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Night Photography: The ultimate guide book how to create stunning images at nighttime

by Jeremy Franks

From SLRS to DSLR cameras and flashes to figuring out what an f-stop is, this book will walk you through how to take stunning nighttime skyline, street, and full sky pictures. From the basics to the more advanced shots, it will walk you through all the aspects.

Kentucky Welcome Center: The Whiskey Barrel Tube Amplifier Story

by Ryan Rankert

Launching a product from a KickStarter Campaign is total and complete nerve wrecking. I take a few moments prior to launch to reflect on the events and work history in my life that has primed me to operate my own small business.

This is the rambling story of how I found the idea to build Whiskey Barrel Tube Amplifiers.

Noise Control Basics & Acoustical Product Directory 2015: a Practical Guide for: Room Acoustics, Sound Isolation, Environmental Noise, Mechanical Noise

by Beth Holliday

Noise Control Basics & Acoustical Product Directory 2015 is a practical guide complete with lists of product suppliers and manufacturers in the United States to take your project to completion. It provides basic information about applying acoustical engineering to solve problems and how to get the projects done at a reasonable price.

The directory covers acoustical absorption, sound isolation, sound barriers, impact insulation treatments, mechanical noise suppression, acoustical doors and windows, and sound measurement equipment and software.

The main acoustics issues addressed are: Room Acoustics, Sound Isolation, Environmental Noise, and Mechanical Noise. There is information about the acoustical descriptors and calculations.

Acoustics is a critical part of many types of projects – architectural and environmental. Applications can include hearing conservation, speech intelligibility and privacy, sound quality, mechanical noise, and environmental noise regulations. Types of projects can include: schools, churches, condominiums, roads, theaters, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, rail, airports, shooting ranges,

With tools and resources, many projects you can handle by yourself. If you need any assistance or if you have any comments or suggestions, please contact Noise Expert: [email protected], 480-332-9325

EMINEM: The Real Marshall Mathers, My Idol – Eminem (The Story of Slim Shady)

by Domenico Mazza

Some know him as The Real “Slim Shady,” others call him Marshall Mathers, but he is most well known by his street and artist name, Eminem. Eminem is one of America’s most well-known Caucasian rappers and has been making a name for himself for about 16 years, presumably as one of the most controversial and well-known rappers of the 21st century. He has also been credited as the father of modern rap, and has set the stage for all of today’s rapping stars.

Not only has he been credited with being an amazing rap star, but also he has also dabbled in writing autobiographies, songwriting, producing and even acting and voice acting a little bit. During his short time in the musical spotlight, he has received countless awards and has passed some of his most famous competitors. Not only has his music been widely received, but also it has made a lasting impact on the generation ahead. He also has a great testimonial about overcoming tragedy, circumstances and poverty in order to come up and make something of himself.

Digital Photography for Beginners: The Fastest Way to Learn the Essentials and Start Taking Great Shots

by Kush Sharma

Have you always wanted to learn photography? Do you want to learn how a DSLR camera functions? Are you a complete beginner?

Then Digital Photography for Beginners is the perfect book for you to get started.

This book explains the concepts of digital photography in a very easy-to-understand language. Technical terminology and boring theory is avoided and only the essentials are taught using practical exercises.

The emphasis is on making you master the manual shooting mode of a DSLR camera, which often proves to be a problem for beginners.

Concepts like Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, etc are explained with the help of numerous examples and practical exercises.

The training is hands-on and you’d be taking a lot of shots throughout the course of this book. This helps you in grasping all the concepts with ease.

Once you’ve mastered the basic settings, their application and learned important rules and principles of photography, you’ll learn how to apply everything to different types of photography like landscape, portrait, food, HDR, Macro, etc..

There is also a comprehensive editing and post-processing chapter which covers all the essentials of how to artistically improve your images using various softwares. It also consists of a 50 minute long video on Photoshop editing.

