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SLOW COOKER: The Best SLOW COOKER Cookbook – The Easiest 50 Weeknight Slow Cooker Recipes You Need To Taste!: (slow cooker, slow cooker cookbook, slow cooker recipes, slow cooking, slow cooker meals)



Learn The Best Of Slow Cooker Cookbook Today

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to prepare delicious and easy slow cooker dishes that are perfect for both special occasions and simple dinners.

This book provides a detailed list of ingredients, and a quick rundown of easy-to-follow steps on how to prepare the best chicken, pork, beef, seafood, and vegetarian slow cooker dishes. With this book, and minimal prep-time, you can come home from work to the delectable aroma of a ready-to-serve meal that will surely leave you and your family happy, and satisfied.

Just to whet your appetite, here are some dishes you’ll discover in this book:

– Chicken Tikka Masala

– Beef with Red Wine Sauce

– Italian Octopus Stew

– Spinach and Mozzarella Frittata

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn About Slow Cooker…

  • Chicken Dishes
  • Pork Dishes
  • Beef Dishes
  • Fish Dishes
  • Vegetarian Dishes
  • Much, much more!

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Slow Cooker Weight Watchers Cookbook. 20 Low Carb Recipes: (low carb diet books, low carb, low carb cookbook, low carb diet for beginners, low carbohydrate … low carbohydrate cookbooks Book 1)

by Pamela Roberts

Slow Cooker Weight Watchers Cookbook.

Top 20 Low Carb Recipes

If you are looking for a quick read on healthy meals that will not only taste great, but be healthy and help you lose weight fast then you should read the “Low-carb High Fat Slow Cooker Cookbook.” It provides you with the top 20 healthy slow cooker recipes that will help you get rid of excess weight in a safe and healthy manner.

Using a slow cooker is great when you are busy between work and family life. This form of cooking helps give you some free time to do other things. You can use this time to perhaps sit down with your loved ones and share some quality time with them. You can run errands, go to work or do anything that may need your attention while your slow cooker cooks a nice low-carb high fat dinner. You just set your meal inside and the slow cooker will do the rest. When your meal is complete it can shut itself off.

This is the best feature not like a conventional stove where you have to be constantly hovering over it making sure your dinner isn’t burning. You can, prepare some great healthy meals for yourself without having to be right there as it cooks.

Download your E book “Slow Cooker Weight Watchers Cookbook. 20 Low Carb Recipes” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now with 1-Click” button!

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Quinoa Cookbook: Your Complete Quinoa Recipe Guide To Lose Weight, Boost Brain Power and Prevent Chronic Illness (Superfood Series Book 1)

by Isabelle Matthews RD

Lose Weight, Boost Brain Power and Prevent Chronic Illness with Easy and Delicious Quinoa Recipes

Ask yourself the question: why not choose the most nutritional, vitamin-rich, protein-stocked, and metabolism-revving foods to eat, day-in and day-out? Why not choose the best food item for your system if you want to live longer, live better, look and feel younger?

Superfood quinoa, pronounced “keen-wah,” provides this nutrition and numerous health benefits. It offers an incredible food profile and history, one that dates back to nearly 5,000 years ago, to the Andes Mountains. Flash forward thousands of years, to today, as we finally discover what the Incans already knew: that quinoa can bring healing, decrease our risk of many diseases, keep us full and satisfied, and help us to feel stronger and better.

Incorporating quinoa into our diets is not only delicious but will further help us heal ourselves with the bountiful nutrients, vitamins, and complete proteins that come directly from the earth. Discover the true zeal behind the “magic seed.” Learn the step-by-step instructions to make over twenty quinoa recipes in your own home. Understand why the Incans lived full, vibrant lives, worshiping only the cultivation of this single, tiny seed.

This Book You’ll Discover:

-How to Cook Quinoa To Perfection

-Complete Nutritional Profile of Quinoa

-Health Benefits of Quinoa

-Quick and Easy Quinoa Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Salads

-Much, Much More!

