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The Barton Murder: Did Somebody Get Away With Murder? A True Crime Story

by Jack Smith

A Murder Like No Others

Late on the afternoon of October 9, 1905, three boys in Hamilton, Ontario hiked up to the city’s Mountain region, intending to search the farmlands and wooded areas for chestnuts. At Limestone Ridge, they ventured into a cluster of hickory trees and stumbled upon the body of a woman, partially concealed by branches and leaves.

Too frightened to check for signs of life, the boys ran and summoned help.

When local residents and the police arrived, it was obvious to all that the woman had been murdered.

She was young – no older than thirty – and solidly built, with rich dark hair that was tangled and bloody behind the right ear. A handkerchief dangled from her mouth and drying blood covered the front of her white shirtwaist. Whoever killed her had tried to conceal the body and burn it, although the fire never made it past the smoldering stage.

Who was She? Who murdered her and Why?

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Bought and Sold (Part 1 of 3)

by Megan Stephens

A heart-stopping story of lies, brutality and fear. British girl Megan Stephens tells the true story of how an idyllic Mediterranean holiday turned into an unimaginable nightmare when she was tricked into becoming a victim of human trafficking and held captive for six years by deception, threats and violence.

While on holiday with her mother at a popular Mediterranean coastal resort, Megan fell in love. Just 14 years old, naïve and vulnerable, she had no reason to suspect that the man who said he loved her would commit the ultimate betrayal of her trust.

When her mother returned to England, Megan stayed with Jak, who said he would find her a job as a waitress and promised they would be together forever. But when Megan travelled to the city with Jak, his attitude quickly changed and instead of finding her work as a waitress, he allowed her to be raped and then sold her to a human trafficker.

Abandoned by Jak but still unable to accept that everything he’d told her had been a lie, Megan was coerced by threats and violence into working as a prostitute in private homes and brothels. Then the trafficker threatened her mother’s life and it was Megan’s turn to lie: sending her mother the staged photographs that had been taken of her apparently working as a waitress in a cafe, she told her she was happy.

Too frightened and bewildered to trust or reach out to anyone, Megan remained locked in a world of brutality and abuse for six years. In the end, there only seemed to be one way out.

Megan’s powerful story reveals the devastating realities of human trafficking and the fear that imprisons its victims more effectively than any cage could ever do.

Louis Van Gaal: Dutch Courage

by Andrew Kirby

When unveiled as Bayern Munich manager in 2009, Louis Van Gaal remarked, “I am what I am; self-confident, arrogant, dominant, honest, industrious, innovative.”

Former players have described him as “scary”, as a “volcano”. The former Barcelona president described him as “the devil himself”. At Bayern, they said he “vaangalised” their team.

And yet at the same time, he is “warm-blooded”. He openly admits: “I cry almost every day. There’s always something that touches me.”

Barcelona’s Xavi says of him: “People see him as arrogant and aloof but he’s really not.”

â??Dutch Courage’ separates the man from the myths.

This Dutch master has been the head of some of the greatest dynasties in European football – Ajax, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and Manchester United – as well as the boss of the Netherlands national team (twice).

This biography, by the bestselling author of Fergie’s Finest, brings the Van Gaal biography up to date.

Christian Nerlinger predicts that Van Gaal’s United reign will be anything but predictable: “one thing is for sure: it will not be boring.”

â??From Ajax to Man United, via Bayern Munich, Andrew J Kirby plots the rise of this indomitable, complex figure with verve and great insight. This book is exhaustively researched, and offers great psychological insights into the man, as well as the world of football. A must-read for fans of United, and those of us interested in this colossus of football.’ – Guy Mankowski, author of ‘How I Left the National Grid’.

Andrew J Kirby is a season-ticket holder at Old Trafford, and writes about United for a number of fanzines and blogs. He is the author of â??Fergie’s Finest: Sir Alex Ferguson’s Greatest Manchester United x11′, and â??The Pride of all Europe: Manchester United’s Greatest Seasons in the European Cup’.

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The Elites Communist Agenda and their God Lucifer

by Jerry Henrie

Many of the people making decisions about your life worship Lucifer. That’s the problem because Lucifer has a eternal goal, bringing you into bondage. To those who do his bidding he gives them wealth and power. He also gives fame to others. Truth is stranger than fiction. Learn of the United Nations new age one world religion, that they even state is under Lucifer. They say Lucifer came down to animal man 6 million years ago. That Lucifer is from Venus. Also learn who was behind the RFK killing, freemasonry and the deception it plays, also learn of other secret societies. Learn the truth of 9/11 and building 7.