Links to essential equipments, accessories and softwares are provided so you don’t waste time in researching on what to buy. The use of each accessory is practically explained.

This e-book is the fastest way for you to master a DSLR camera and get started clicking!

Drum Party: 1000 Words in a Picture

by Everett Peacock

Dinner and a show?

A picture AND a thousand words. “Drum Party” has LA’s popular DJ, Popping G Man wondering how he nearly drowned on a remote Maui beach one sunny morning and why the beautiful hippie girl seems to remember him.

“Drum Party” is the first in a series of short stories all built around one image as Everett Peacock explores the back story. Funny, insightful and often from an angle you haven’t considered, a story develops that soon explains what your eyes are really seeing.

ENCORE on David

by L. A. Braun

Was King David’s confrontation with the giant Goliath in ancient Israel all about the Fallen Angels? Enjoy this â??ENCORE’ Series booklet’s stunning exploration of Leonardo Da Vinci’s secret number ’26’ in relation to the exquisite and extensive ancient artwork depicting King David’s saga. On the way, we again entertain our brainteaser of whether the Olympian gods were the Fallen Angels. A fair warning–the ancient Fallen Angels references are all encased in old religious literature (specifically the Book of Enoch and the Book of Giants). Enjoy this book–an enthralling spellbinder tracing the hidden number â??26′ through King David’s ventures. Without a doubt, the number ’26’ is the most prolific and profound statement ever uttered by man, its use unmatched and unprecedented in our history. Enjoy the adventure! Read it today!

Indie Band: Make Money Tool Kit FREE

by Indie Band

Are you in an Independent band? Is your band any good? Would you like to make money from your music but don’t really know how? Or are you just looking for different options from what you’ve already been doing? If you answered yes to these questions then you’ve stumbled on a handy “Make Money Tool Kit” filled with the must have’s for developing a successful career as an independent band. This is just a great reference guide packed with tools and tips for creating income and a fan base from your music.

Knitting: Learn How to Knit

by Dorothy Wilks

Learn How to Knit

In her book, Learn How to Knit; Basic Knitting Techniques and Stitches for Beginners, Dorothy Wilks introduces you to the craft of knitting. Dorothy guides you from step one of learning about knitting needles and yarn to learning basic knitting stitches and techniques. You will learn:

– Basic knitting equipment for beginners

– All about yarn and yarn fibers

– How to read and understand a written pattern

– How to knit

– How to purl

– Basic knitting techniques a beginner should know

  • With clear instructions and helpful illustrations Dorothy guides you through picking up a ball of yarn and a pair of knitting needles for the first time to creating your first knitting stitch. If you are a beginner you will learn the basic to get you started, and if you need a refresher on basic knitting skills this book is also for you. This book is a must have for beginning knitters to get you started on the right track and to learn the correct knitting techniques and methods for the fun and enjoyable craft of knitting.
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    Tags: Intarsia Tapestry, Fair Isle Crochet, Color Work, Crocheting Crocheter, Knit knitting, Afghans Patterns Cross-stitch, Color

    Randy Newman 12 Greatest Songs : An Appreciation

    by Tony Hyland

    An appreciation of the wonderful Randy Newman and his lifes work . Tony Hyland selects and examines/interprets in detail his12 greatest songs !

    Travel Photography : Nepal

    by Kenichi Iwase

    Thank you for your visiting to my book page. I am Japanese traveler. And I love taking photos. I selected good photos that was taken at Nepal. Location is many cities, Kathmandu, Pokhara, and so. I wish you would enjoy rustic smiles and beautiful landscapes. There are 39 photos in this book.

    Up close (Natural Book 1)

    I am a amateur photographer.

    These photos are taken from a regular camera in side the Sri Lanka wild parks. I hope you like these. Comments are highly appreciated.

    103 Johnny Depp Quotes – Interesting, Thoughtful And Funny Quotes By And About Johnny Depp

    by George Harris

    “We’re all damaged in our own way. Nobody’s perfect.