Just to say Thank you for checking out this book I would like to give you a FREE report – Weight Loss Metabolism Secrets: Discover the Secrets to Firing Up Your Metabolism to Achieve Lasting, Natural Weight Loss.

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Japanese cooking chef: Discover our delicious recipes step by step (sushi,tempura,ramen,udon,noodle ) (Japanese cooking and japanese food by Hitomi nakamura Book 3)

by Hitomi Nakamura

Have you always wanted to try cooking Japanese food?

Now you can prepare and enjoy delicious Japanese dishes using easy to find ingredients!

Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $0.99. Regularly priced at $5.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Now Including a Bonus Section right after the Conclusion! Grab Your Copy Today!

In this book, you will learn how to equip your kitchen with basic ingredients, as well as a variety of step by step recipes, such as how to cook

Haven’t you always wanted toâ?¦

  • Hot Japanese soups, including the traditional miso soup,?
  • Delicious flavored rice, including temaki, maki, and gunkan,
  • Delectable side dishes, such as tempura,
  • Flavorful main dishes, including teriyaki and katsu, and,
  • Fresh salads, together with exotic Japanese dressings

Are you ready to be a Japanese cooking chef?

Japanese Cooking Chef: Discover our delicious recipes step by step” is a simple and straightforward cookbook that will guide you in preparing popular Japanese dishes.

Download now and have fun preparing a wonderful Japanese feast for you, and your family and friends!

Paleo Kid Lunch Box Recipes – 30 Delicious Paleo Lunch Box Recipes (Paleo Lunch Box Recipes, Paleo Recipes Book 1)

by Susan Peterson

“Paleo Kid Lunch Box Recipes” by Multiple #1 Amazon Best Selling Author – Susan Peterson

“The Best Paleo Lunch Box Recipes, Period.”

The Paleo Diet has exploded with popularity all around the world. So far, thousands of people have dedicated themselves to throwing processed food out of their diet and eating more holistically and naturally.

Processed foods are all too common in our society today and they wreak havoc on the body. It is important to make sure that you monitor your food intake and you stay away from foods that are unhealthy.

This book is a compilation of Paleo Kid Lunch Box Recipes for you and your kids to enjoy. Inside you will find 30 delicious and healthy paleo recipes including:

1. Roasted Rosemary Almonds

2. Roasted Chestnuts (Toaster Oven)

3. Brussels Sprouts Chips

4. Cauliflower Popcorn

5. Bacon & Guacamole Sammies

6. Deconstructed Guacamole Salad

7. Sesame Crackers

8. Prosciutto Wrapped Melon

9. Guacamole Deviled Eggs

10. Avocado with Sunflower Seeds

11. Green Eggs

12. Homemade Trail Mix

13. Almond Cheese with Apple Slices

14. Almond Parmesan-crusted Zucchini Crisps

15. Paleo Pizza Bites

16. Crispy Prosciutto Chips

17. Paleo Teriyaki Beef Jerky

18. Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

19. Crispy Mushroom Chips

20. Spiced Macadamia Nuts

21. Curried Zucchini Chips

22. Mac n Cheese

23. Paleo Pizza Sticks

24. Peach Fruit Leathers

25. Herb Crackers

26. Chocolate Pecan Pie Energy Bars

27. Marshmallows

28. Chocolate Cupcakes

29. Raspberry Pop Tarts

30. Plantain Chips

Each recipe comes complete with clear, easy to follow instructions and nutrition information, allowing you to make the right nutritional choices for you and your family.

Paleo Diet Benefits

The paleo diet is the diet the human body is supposed to follow, and as such, all the positive results gained from following the paleo foundations seamlessly fall into place:

– Increased Energy

– Clearer, Smoother Skin

– Weight Loss Results

– Better Performance and Recovery

– Stronger Immune System

…and Much Much More!!!

