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The Cerulean’s Secret

by Dennis Meredith

Somebody has stolen the most beautiful cat in history!

It’s 2050, and the Cerulean cat, with its mesmerizing iridescent blue fur, is the ultimate genomic engineering triumph of the high-flying company, Animata.

Animata reaps massive profits creating and selling a marvelous menagerie of animalsâ??including exotic crosses like cogs, dats, snurtles, alliphants, hamakeets, and feather boas. Its ultra-rich clients, however, clamor for the really spectacular specimensâ??dragons, unicorns. . . and now the Cerulean. The stunning cat had promised to bring billions of dollars from a corporation, a private collector, or an exhibitor.

Swept up in the theft is naïve young Timothy Boatright, a wanna-be writer and New York cabbie. He inadvertently picks up the thief and the nabbed Cerulean. The cops suspect he’s a partner in the crime. To prove his innocence and save the cat, he tracks it down and steals it back. He ends up accused not only of catnapping but murderâ??fleeing the police, Animata thugs, a greedy drug lord. . . and Big Nasties! Somebody has set these 300-pound genetically engineered assassin-animalsâ??with their three-inch fangs, razor claws, and night visionâ??on Tim’s trail.

Tim realizes that the Cerulean holds some explosive mystery he must solve to survive and save the cat. He must also save his friends held for ransomâ??the middle-aged, cat-loving former spy Callie Lawrence and her headstrong daughter Lulu, with whom Tim has fallen madly in love.

The Cerulean’s Secret is a fast-paced thriller that projects today’s amazing genomic technology into a future of incredible biological manipulation.


by Ronald Wintrick


A Novel.

As the human race expanded into the Galaxy it became immediately clear we were entirely alone. The Galaxy had not always been empty however. The ruins of numerous civilizations dotted the expanse of the Milky Way. Some of these ruins were millions of years old but why and where the owners had gone was a mystery the human race had never been able to solve. Although it was clear that intelligent races had once flourished not one of the many had survived. Scientific teams dispatched to these sites could find no evidence of technology whatsoever though the massive ruins of cities and spaceports proved conclusively that massive technological races had once flourished- though of their machines and industry not one scrap had ever been found- as if those once metal rich planets had been entirely stripped of all processed metals.

The Chino-Federation war was over but tensions between the two remained high. Both the Federation and the Chinese Empire possessed massive Navies yet when the alien machine Marauders appeared from nowhere and began to attack the Chinese holdings the Chinese were swept before them with almost no resistance.

If these were the same Civilization Destroyers responsible for the disappearance of thousands of intelligent races over the last several million years there could only be one thing they would want from humanity. Failure could not be an option when failure meant extinction.

Thank you and enjoy.

Ronald Wintrick


“I’ve been thinking a lot about all those vanished civilizations.” Matthew said conversationally over com as his cockpit sealed around him. Directly ahead lay Misty Wheeler’s fighter with Misty still nowhere in sight but then she was there and climbing agilely up the side of the ship. Her face wore one of the manic looks to be found on a few of the faces and Matthew understood what it was. A challenge eagerly accepted.

“That we haven’t got a snowball’s chance in hell of defeating them if they are one and the same.” Joey said, the same thoughts on his mind as most everyone. “The thought crossed my mind. Thanks for reminding me.”

“You’re welcome.” Matthew said. His own feelings were hard to gauge. He’d certainly had to fight for his life in the past and so nothing new there, just that big unknown of what they were up against. “With a technology possibly millions of years old it could be over for us rather quickly, as well.”

“That thought crossed my mind as well.” Joey said. “The Chinese haven’t been doing very well. No question about that.”


“I think we can guess what this is all about.” Yates said.

“Evacuation.” Bill agreed. “Is it really that serious?”

“Those Battleships aren’t here to play.” Yates said as he looked at all those blips representing ships on his screen. It was more hardware in any one place than either of them had seen since the war. Both were survivors though there weren’t many pilots who had pulled through. There hadn’t been many Federation ships which had pulled through period. Now the Chinese kept their Fleets hidden in interstellar space to keep their numbers and power a closely held secret. There would only be one reason to see this many in one place. They were bringing them in as quickly as possible because the Chinese were scared.

“There’s a lot of them,” Bill agreed, “and a lot more undoubtedly on the way.”

“I don’t think they’re going to want our delivery.” Yates said of the cargo in their hold. It was then the jump-entry proximity-alarm began to ring and it was showing on their scan to…

Military Science Fiction. Space Opera.

284 pages

Escape the Tower

by David Lawrence

Travis Kast is a former high-ranking military official who after the death of his wife and daughter now lives a life of squalor in a housing complex known as the Tower. But when aliens invade his city and start bombing the Tower, he springs into action. Along with his neighbor and her son he must try to make it down thirty-five floors as aliens begin to overrun the apartment building. The confined spaces of the Tower turn it into an intense battleground that is rife with danger around every corner. Travis is in for the fight of his life as he tries to lead his neighbor and her young son to safety.

Mausoleum 2069

by Rick Jones

Political dignitaries including the President of the Federation gather for a ceremony onboard Mausoleum 2069. But when a cloud of interstellar dust passes through the galaxy and eclipses Earth, the tenants within the walls of Mausoleum 2069 are reborn and the undead begin to rise. As the struggle between life and death onboard the mausoleum develops, Eriq Wyman, a one-time member of a Special ops team called the Force Elite, is given the task to lead the President to the safety of Earth. But is Earth like Mausoleum 2069? A landscape of the living dead? Has the war of the Apocalypse finally begun? With so many questions there is only one certainty: in space there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

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