A Hopeless Situation

by Peggy Sue George

The real, harsh realism of the story of one Vermont resident’s struggle to survive on a low income.

The Path Well Taken

by Keith Clark

I was a baby when adopted by Dwight and Bernice Clark, a man and wife from the southeastern plains near Lamar, Colorado. They found me in an orphanage in Denver, Colorado. I grew up in Prowers and Kiowa County and raised my own family there.

The stories told here are true as best I recall from personal experience. Other stories have been passed down from friends and relatives and believed to be true and factual. Some may make you laugh and others might make you cry. This is the Path of my Life as told by me, Keith Clark

She’s Gone, But Never Forgotten: My Life After the Death of My Wife

by Fred Thornton

June 22, 2014, my darling wife, Marcia, passed away after a battle with cancer. Since that time, I have been dealing with the loss of someone that I loved with all my heart and soul. The grief at times has been almost unbearable, but I have made it this far. This book will give you some indication of my grief, my emotions, as I have made this journey.

As I’m sure you noticed, this is a rather short read. But to be honest, I didn’t write this little book in the hopes of selling thousands of copies, I wrote it for myself as a form of therapy. A dear friend convinced me to put it out here on Amazon, thinking that perhaps others were in my similar circumstances and would enjoy reading it.

Acts of an Apostle

by Winner Torborg

Basically, I tell you about what God has been doing for me Because of one decisive move that I made. I decided to take God at His Word and dedicate myself to the tithe. Ever since then I have grown spiritually, financially and mentally as well as physically.
I also tell you of some things that I have learned from my own studies in the Bible. Sure, I have had pastors and teachers, but they didn’t teach me everything that I needed to learn. So, the Lord had me study the Bible for myself.
I included The second mini-book that I had printed over 20 years ago, revised because I had learn quite a bit since then.

Everyone is eventually going to know your true motives.
God already knows them.
Flashy talk will not hide your true motives.
Fancy clothes and a proper job will not cover them.
A humble personality will not hide them.
Going to church will not hide them.
The real you, the you on the inside, will come shining through.
So why try to be someone you’re not?
God already knows who you are.

Audrey Hepburn

by Serena Stone

Booklet. The amazing Audrey Hepburn, iconic film actress and humanitarian.

Don’t You Know Me?

by Edgar B. Madsen

This is the account of a survivor of the post World War II Russian prison camps. He describes the descent from a happy childhood, including tutoring by a then 15-year old future Pope Benedict XVI in Latin and Greek, into a virtual hell on earth and his ensuing salvation.


by Serena Stone

Booklet. The King of Rock n Roll. Elvis Presley.

From the Workhouse to Vienna

by Leslie White

Chapter one, begins with Leslie aged three being taken from the workhouse to Lavant children’s home. Where he will spend the next twelve years. The story unfolds to relate his employments as a kitchen boy at Juniper Hall in Surrey. Training and becoming a footman at nearby Cuckfield House, and further employments in 1930’s London.

In 1938 leaving England to work as a waiter in Switzerland, and returning home in 1939 to army service in W.W.2.

First the Royal Engineers, then Pioneer Corps, his unit part of the B.E.F in France. After the mass evacuation to England, a spell on the Isle of Man; military training and guarding the P.O.W.internees in the camps.

The unit returning to England and becoming part of the K.S.L.I. Further training to become a Signalman in the Royal Corps of Signals.

In June 1943, posted abroad. In December 1943, taken on strength in Popskis Private Army.

P.P.A. was a special service unit, led by Major Vladimir Peniakoff – Popski. And was one of the smallest, colourful, and most daring units ever set up to operate behind enemy lines , first in Africa then Italy.

Permanent Transience

by Bendle

London, 1979.

At the end of the Winter of Discontent, just prior to Thatcher coming to power, two young men form a band and a record label. They are musically inept and have no idea how to run a business. But they have an urge to make a noise, and they record what becomes their first single. And then they contemplate their first rehearsal…

An insider’s story of a post-punk band and of brief moment in musical history when anything was possible.