Get your copy of “Paleo Kid Lunch Box Recipes” by Susan Peterson today…

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From Chicken to Kitchen – Egg Recipe Cookbook for Fat Loss: 50 Delicious Egg Recipes, Fun Egg Ideas, Eggs Made Fun and Easy, Scrambled Egg Recipes, Deviled … – Deviled Egg Recipes – Fat loss Recipes)

by Dylan McGregor

Have you ever wondered what makes eggs so egg-ceptional?

As long as you have eggs you have the makings of a simple, satisfying and almost instant meal. However if you have a little longer and add a little effort you can really make a deluxe showcase from

If you are looking to improve your diet instantly then it has to be eggs all the way! Eggs are filling thanks to them being packed with high quality protein that will satisfy even the hungriest of appetites. Eggs provide every vitamin needed with the exception of vitamin C and therefore are a healthy staple for anyone’s diet.

Eggs are inexpensive and so versatile that you should get cracking (pardon the pun) and harness the true power of the egg! With hundreds of fabulous recipes there is no excuse or even egg-cuse for you not to get created and start enjoying eggs.

The Different ways to cook eggs that are explained within this book as well as various recipes for each

Scrambled eggs

Devilied Eggs

Pouched eggs

10 more ways of making eggs that you may not have thought about!

This is not only a recipe book. You will learn about the different types of eggs from chicken to quail eggs. You will also learn about the optimal ways of storing eggs as well as cooking eggs for maximum satisfaction.

Intuitive Eating With A Side Of Mindful Eating: How To Control Your Weight And Stop Allowing Food To Control You

by Darrin Wiggins

Are you tired of feeling out of control when it comes to the food you eat? Do you believe you lack the self-control to stop eating based on emotion?

Intuitive & Mindful Eating

Is there a difference between intuitive and mindful eating? In my opinion, no not really. For the purpose of this book, you can look at them as complementing each other or being used interchangeably. Not everyone will agree with that approach, but it is the simplest way of looking at it.

Both are non-diet philosophies that encourage paying attention to what you are eating and the purpose you are eating it for. They also stress the importance of eating judgement free. When you are conscious of why you are eating what you are eating, you tend to not overeat.

With a different mindset towards food you start to:

  • Give yourself permission to eat without conditions
  • Eat for physical not emotional satiety
  • Become fully aware of your true internal hunger and satiety cues

Essentially mindful and intuitive eating help facilitate “normal” eating. Normal eating defined as eating that doesn’t make you feel guilty or worse about yourself but for enjoyment and physical satisfaction.

We are all born with the natural instinct to know when we need to eat and to recognize which foods are bad for us based on how they make our body feel. Unfortunately, many of us have become distracted from this inner voice due to misguided advertising and the enticing taste of processed foods.


Distracted Eaters

How often do you eat dinner in front of the T.V. or while enjoying a game of solitaire while eating lunch at work? This is distracted eating at its finest. When you eat in a distracted state you:

  • eat faster
  • don’t even remember what you just ate
  • eat more snacks
  • feel less satisfied by the meal
  • tend to eat bigger meals later on

It is not like you don’t realize you are eating food, but you are not conscious of how fast you are eating or when you were full. A driver knows they are driving a car but when they are texting doing it, they really are not in control of what is happening even though they think they are.

Eating should be an experience and when you make it one, you will be able to reconnect with food. Just like the friend on the other end of the phone call can tell you are distracted checking email on your phone, your body can tell when you are mindlessly eating. You can’t fully listen to your friend or your body to hear the important things they are trying to tell you.

Benefits Of Conscious Eating

It will take time and effort to switch your mindset about food, but the work is worth the reward. Just some of the benefits of conscious eating:

  • can reduce your body mass index 
  • lower triglycerides
  • increase HDL, (the “good” cholesterol)
  • improve self-esteem and overall sense of well-being
  • proactive coping skills for people with eating disorders
  • regain your pleasure for eating

Anyone can follow this philosophy of eating because it is not some fad diet. This is not based on willpower, self-control or calorie counting. It is about retraining our minds to feed our bodies the way they were designed to be fed.

