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Nailing Description: A Collection of Descriptive Writing

by Peggy Sue George

Nailing Description: A Collection of Descriptive Writing is a collection of

two essays and a short story, by Peggy Sue George. The collection is ideal

for use by educators to illustrate exceptional descriptive technique. Noneducators will find the collection a refreshingly original contribution to

literature, by a talented author.

Don’t Steal My Reefer (Losing My Transmission Book 2)

by Holly Slappy

Idyllic high school campus life, Southern boarding school, new friends, blossoming relationships, hi-jinks, alcohol, rock and roll, cars, accidents, disorientation, world changing occurrences, and searches for meaning. Gray Money tries to make sense of what it means to lose your experience.


by Kyle Mullan

Gumdrops [13,103]:

Prefunkt Eins [103];

Er [114];

A Snow [257];

Reboo Sigh [458];

Passport Office Waiting Room [303];

A Trivreality [162];

Good Morning, Beautiful [330];

Scarab [43];

Scarab Magnum [55];

In a Buggy I Sit [53];

The Coroner Bleeds [184];

Camping Chairs [182];

A Few Notes Before Bed [18];

A Loughside Glimpse, Recorded on the 96 [77];

Joseph Green [282];

My Father’s Burning Tobacco [691];

From Some Indeterminable [87];

Michael Eoin [689];

A Lucky Night in Hi-Vis [104];

Final Sukie [189];

Toothaches, Several of and Simultaneous [172];

North Down Coastal Path [1,109];

Sometimes Skittles [67];

Akys Water Club (from the Outside) [127];

Akys Water Club (from the Inside) [284];

Akys Water Club (from the Gate by the Periphery) [69];

Akys Water Club (Properly) [174];

A Shake of the Fist, Quick, as I Must Get Back [58];

Toiréasa, 10 Minutes Ago [145];

KS [160];

Europa [46];

The Paradisa and the Penis [218];

A Fine Easter Sunday Morning in the Country [58];

Noreg [150];

Gavin Knox, by Radio City Tower [224];

Worrying Too Much [92];

Watching a Timid To-Be Couple Play It Out [45];

Hindsight Repairs No Unwavering Future [283];

Keep It to an Orderly Mess; My Welcome Breakdown [465];

On Electrodesit [76];

Morgen Kuss [78];

Notes on P [121];

Still Life: Apple, Granny Smith [483];

£4.14 [92];

Sailor’s Game [98];

261 Winks [29];

GP (Collected) [181];

GP (Loose) [60];

This Shot My [67];

The Residue of a Re-Ignition of Past Ardours [100];

Anna; and Something Was Shut, Permanently [187];

Goodbye, Balfour Avenue [130];

Ballybough Stores [73];

Balcony (Before) [36];

Balcony (After) [28];

Can’t [253];

Preparing to Don White Shirts [75];

To Appreciate [37];

To Drown in White [50];

To Prepare and Wait for a Place at a Dining Table [90];

O [81];

On an Orbital Platform [85];

Scopagyro’s Purse [84];

Emer (Goodnight) [86];

Emer (Night) [55];

Emer (Good Morning) [63];

Descriptions of Three Visual Groups of a Flyer Announcing a Half-Price Grand-Opening Deal [110];

Three Writers but Me [54];

Stairlift [116];

Stairlift (Compressed) [47];

Hunting for Her Terraced Residence [64];

04:13 [139];

Summer Cruise [139];

Ess Ent [204];

Gráinne, from K [64];

Rhainp (Susan) [27];

Rhainp (Again Me) [30];

Rhainp (Sunken) [60];

As for Children [103];

An Incident at City Cemetery [48];

Enforcing the Byelaw [56];

05:18 [91];

Much Time Has Been Wasted [43];

Wha [131];

Rush and Stewart (Between) [55];

Rush and Stewart (Deckchairs on a Rocky) [72];

Rush and Stewart (For What Do I Know) [49];

Rush and Stewart (After Arrows Red) [60];

Ultranacht (Introduction) [48];

Ultranacht (Admission and Halting) [17];

Cousins and Song [151]

Just Like A(nother) Woman (Losing My Transmission Book 3)

by Holly Slappy

If experience were to a human being like the transmission to a car, what would happen if you lost your experience? The “Losing My Transmission” series follows Gray Money as he discovers the answer through trial and error.

At the conclusion of fall quarter in December he called up Betsy Sherman to ask if he could bring over her “Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test”.

She replied with a chipper tone, “Sure, come on over.”

That’s what he hoped to hear.


His heart rate quickened when he hung up the phone.

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