Free religious fiction Kindle books for 24 Feb 15

Raven’s Hand (Raven’s Chronicle Book 1)

by James Somers

Raven dreams of a young man who will come to save her from her future enslavement to the royal family of House Rainier, where she will become the bond to the new king. There her power as a Daughter of Eliam will be exploited to give the king supernatural ability over his rivals among the other great houses of the kingdom. She dreams of this young man, but she knows that it is only folly; the imaginings of a young girl looking to escape her fate…or is it? One night the young man sweeps her away during her dream and she dares to ask his name. He replies that his name is Killian…and Killian is no mere figment of her imagination, for he has been dreaming of a mysterious raven-haired girl. Unknowingly their destinies are intertwined with the fate of the kingdom, the will of a supposedly dead god, and the deadly machinations of the great houses as they seek to rule. Will the terrible Malkind spirits have their way, or can Raven and Killian somehow find one another before its too late?

Jesus: A Hell of a Secret

by Germano Dalcielo

Warning: Bigots and Christ followers are kindly asked not to download this book.

Brother Raymond has found a dusty old manuscript in the dark cellars of his convent. It has been kept secret for five hundred years. What was it doing over there? Why is someone trying to kill him?

During the Italian Renaissance, Pope Leo X unwarily declared: “How well we know what a profitable superstition this fable of Christ has been for us and our predecessors!“. What is that supposed to mean?

How do the intrigues of 16th century Papal politics tie into a conspiracy that spans centuries?

Sister Lucia dos Santos, the seer of Fatima, sends a letter to the Vatican from her death bed. What must she tell the world before she dies?

Court plots, poisoning, torture, heart-pounding chases… Find out what the most powerful “spiritual” enterprise of the world â?? the Catholic Church â?? can be capable of. 5-star review:

***This novel is an eye-opening, thought-provoking thriller***

By the same author:

Darkness, come on in: The Box Set


by A. K. May

The Kansas City suburb of Belton is stunned by the disappearance of two teens, one of which was almost certainly a case of abduction.

Although they had been a couple, and statistics show that the most common suspect in violent crime is a “significant other”, Layla Maness’ boyfriend, Tanner, was incarcerated at the time of her disappearance. Plus, Layla’s friend, Sheryl , maintains that Layla certainly did not willing abandon her two small children just hours after she dropped them off at her apartment.

Not only that, but Detective Ben Horne discovers that Layla may have been abducted not once, but twice in a twenty-four hour period by different suspects!

Are she and Tanner even alive after a four week investigation by Horne and new girlfriend Sheryl turn up little evidence to indicate that they are?

Suddenly Tanner’s body turns up floating in the Missouri River. Might that indicate Layla met the same fate?

Sheryl is secretive about her past. Ben’s investigative skills are required double time since she has captured his heart. He was thinking marriage and she’s thinking she is unworthy of this wonderful Christian man’s love. Why? Ben intends to find out.

Death of Rill: Steward HK (The Klellvorq Cantaunti Saga Book 2)

by Steward HK Lar Gadite

Book 2 of the Klellvorq Cantaunti Saga is Death of Rill. Steward HK Lar Gadite has finished it. Christian Science Fiction and Christian Fantasy. Benaiah has become a superhuman. The Scorpion Angels are helping out the superhumans. The Discettenet has been eradicated.

Sara’s Decision: The Berean Project Book 4

by Janet Juengel

This is Book 4 in The Berean Project series. It is a Christian romance story.

Why do these things keep happening to me? Sara asks herself. A jealous woman manages to convince her grandfather to orchestrate sending Sara to an island where she’ll be stuck for a year to eliminate the competition. It doesn’t matter that Sara isn’t interested in the gentleman the woman is after.

Eli returns to New Berea after a disillusioning year in the states. He had saved for years to be able to afford to live in the United States for a year while taking some college classes and looking for a wife. He arrived full of hope, but soon it became obvious that American women weren’t what he dreamed they would be. He had met many women that were hopeful in catching his eye, but none of them lit that spark in his heart that his father had told him would tell him when he met that special one. He spent his free time designing gadgets and even managed to paten a few of them. When he returns home, it’s to find that his sister has changed from this sweet obedient woman to this rebellious firebrand. To further frustrate him, he meets his sister’s co-conspirator, Sara. Wouldn’t you know it, she lights that spark.

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