No food is forbidden, but you will respect your body in a way that doesn’t have you overindulging in unhealthy foods. You can enjoy what you eat because you will trust yourself to eat just what you need. 

When you finally give yourself unconditional permission to eat any food, free of self-judgement and without fear of once again being deprived, you start to eat what you need naturally.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

Scroll up and hit the buy button today!

Easy Healthy Snack Recipes For Work: 50 Healthy snacks on the go, Healthy snacks for school, Quick healthy snacks made simple (Snacks for a busy life – Healthy snacks – Healthy snacks for work)

by Dylan McGregor

Whether you are a busy mom, a workaholic, a beginner or an experienced chef, there are suitable snack recipes for everyone to enjoy and gain all the health benefits. These are ideal recipes to enjoy on the go, at work, in the comfort of your home or at school. So let us make a change in our choice of diets today. By choosing healthier options and providing our families and ourselves with healthier meal/snack options. By cutting out on purchasing fast foods and opting for home made snacks, you will most probably even save money.

These recipes are simple and easy to prepare as well as nutritious. Life has become very challenging and leaves most of us with very little time to prepare healthy and tasty snacks because of this most people find it more convenient to purchase fats foods and junks foods. These fast foods are extremely unhealthy and they are usually high in fats and oils neither are they completely satisfying. In today’s times our health seems to be deteriorating and many of us lack the Vitamins, Minerals and Nutrients that our bodies require. There is an astounding number of people and children that are suffering from Malnutrition even without knowing it.

These delightful recipes can assist you with this, whatever it is that you are lacking there is a suitable recipe that you can try out. There are also recipes in this book that are beneficial for skin problems and for weight loss. The recipes in this book are packed with all the necessary Nutrients that we require on a daily basis, they are also very appetizing. Some people are under the impression that healthy recipes are boring, this is in fact not true. They are extremely exciting, usually colorful and very attractive once prepared. You can provide your body with all the nourishments and enjoy a delicious snack at the very same time. There are also brilliant recipes in this book that can encourage our little ones to eat their greens and that are good for their development.

Dump Cake : 50+ Delicious Easy Dump Cake Recipes: Best Dump Cake Recipes For Easy Kitchen Fun, Dump Cake Recipe Cookbook , Easy Dump Cake Recipes , Delicious … Recipes – Fun Cookbook – Dump Cake Recipes)

by Martin Landor

A dump cake is a simple and easy dessert typically made with the combination of various canned fruits and flavored cake mixes. The word “dump” may not sound too exiting and appealing for a dessert but the cake itself is very delicious and yummy. It’s not called dump cake just for the sake of saying; there is a reason behind it. When you make a dump cake, you literally dump all the ingredients into a pan. No need of stirring, mixing or whipping. Just add all the ingredients into a pan, bake in the oven and the cake is ready.

Dump cakes seem to have become more popular as of late simply because the process is easy to follow and execute, no hard and fast rules are involved and very few ingredients are needed to make a delicious dump cake. The dump cake remains edible for up to three months if refrigerated properly and can be served both cool and warm.

What you will find within this dumpcake cookbook…

50 Fun and unique dumpcake recipes

How to make dumpcakes

Very simple dumpcake recipes

You will also find various:

Chocolate dumpcakes

Fruit dumpcakes

Cheese dumpcakes

Pumpkin dumpcakes

Soda dumpcakes

And many more!

The Slim Ninja: Delicious healthy smoothie recipes for your ninja blender

by Laura Collins

The Slim Ninja Recipe Book, delicious healthy smoothies for your Ninja Blender

50+ Delicious & Nourishing Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Great for Weight Loss, Energy and General Well Being

The Ninja Blender is not only sleek in design, but provides hassle free quick and easy blending.

The Slim Ninja Recipe Book has been designed to provide you with:







And more!

