Free religious fiction Kindle books for 23 Feb 15

Resist: a Truth Seekers end of the world religious thriller series (Among Us Trilogy Book 2)

by Anne-Rae Vasquez

In a fight to save human kind from obliteration, Harry and Cristal continue to battle against supernatural dark forces. However, the supposed angel forces have given up on mankind leaving Harry and Cristal in a terrifying dilemma. If the end is now, can online gamers save the world? Harry Doubt thinks so.

For readers who have a twisted delight in books with an “End of Times / Armageddon” theme and are fans of shows like Fringe and Supernatural paranormal mystery thrillersl

In book 2 of the award winning Among Us Trilogy, Truth Seekers Harry and Cristal have to maneuver both earth and the spiritual world. In a fight to save human kind from obliteration, they must seek to uncover more details behind Global Nation’s involvement and research involving their parents and other missing loved ones. Not only must they battle against the dark forces, the supposed angel forces have given up on saving mankind from itself leaving Harry and Cristal in a terrifying dilemma. Can online gamers save the world? Harry Doubt thinks so.

Gold winner Readers’ Favorite Book Awards 2014 – Among Us Trilogy

The Among Us Trilogy questions if Heaven is for real and ties in different supernatural religious beliefs of God, Heaven, Purgatory and Hell, angels and demons apocalypse, spirituality and fantasy by mixing themes from shows like Fringe and Supernatural to create an end of the world religious paranormal mystery thriller.

Blue Christmas: Prequel Novella (Dog Stories) (Beckett Lodge)

by Colette Makray

This is the love story of Tess & Tom Beckett. This is how it all began��.

After a devastating diagnosis of infertility and the sudden disappearance of their beloved Golden Retriever, Tess and Tom Beckett find themselves struggling to enjoy the holidays.

But when a chance meeting with a lonely stranger leads to an unforgettable trip to a secluded winter cabin, the Beckett’s learn that Christmas can still be magical – all you need is a little love, faith and friendship.

‘Blue Christmas’ is the Prequel Novella to the bestselling Beckett Lodge Series of Dog Stories. While each book is a standalone story, you may enjoy them best if read in sequence.

An excerpt from the book:

“Please say she’s fineâ?¦.,” Tess whispered to herself as she waited for the voice message to begin.

Tess listened intently as the woman’s voice crackled and stuttered on the other end of the line.

Hi Tess and Tom, this is Caroline calling from Paws Awhile Kennel. I’m calling about Mabel. Unfortunately, there’s been a bit of a mishap here.

Tess felt the color drain from her face and her legs began to tingle and weaken underneath her. She fell into the chair beside the bed as the woman continued.

Mabel’s enclosure was accidentally left unlocked and she escaped. I’ve had crews out looking for her all evening but there’s no sign of her anywhere. I know you folks are in Jamaica, but if there is somewhere else you think we should look, please let me know. We feel just awful about this and we’re going to do everything we can to find Mabel and bring her back. Please call me when you get this message.

Tess’ hand shook as she dialed the number to the kennel. She prayed that they had found her, that someone had found Mabel and she was safe. But no one answered. All she heard was the cheerful recording on the Kennel’s answering machine wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

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