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Badon Hill (Historical Fiction Action Adventure Book, set in Dark Age post Roman Britain) (The Dominic Chronicles Book 3)

by F J Atkinson

For the same price this novel can now be

read in the trilogy ‘Wolfbane’ by F J Atkinson

Rome’s protection had been withdrawn.

Britain’s underbelly was exposed.

The Saxons had conquered South East Britannia, but the lands further west had always eluded them. Repeatedly,they had tried to break Arthur’s dominance of the West Country, but to no avail. Arthur and his stronghold of Brythonfort were a breakwater upon which the Saxon threat always faltered.

But now things were different; now they had forged an alliance with a rogue British tribe and the ruthless Guertepir; now they could attack in great numbers and draw Arthur from his bastion. Their immediate goal was the restored spa town of Aquae Sulis.

Above the town, the high ground of Badon Hill awaited. Here, the battle would make the ground shake. Here, the conflict would forge the destiny of Britannia once and for all.

Ghost on the Steppe

by Cecelia Holland

Djela’s grandfather, Psin Khan, has returned as head of the Merkit tribe from fighting the enemies of the Mongols.

A trusted member of the Kha Khan’s court, Psin is always ready and willing to entertain Djela with stories of bravery and sacrifice.

Djela wants to prove that he too can live up to his family name.

And when his father praises him during archery practise he is sure he is about to receive his first adult bow.

But then everything goes wrong.

To protect his friend Djela lies to his father.

And no Mongol could tolerate a deliberate untruth…

Djela is sent off to the far north station as punishment, herding the family flocks of cattle and horses for a month.

There was nothing Djela hated more.

But there was excitement at the North Camp he had not anticipated.

Some of the men insisted that a ghost tiger was killing their calves.

Whatever it was, it eventually became Djela’s job to track it down.

And it was in his relentless pursuit of the mysterious beast that he became a true heir to his grandfatherâ?¦

â??a master story-teller’ – Houston Chronicle

Cecelia Holland is widely acknowledged as one of the finest historical novelists of our time. She is the author of more than thirty novels, including â??Hammer For Princes’ and â??The King’s Road’.

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Too Big to Fit Erotica: Angel of War: Historical Erotic Romance

by Ivy Palmer

Edwin Philips came home from the battlefield a broken man…

In more ways than one. Until he met Amber…The perfect goddess…his personal Angel…

The woman who made him whole again…in more ways than one.

Only one problem…Will Amber be able to handle Edwin….


This book is for adults only.

Cadence to Glory: A Novel of the American Revolution

by Mary Dearmon

The year is 1773, and rumors of revolution abound. The return of the wealthy Eton family to Williamsburg, Virginia, however, briefly distracts the town’s elite. The youngest Eton son, Thomas, thus reunites with Priscilla Parr, his childhood friend and the now-cynical daughter of a proud Loyalist family. Thomas learns to admire her scathing wit while Priscilla finds herself drawn to his ambitious idealism. He soon introduces her to the radical principles of liberty, the fuel of the colonial rebellion. On the eve of Revolution, however, fate turns against the young lovers, whose families are politically opposed. As the ideological forces within her own home begin to parallel the clash between Britain and the Colonies, Priscilla is unexpectedly faced with a dangerous decision between two rivaling ideals – and destinies. Set against a backdrop of intrigue, espionage, treachery, and romance, “Cadence to Glory” thus chronicles the deepening schism within the Parr family. By exploring the ancient conflicts between youth and age, conviction and neutrality, self-interest and principle, the novel speculates that liberty itself is as natural and inevitable as the coming of age.

Calum’s Exile: Episode 1 (Clan Season 2)

by Leigh Barker

Season 2, Episode 1. Clan: Calum’s Exile

A Bitesize 1 hour Read.

Season 2 kicks off at a cracking pace!

Cumberland’s army, fresh from their easy victory at Culloden, is running amok right across the Highlands.

And against the systematic slaughter ordered by the king, our heroes Calum Maclean and Big John Mackintosh must make a dash for Glasgow to find passage to the New World, or die trying.

Their 150 miles journey is through a country swarming with English soldiers, murdering men, women and children and plundering anything of value.

Every day they remain in their beloved Scotland, they’re in mortal danger, but they can’t just ride by and let the innocent perish.

Colonel York is dead, but his hand reaches from the grave for one last act of vengeance. The assassin sent to kill Calum is the best of the worst. Unstoppable, and without mercy. He has never failed.

The new journey has begun.

The Wise-Woman of Ys

by R A Forde

In a time of bloodshed and turmoil, the child Keri and her mother flee a Britain beset by Saxon marauders and settle across the sea in Britanny at the court of King Gradlon of Kemper. There Keri is befriended by Princess Dahut and grows to womanhood under the protection of the court. But storm clouds are gathering over Western Europe, as the Huns invade from the East, and the Church fights the followers of the Old Religion to maintain the supremacy given it by the Roman Emperors.

Staying at Ys, on the coast, the girls meet Megan the wise-woman, and start to learn her ways. When Dahut’s life is struck by tragedy it is to Megan that they turn. But the priests hate the wise-woman, and her ancient religion, and further tragedy strikes in a bitter confrontation between the two. Keri and Dahut survive, but at a terrible cost.

Gradlon has converted to the new faith and is unaware of the cause of Dahut’s misery. To try to raise her spirits he grants her sovereignty over the city of Ys, to rule there in his name. But when Dahut resorts to trickery and even murder to try to gain the whole kingdom, even her lifelong friend cannot support her. Not only are the two set at odds, but war threatens to erupt between King and Princess as their religious and political differences come to a head.

Into this explosive mix comes Bishop Corentin, King Gradlon’s religious adviser and a vicious persecutor of “heretics”. Determined to destroy the pagan regime at the edge of the kingdom, he uses its peculiar relationship with the sea to wreak a catastrophic revenge upon his enemies as the story comes to a dramatic climax…

* * * * *

The story of Ys (sometimes called Is, or Ker-Is) is an ancient Breton folk tale from around the fifth century, the time when the legend of King Arthur originated in Britain. Many believe that it is based on fact, and this novel represents the kind of facts from which the legend might have arisen. Although it is a work of fiction, the historical background has been extensively researched and it incorporates much of what is known about the people and customs of that time, which is seen by some as a lost golden age.

It’s Never Too Late: Series: The Donovan Brothers

by By Jessica Gaff

Set in the early 1800’s, Rosalyn Stratford, is forced to marry to appease her father’s wishes. Promising to accept the next proposal she receives, she accepts a proposal from her true love’s brother, only to find that Lord William Donovan has returned from abroad.

Now what should she do?

Lord Donovan has loved Rosalyn Stratford for his entire life. After concurring a psychological trauma and a war injury, he determines he is ready to claim Rosalyn as his own. How unfortunate that he stumbles upon her accepting Ian’s proposal.

Are these young lover’s too late to achieve their happy ever after?

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