There are many benefits to the smoothies used in this smoothie recipe book, including:

– Improved digestion

– Hunger suppression

– Weight loss

– Healthy eating

– Reduce cravings

Losing Weight While Eating Well with These Recipes: Help Your Heart Be Healthy, Your Lungs Be Clear and Your Body Be Energetic

by Helen Marie

Over a 6-months period I lost 30 pounds and I’ve kept it off for over 2 years. You’d think that running after 4 very active kids under the age of 10 would do it, but, to my knowledge, I never lost a pound doing that. How I lost weight is what I’m going to show you with the recipes in this book plus all the valuable information in the front part of the book, especially #3, #7 and #8:

1. Introduction

2. Important Benefits of Drinking Warm Lemon Water

3. Questions That Can Challenge Your Healthy-Eating Challenges

4. Health Benefits of Eating Vegetables Raw

5. Walking to Burn Off Calories

6. Lose Weight with Positive Thinking

7. 20 Simple Snacks You Don’t Have to Cook

8. 31 Snacks to Help Flatten Your Belly

When you have lost those unwanted pounds, you’ll feel so much better, have much more energy, your lungs will feel alive, your blood pressure will lower, reducing your risk for serious life-threatening illnesses, your doctor might decide that you can take less of the medication you have been taking, or stop taking it altogether, and the benefits go on and on.

Being overweight increases the risk of health problems. Long-running studies have shown that women who eat a healthy diet reach 70 years old with a much lowered risk of any of the major diseases or impairments associated with elderly people.

My mom is an active 69-year old who goes dancing once or twice a week, tends to her own flower beds trailing all the way down to the bayou, ever so often mows her one-acre home site just because she loves doing it, and still plays tennis. Her doctor attributes her active lifestyle to her healthy eating habits.

I invite you to join me on this fulfilling journey of losing weight. When you complete this journey, I promise you won’t regret it.

The Bulletproof Diet: 75 Bulletproof Recipes with A Bulletproof Diet Plan that Leads To Incredible Weight Loss (bulletproof diet, bulletproof diet book, … cookbook, bulletproof diet recipes Book 1)

by Jones Michaels

It’s finally here! The New 14-Day Bulletproof Diet Plan that everyone is talking about! People are having incredible weight loss results with the Bulletproof Diet, and they are loving it. It has literally transformed the way people look and feel in only 2 weeks!

Here is a sample of what’s inside this book:

– An Incredible 14-Day Bulletproof Diet Plan that includes recipes for breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, and dessert

– An explanation of the Bulletproof Diet that is easy to understand

– The Proven health benefits of the Bulletproof Diet

– Why you should choose the Bulletproof Diet over the Paleo Diet

– Over 75 Delicious Recipes

*I encourage you to take a look inside to see more of the transformative information and awesome recipes you’ll receive!*

Low Carb: 21 Delicious And Mouth Watering Recipes For Guaranteed Weight Loss (Low Carb, Low Carb Cookbook, Low Carb Diet, Low Carb Recipes, Low Carb High Fat, Low Carb Diet For Beginners)

by Raghav Girdhar

Get this Kindle book now for only 2.99. Regularly priced at $5.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or any Kindle device.

How long have you been trying to lose weight? Aren’t you tired of jumping from one diet plan to another without any results? Isn’t it frustrating how a diet gets your hopes up only to disappoint you in the end? What if I tell you that the best way to lose those excess pounds is to follow a low carbohydrate diet?

The low carb diet has earned a bad image in the previous years all because some low fat diet “professionals” claim that it is a diet plan that is doomed to fail. However, since 2002, more and more evidence have been gathered in the form of human studies that support the weight loss benefits and health advantages of low carb diet.

This diet is not just for people who want to get into shape, however. If you want to lower your risk to diabetes, heart disease and metabolic syndrome, then this is the diet that can get you there.

This book helps you understand how the low carb diet works and why it works. You will find a proper routine of breakfast, lunch and dinner arranged at a single spot.

Get fit and get healthy now. Your journey to healthier meals and better living starts here!

Download your copy today!

