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Romance: The Billionaire’s Choice – Contemporary Romance (Romance, Contemporary Romance, Billionaire Romance Book 1)

by Nancy Adams



Andrew had felt lost after both of his parents died. Despite his massive inheritance, there had always been something missing in his life. Things finally changed for him when he met Isabel. He fell in love at first sight and they became lifelong friends.

Isabel was from a different world. She had always dreamed of becoming a fashion designer but seemed to be destined to struggle each step of the way. When her career finally started to come together, she wanted to have Andrew by her side.

After more than fifteen of friendship, Isabel finally kissed Andrew. Rather than kindling a romance between them, Andrew walked away and left Isabel with her head spinning. Would he come back to her or had she ruined their friendship? What was it that was so much more important to him than having a relationship with her? Only time would tell.

An epic romance! A perfect perfect story of passion, fury, heartbreak, and love.

Thyroid Disease: The Ultimate Handbook for Naturally Managing your Hyperthyroidism or Hypothyroidism (and be normal)

by Charles Leeburn

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This book is the book which will allow you to live a normal healthy life.

I’ve lived the majority of my life with this disease and I’m happy to say that after many years of struggling, I’m now living an Amazing life. I really wanted to share the successful strategies and techniques that I used to obtain freedom from my condition so I can help other people. This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to become truly healthy through easy natural remedies and simple lifestyle despite having a thyroid condition or disease.

Here’s an inescapable fact: you need to learn to take control of your thyroid condition now. This means more than taking medications on a daily basis. This means managing different aspects of your diet and lifestyle to ensure that you continue to live a fulfilled and rewarding life. Not taking control of your condition will mean that you will inevitably be at it’s mercy. Thyroid disease should not become you. You need to ensure that you rise to the challenge, put in place measures to life processes to stamp out it’s hindrance on your life and start living the life you always wanted. Now!

It’s time for you to become a healthy person by just following the basic steps and knowledge that lies within these pages. A healthy you is just around the corner with the aid of these exciting, practical and healthy practices.

In this book you will find proven Information on how to deal with your condition and end the pain now:

  • The fundamentals of what the thyroid gland is and how it’s affecting you right now!
  • How to best manage your environment, your lifestyle and your diet to maximise success.
  • The variants of thyroid diseases and conditions and how to best address them
  • Core causes of each of the most common thyroid diseases
  • Best ways to approach naturally treating hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism (with guaranteed results)
  • Proven ways to prevent thyroid diseases (using innovative methods)
  • How to change your life, and life the life you have always wanted without the hindrance of your condition
  • So what are you waiting for. Buy this book today and start living life!

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    This #1 Best Selling Critically Acclaimed Book is now available Globally on Amazon – Download it Now!

    Gifted: a love story (A Redeeming Romance Medical Mystery)

    by Susan Rohrer

    Will following her heart mean denying her dreams?

    In this Christian Medical Mystery, a gifted young neurologist, Lily Lapree, embarks upon her residency in the teaching hospital where her late father practiced. Longing to try her wings outside the insular nest, the position hadn’t exactly been Lily’s top choice, but the hometown hospital has its perks. Best of all, they’ll help mainstream her live-in sister, Raina, who has special needs. In response to Lily’s promise to keep tabs, they’ll add “Rainy” to their janitorial staff. Though legally an adult, Raina is still childlike as she starts her first job within the wing unofficially known as the Belfry.

    Back-to-back revelations have Lily reeling on Rainy’s first day. For starters, a late-breaking offer comes in for Lily from that far more prestigious, first-choice hospital. Next, Lily discovers their widowed mother, hospital counsel Claire Lapree, plans to remarry come Easter. Still grieving the father she adored, Lily is hardly ready for her mom to move on–much less with her boss, the chief of neurosurgery. Top if off with Lily’s struggle to fend off the pursuits of her best friend’s unrequited crush–an unsettlingly attractive fellow resident–and it doesn’t look like family dynamics or workplace relationships could get much more complicated.

    All the while, Lily wrestles to understand the mind of an enigmatic new patient, a boy plagued with disturbing visions he claims are from God.

    Though Lily’s mother implores her to stand by her initial commitment at the Belfry, Lily can hardly ignore what the world-class, out-of-state hospital has to offer. Would it be so wrong for Lily to accept the job she’d always dreamed of, the one her beloved father had always wanted for her? It’s a seemingly impossible choice. Torn between obligation, guilt, aspirations, and romance, Lily embarks on a journey to unlock the mysteries of her own heart and soul.

    With life so consumed with work and family, will Lily’s choice lead to finding love and romance?

    REDEEMING ROMANCE is an anthology series, a collection of clean, inspirational love stories based on Susan Rohrer’s screenplays. GIFTED: a love story is the sixth stand alone novel in this romantic women’s fiction series, a contemporary Christian Medical Mystery. Gifted tracks complex, shifting roles in mother and daughter and adult sibling relationships. This hospital drama explores the lives, loves, and challenges of three women in the same workplace: the gifted and talented neurological resident Lily, Lily’s mainstreamed sister Raina, who has special needs following traumatic brain injury, and their mother–widowed hospital counsel, Claire Lapree.

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    Mindfulness: How to Live in the Moment, Find Peace and Happiness

    by Roy Erickson


    How to Live in the Moment, Find Peace and Happiness (Mindfulness for beginners, Mindfulness exercises, Meditation)

    Book Description

    â??Mindfulness: How to live in the moment, find peace and happiness’ is a book about attaining real peace and contentment from life. This book will teach you to focus on your present. It will help you to stop brooding about your past and future.

    Through this book I’ve tried to bring out the best aspects of mindfulness. The chapters of the book discusses about focusing on your â??now’, and embracing new hopes. This book tells you that there’s no point in worrying about things when worrying cannot change anything happening around you. It tells you to concentrate on everything you’re doing at the present moment. It teaches you to slow down on things and catch a break from your hectic schedule.

    Very often, many of you feel that mindfulness can be really tough with some long-drawn exercises. I’ve broken this myth with some easy and simple exercises that can be performed by one and all. I have dedicated an entire chapter of the book explaining some hassle free mindfulness exercises that’ll not take more than 5-6 minutes of your day.

    This book also expresses a very alternative approach to meditation. Here, I’ve explained why doing meditation is essential and how you should get started with it. Following are the chapters of the book. Have a look

    Chapter 1- Living in the moment; Focusing on the â??now’

    Chapter 2- Accepting things that we cannot change and embracing hopes

    Chapter 3- Doing it slowly, doing it less and putting space between things

    Chapter 4- Gaining inner peace and happiness

    Chapter 5- Mindfulness and meditation

    Chapter 6- Easy mindfulness exercises that you can try right now

    Simply go through these chapters to know better about mindfulness, meditation and gaining inner peace. The guidelines here are extremely easy to follow and you’ll also love the simple exercises I’ve mentioned here. Happy reading!!

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