wallin

“It isn’t the long day of monitoring a child’s precarious health or being hypervigilant about her mood and mental health challenges that weighs parents down; it’s the wishing that things were different. . . . Resentment, not the intense care they must provide their child, is the parents’ greatest stressor and source of pain.” â??Laurie Wallin

Parents of specials needs children are exhausted. They’ve done all the research, consulted all the experts, joined support groups, gotten counseling, fought for the best life for their children. Often just caring for their children’s needs and attempting to maintain a home maxes out parents’ mental, emotional, and spiritual reserves.

Laurie Wallin knows firsthand the difficulties of this journey. With Get Your Joy Back, she steps forward to make a bold, audacious claim: in the midst of this long-term, intense task, it is still possible to have an abundant life, full of joy. The key to radically changing daily life and restoring joy to the weary is forgiveness. Wallin gives parents a lifeline to find that restoration, pulling them back to shore when they feel like they’re drowning.

This book is full of practical, biblical insights and strategies to shed the resentments that leave Christian special-needs parents themselves spiritually, emotionally, and socially drained. Wallin meets readers right where they are, sugar coating nothing, but addressing issues with honesty, humor, and–above all–hope.

Whistle Window

by Brian Drinkwater

Meet Whistle Window. “Why do they call him Whistle?” you ask. Well, up until the great rain storm of just last week, he was simply known as Melvin, a helpful little window in a small house on Willow Lane. But, thanks to a bit of wind…and an unexpected game of catch, Melvin’s musical gifts were born, forever making him Whistle Window.

Join Whistle and his family in discovering how being different can sometimes be life’s greatest gift.

ADHD Guide Attention Deficit Disorder (Boxed Set): 3 Books In 1 ADHD in Adults and Children Guide

by Speedy Publishing

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is commonly known as ADHD. There are many symptoms that can lead someone to believe that others or themselves suffer from this mental illness. It is commonly noticed in children but both adolescents and adults can have it. The most common symptoms are not being able to focus, continuous hyperactivity, and uncontrollable behavior. Using the services of a professional is needed to obtain the correct diagnosis. A professional would be able to rule out other illnesses that display similar symptoms. A set of informationl books would also be helpful because they can provide information and direction to obtain the appropriate medical help.

The Great Babysitter Hiring Guide

by Jonathan L. Singer

Want a step-by-step, easy to follow manual on finding the best nannies, babysitters and au pairs?

Look no further.  The Great Babysitter Hiring Guide is a very brief but indispensable handbook with proven strategies for finding the best caregivers.  Drawing from 15+ years experience with his wife Michey, in hiring babysitters and nannies for their two children, Singer shares a step by step guide to help keep your kids safe and happy to give you peace of mind. 
Jon and Michey Singer have seen it all over the years and provide you with everything you need to know to find and screen only the best candidates.  The guide includes detailed interview questions and expert guidance on how to check references (all forms are available for free from

How to Save My Marriage: Stop marriage problems Now with these Relationship Tips

by Brenda Connelly

How to Save My Marriage: Stop marriage problems Now with these Relationship Tips

Do you want to know how to save your marriage?

By reading this book “How to Save My Marriage” You’ll discover the secrets you need know, on how to stop marriage problems from ending in divorce.

Most of us, that are in relationships or have been in the past know that disagreements are a necessary part of any relationship, the problems start to happen when these disagreements escalate into arguments, to fights and so on… It doesn’t have to be like this.

Do you know what the common marriage problems are? Once you understand what they are, you’ll be in a better position to counteract these issues in your own relationship.

By reading this book, You’ll:

* Understand the Common Marital Problems

* Find out How to handle Marital Issues

* Discover the Telltale Signs That Your Marriage is in Trouble

* Learn to Make Your Marriage Divorce-Proof

* Discover Helpful Tips to Improve Your Marriage

* Become aware of the Secrets of Successful Marriage

If you’re tired of all the arguing, all the fighting and frustration, then the relationship tips you’ll discover within this book will help you and your spouse.

Click the buy now button above now to get marriage help and discover how to save your marriage.

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Parenting Made Easy – Safety: Easy Steps to Protect your Child

by Martin Mosley

You have to be ever vigilant when it comes to the safety and security of your children. Dangers are everywhere, and sometimes from places you would not suspect. This book covers straightforward and honest advice to help you safeguard your children from potential danger.

The lessons throughout are the summation of the best practices I have found from research, documentaries, other parent’s opinions and my own personal experience. Parents are all aware there are dangers, but never think it can happen to their children. We must educate our children now of potential threats and minimize any possible risk, before something regrettable happens.

Risks come from obvious places, but more frequently from not so apparent areas. I am confident that just by reading this book; you will gain insight and learn easy steps you can take now, to help safeguard your children.

Our children and their safety are the single most important thing in our lives. The examples and suggestions in the this book are easy to discuss and implement, and will help give you peace of mind knowing your children are prepared.

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