Diabetes Diet: 101 Healthy Diabetes Recipes to Reverse Diabetes Forever and Enjoy Healthy Living For Life

by J.J. Lewis

Discover the 101 Healthy Diabetes Recipes to Reverse Diabetes Forever and Enjoy Healthy Living for Life

By Reading This Book You Will Learn the Proper Way of Cooking Diabetes Diet Recipes

This diabetes cookbook is helpful in controlling blood sugar, lose weight and reverse diabetes naturally

All 101 diabetes recipes are accompanied By Captivating Photos!

Today Only, Get this 101 diabetes nutrition Recipes for just $2.99. Regular price at $4.99

Click the “Buy” button and Start Cooking diabetes free recipes at Home

If You Don’t Have Kindle You Can Still Read This Book on Your Web Browser using Amazon Free Cloud Reader.

Diabetes is on the increase but the most painful thing about it is: it can be prevented and some can be reversed with healthy lifestyle.

What you put in your mouth is very important but having diabetes shouldn’t resign you to a lifetime of bland foods.

With these helpful tips, you can enjoy your favorite meals and derive satisfaction from them without feeling deprived.

Here Is a Preview of What You’ll Learn after Downloading This Kindle book:

  • 101 Diabetic Diet Recipes with Captivating Images
  • Easy to follow Directions
  • Well written Ingredients

You’ll also enjoy The Following Main Benefits in This Diabetes Diet Recipes:

  • Each recipe in this cookbook is delicious, tasty and easy to prepare.
  • Each recipe is accompanied with captivating, beautiful and colored picture of the final outcome recipe.
  • Step-by-step directions for preparing each of the recipes that makes the process of cooking much easier and quicker.
  • Ingredient for every recipe is clearly written and measurements are given in very simple and easy to understand manner.
  • The navigation between the recipes has been made super easy.
  • The cookbook comes with Linked table of contents which made jumping to your preferred and desirable recipe very easy by just clicking on the recipe.
  • For a full list of what you can see inside, scroll up and click on the look inside feature and check out the Table of Contents!

Don’t Lose Your Chance and Join Thousands of Readers Today Before the Price Becomes Higher!

Take Action Right Away and Cook your favorite Delicious diabetes recipes at The Comfort of Your Home.

Download Your Copy Today!

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Anti-Inflammatory Diet: Naturally Eliminate Inflammation In Your Body, Reduce Pain and Feel Fantastic

by Darrin Wiggins

Have you or a loved been given the devastating news that you have a chronic disease caused by inflammation in your body? Do you realize that your diet is one of the main contributors to this inflammation?

Anti-Inflammatory Diet For Beginners

More than ever before what you are eating matters more than how much you eating. Our diets are being run over with processed foods that are damaging our health. It isn’t surprising because they are so quick and easy, but the reality is they are slowly killing us.

Inflammation in the body is being contributed to many of our chronic diseases which means most of them are possibly prevented with proper diet. You need to have the knowledge and recipes in place to make choosing the right diet easy. Well, you are going to love this book which breaks down how an anti-inflammatory diet works and includes 25 recipes to get you started.

What Is An Anti-Inflammatory Diet?

Essentially it eliminates many of the allergenic foods that can cause inflammation in the body. It also focuses on reducing the amount of pesticide, hormone and antibiotic laden foods that are so common today.

The diet focuses on whole and natural foods which are really what we should all eat anyway but through years of advertising we have been swayed to think that inflammation causing foods are somehow healthy for us. When healthy athletes promote fast food, how can we expect any different especially from young people who are influenced by them.

When you eliminate foods that are overly processed, full of sugar and hydrogenated oils, you stand a much better chance of living a long healthy life. If you are used to a junk filled diet, it can take some time to get used to an anti-inflammatory diet. Start to slowly replace your current unhealthy meals with the recipes inside this cookbook and before long you will feel like a whole new person.