Weight Loss Secrets For Busy Women Plus 25 Weight Loss Tips You Wish You Knew

by Susan Springer

Diet fads come and go, but the real question is how to lose the weight you want and keep it off. This is a question that has eluded women for a very long time. And I was one of them. I tried many different diets. I could follow a diet for the 30 days and even lose some weight, but the problems was that after the 30 days, I was still left with my same old habits. I applied the well known phrase, “yo-yo” to my weight. It wasn’t something I said to you in greeting (though that is not my style anyway!). And after all was said and done, I could tell you the joke that I was watching my weight: I was watching it “grow and grow”! I can laugh about it now, but at the time, it was anything but funny. I knew I had a serious problem, but the answer for me was not readily apparent, and I knew of many other people struggling with their weight as well.

In fact, I now consider the reasons for my weight loss a secret, because I see that many men and women are not aware of it, yet I the knowledge I now have, I see as crucial to my success in losing weight and keeping it off. And that is what this book is about. Inside you will find a weight loss plan, and what it takes to stick to the plan, and be successful.

Why is this book for Busy Women? Because who isn’t BUSY these days. Our days are filled by work, obligations, errands, and we have to squeeze time in for ourselves. This book is for those people who are busy, and want a plan to lose weight for life. It answers the question “What are the best diet foods?”. And also provides insight into weight loss affirmations. It is my hope that you will be motivated to lose the weight you want by maintaining your self-esteem.

It worked for me and I am confident it will work for you, too.

I think you will find the “Weight Loss Tips You Wish You Knew” to be especially helpful on your weight loss journey!

Like any serious weight loss plan, you should speak to your doctor before going on any type of diet. We all have different medical histories, and the only way to know if any diet is recommended is to speak to your physician.


Affirmations Are Only 1 of 25 Tips

How to use weight loss affirmations, or as I sometimes call them, confirmations.

Have them written out or typed up and keep in your purse or where you can take them out easily at all times. Read them immediately upon getting up in the morning and right before going to bed. Read them when you look at yourself in the mirror, and before every meal or when you feel the urge to eat what is not on your diet plan. We have to get away from the idea that we are losing something by following a diet plan. Instead we are gaining something that is far more valuable and positive in our lives. These affirmations help remind us exactly what we are gaining. Say them to yourself, but even more effectively, say them out loud and even in front of a mirror if you can. And, there is no such thing as saying them too often. The more often you say them, the more motivation you will have to follow through on your diet plan and have the health, self-image, and all of the other good things that result. Below is a list of affirmations that I find helpful. Please adjust the list so that it is helpful to you, and if you can add to the list, even better.

1) So I have better health

2) Because I don’t want my family to worry about my health

3) Because I want to look good, sexy and attractive for my husband

4) So that I lessen the chance of having XYZ health problems, (or that it lessens the severity of the health problem I have)

5) So that I can live longer.

6) So that I can enjoy my life more.

7) So I can feel better about myself when I look in front of the mirror.

8) So I can feel better about myself when I am out in public

9) So I can lose weight in XYZ part of my body that I have always wanted to lose.

10) So I can wear XYZ sized clothes

(And 7 more affirmations inside)

AVIATRIX: First Woman Pilot for Hughes Airwest

by Mary Shipko

Aviatrix is the captivating story of one of the first women pilots to break into the all-male airline flight cockpit. Hired in 1976 at Hughes Airwest, Mary Bush made a herculean effort to overcome the resistance and harassment she faced in such a position, but it was to no avail.

Mary was introduced to flying at an early age. She started flying as a teenager, studying and training long hours until she painstakingly obtained her ratings one by one. Financial hardships hit the family hard, though, and Mary–desperate for both flying experience and money–headed down to the infamous Corrosion Corner in South Florida to be a “freight dog” for fly-by-night operators. However, she was frequently denied work because of her gender. She kept praying, working, and struggling, though, with the hope of one day becoming an airline pilot, a job in which she would have both steady work and steady pay.

Then, after her brother is lost at sea in one of the family airplanes, Mary is more determined than ever to become a pilot at an airline, just as her brother had planned to be. So, when she is offered the position at Hughes Airwest, Mary is thrilled. Going out west to fly jets was everything she had dreamed of and worked for. The discrimination and lewd remarks she had often faced in Florida, though, had not even come close to preparing her for the relentless harassment she would encounter as the first woman pilot at an airline.

A close-up and enthralling account of Mary’s struggles as an aviation pioneer, this book will astound, appall, and inspire you.

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