If great tasting food isn’t enough the anti-inflammatory diet is also thought to help prevent or treat the following conditions:

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Inflammatory bowel diseases
  • Irritable bowel syndrome

If we can possibly prevent these diseases with diet than I say what are you waiting for?

Ready To Rid Your Body Of Inflammation?

Download and start changing your diet today.

Scroll to the top of the page and select the buy button.

Coconut Oil & Apple Cider Vinegar: Rapid Weight Loss And Ulitmate Health With Mother Nature’s Nectars

by Darrin Wiggins

Are you ready to lose weight fast with these two weight loss powerhouses?

Rapid Weight Loss with Mother Nature’s Nectars

If it seems like the prospect of losing weight is an almost impossible one, if you are constantly feeling exhausted, succumbing to colds, flus and infections and holding onto that little pouch of fat around your belly, your body may be struggling more than you know.

The truth is that traditional diet and exercise regimes can only go so far in helping you burn fat and shed excess weight. But by using potent natural food supplements like coconut oil and apple cider vinegar, you get to the root of why you’re tired, overweight and unwell.

Fat Burning Dynamic Duo

With the healing, energizing and fat burning properties of apple cider vinegar and coconut oil combined, you start to remake your body from the inside out. You train your system to burn fat for fuel, to heal harmful infections and develop resilience against the imbalances that are keeping you from losing weight. With the simple addition of these scientifically-proven superfoods to your diet, you will:

  • learn exactly why coconut oil is unique and how its composition ensures you melt away fat – even while consuming more calories
  • discover dozens of uses for coconut oil around your home
  • find out how coconut oil can help you shed weight, suppress your appetite and leave you strong and lean
  • explore whether a common bacterial infection could be behind your inability to lose weight – and how to target this infection quickly and naturally
  • find recipes, tips and methods to make healing and revitalizing beauty treatments for your hair and skin
  • banish acne, hemorrhoids, stretch marks, head lice, dandruff, heartburn and many, many more conditions with these easily available superfoods
  • reliably lose the pounds and keep them off, improve digestion and unlock real energy and vitality
  • discover how to take charge of your own health and wellness, eat to truly serve your body – even how to make your own apple cider vinegar

Every one of us has the capacity for a strong, lean body, plenty of energy and skin that glows with health. There is no secret to attaining this wellness for yourself, and you don’t need harmful and toxic conventional drugs or starvation diets. Instead, join the droves of celebrities, nutritionists and doctors who are taking advantage of the natural power of both coconut oil and apple cider vinegar to find their healthiest, strongest and leanest bodies.

Are You Ready?

Achieve the rapid fat loss and health you have been dreaming of.

Scroll up and hit the buy button today.

Gluten Free Dinner Recipes – 30 Simple and Easy Gluten-Free Dinner Recipes

by Cheerful Chef

Cheerful Chef Amazon Best Selling Author and Publisher

30 GLUTEN-FREE DINNER RECIPES + Surprise Bonus Inside

Become famous for your Delicious and Healthy Sweet Ham Salad, Italian Veggie Wrap, Mushroom and Roast Beef Sandwich and much much more…

Prepare Delicious and Health Summer Squash Casserole Your Family and Friends Will Love and ask for more.

You Will Become Famous For the Best:

1. Chicken and Veggie Casserole

2. Veggie Lasagna

3. Creamy Pork and Potatoes

4. Beef and Gravy Over Pasta

5. Italian-Style Cod

6. Chicken and Summer Fruit

7. Rotini and Chicken

8. Ham and Cheese Casserole

9. Herbed Potato and Veggie Casserole

10. Chicken and Veggie Bake

11. Foil Packet Pork Chops

12. Beef Tips with Mushrooms

13. Turkey and Rice Casserole

14. Sweet and Salty Salmon

15. Pasta and Mushroom Casserole

16. Chicken and Sweet Potatoes

17. Asian Fried Rice

18. White Lasagna

19. Lemon-Pepper Tilapia

20. Chicken and Tomatoes

21. Herbed Chicken

22. Chicken and Apples

23. Summer Squash Casserole

24. Buttery Herbed Salmon

25. Macaroni and Cheese

26. Pasta and Chicken Bake

27. Fried Rice with Herbs

28. Lemon Cod

29. Beef Stew

30. Chicken and Peppers

Just follow each recipe’s easy to read instructions, modify if needed according to dietary needs and enjoy.

With nutrition information accompanying every recipe, you’ll never have to wonder at the nutritional merits of your homemade creations again.

Pick up your copy of “30 Gluten Free Dinner Recipes” by Cheerful Chef today and impress your friends and family with a delicious dinner…

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Caribbean Recipes: Exotic Recipes To Satisfy Your Taste Buds For Caribbean Cuisine

by Marie Valdez

Caribbean Recipes: Exotic Recipes To Satisfy Your Taste Buds For Caribbean Cuisine

Get this Cookbook for just $2.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Caribbean cuisine uses fresh ingredients like fish and chicken enhanced by island spices and herbs. The food is a combination of various cultural influences from the original inhabitants such as the Arawaks and Caribs tribes to British, French, Spanish and West Africans.

Because the islands are so culturally diverse there are distinct regional differences in the authentic cuisines of the Caribbean.

This cookbook has a variety of delicious recipes from the Caribbean Islands such as:

– Trinidad & Tobago,

– Bahamas,

– Beramuda,

– St. Vincent,

– St.Kitts & Nevis

Here is a sample of the recipes contained in this ebook:

1. Bermudan Spanish Rice

2. Sweet Potato Casserole

3. Antigua Tortilla Espanola (Potato and Tuna Omelet)

4. Baked Brown Sugar Bananas

5. Pork Chops with Banana and Bacon

6. Antiguan beef stew with coconut rice

7. Peach Tart

8. Pepperpot Soup & Sweet Potato Balls

9. Lobster Cakes with Tartar Sauce

10.Bajan Pepperpot

11.Tun Cornmeal with Vienna Sausages and Vegetables

12.Tofu Noodles in Sweet and Sour Sauce

13.Stuffed Crabs and Gratin of Chayotes

14.Spanish Lobster

…and many more!

Treats Your Kids Will Love: Biscuits, Slices and Everything Yummy! (Chef Chelle Goody Guides Book 2)

by Michelle Reynolds

Calling All Sweet Lovers!

Everyone deserves something sweet every now and then and this book provides you with recipes that will satisfy any sweet tooth as well as those of you who are looking for something a little bit naughty…

With recipes including Chocolate Lime Brownie, Marshmallows, Hokey Pokey Biscuits, Chocolate Caramel Slice, Honey Walnut and Oat Slice, Banana and Sultana Loaf and Meringues, there is something for EVERYONE.

Come inside…

Inside, you’ll find a guide that tells you which recipes are easy to make and those that the kids can help with. Keep all ingredients on hand with the list of Pantry and Refrigerator Staples, making it as stress-free as possible to start baking your “something yummy.”

Chef Chelle has provided you with her “Chef Chelle Cooking Tips”, which you’ll find at the end of each recipe that gives you further ‘chef hacks’ or alternatives designed to adapt recipes to suit your taste buds.

So if you’re short on time, want to get your kids involved in baking, or you’re just after some yummy treats to make for you and your family, this books is your answer. Or maybe you’d like to ‘wow’ your workplace morning teas with a new treat or two or do something special for the next birthday party, then this book has recipes to suit those and other occassions too. Go on, you know you want too … treat yourself!

Beer Tasting 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Planning and Organizing Successful Beer Tasting Events

by Chase Miller

There’s no denying that craft beer has exploded in popularity in recent years. In fact, the majority of American’s live within 10 minutes of a brewery! These breweries have loyal followings that are tired of the traditional macro-brewed light American lagers and want to try something different.

Because many people still have not been enlightened to the world of craft beer, my hopes are that this guide will provide you with the tools and tips to effectively introduce craft beer to these people through beer tastings.

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