    I think we’re all somewhat screwy. Every single one of us.”

    â?? Johnny Depp

    Johnny Depp is a very remarkable person and he has become a true quote machine over the years. He do have some really interesting, thoughful and funny things to say from time to time and here you have a great collection with quotes from Johnny Depp and also some quotes about Johnny.

    Brighten Your Day!: Crowned Cranes Picture Book (Kindle Unlimited Books for Happy People 21)

    by Allison Heath

    Crowned Cranes Edition!

    Happiness, gratitude and love are three of the strongest and most inspiring emotions that people can feel. They are also emotions that heal and uplift the body, mind and spirit. Even glancing at an adorable animal or relaxing nature scene enhances health and happiness. We’ve created these picture books to inspire you, put a smile on your face and brighten your day.

    These picture books are designed especially for the kindle unlimited reader. Read a different book everyday -and smile!

    Love, Allison Heath & Happy Cat


    Tiny House Aquaponics: Raising Fish and Growing Vegetables in Your Small Space (Tiny Guides Book 2)

    by Zachary Buckler

    Aim For Self-Sustainability And Financial Security With Tiny Homes And Aquaponics!

    Now You Can Forget About Paying Off Debts and Mortgages By Building Your Own Tiny Home and Raising Fish and Vegetables In Your Space!!!

    The tiny house movement is an emerging and growing trend in architecture and home design. It has been present in the real estate market for years but has now only grown to become the latest craze in the architectural world. Many people have decided that less is actually more, and even more are beginning to downsize their living to create a more suitable and much affordable lifestyle.

    Meanwhile, aquaponics is an innovative technology used to raise fish and to grow plants for the purpose of producing food. It allows the practitioner to become independent in terms of his food resources and in this sense, it becomes a very sensible complement to the goal of the tiny house movement.

    In this book, you will learn more about the history of both the tiny house movement and the aquaponics technique. It will also show you the different disadvantages and more importantly, the advantages that come along with choosing to create a lifestyle revolving around these two ideas. It also contains tips and tricks on how to incorporate aquaponics in the design and aesthetics of your tiny home so that the overall appeal of the house is not compromised. You will also be taught about the things you have to consider when building your tiny home and in maintaining your aquaponics system. Moreover, it will open your eyes to the importance of not only achieving self-sustainability but also of sustaining the environment wherein we live and thrive.

    Make sure to grab a copy of this book to find out more about the tiny house movement and the lifestyle that awaits everyone who decides to join this innovative and evolutionary trend in architecture and home design.

    What You’ll Know from “Tiny House Aquaponics”

    – The Tiny House Movement

    – The Tiny House Checklist

    – Advantages of Living Tiny

    – Aquaponics

    – Different Types of Aquaponics Systems

    – Advantages of Aquaponics

    – Layout and Design of Tiny House with Aquaponics

    Want to Know More?

    Hurry! For a limited time you can download “Tiny House Living – Living Large in Less Than 400 Square Feet” for a special discounted price of only $2.99

    Download Your Copy Right Now!

    Just Scroll to the top of the page and select the Buy Button.


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    Infierno: Colección de Arte

    by Dino Di Durante


    “Infierno – Collección de Arte” de Dino Di Durante es un libro de 72 pinturas basada en el Infierno de Dante, la primera parte su grande obra maestra literaria – La Divina Comedia escrita. La mayor parte de estas pinturas fueron usadas en una pelicula titulada “Dante’s Hell Animaded” con la voz de Eric Roberts como Dante, y en su version en italiano titulada “Inferno Dantesco Animato” con Vittorio Gasman como Dante. Ambas versiones se estrenaron en el Festival de Cine de Cannes. Toda la colección se presentara en la proxima pelicula “Infierno de Dante”, a estrenarse en el 2015.

    Endosamientos en contratapa:

    “La Divina Comedia es uno de los poemas más “visuales” en la historia de la literatura, desde su primera aparición en los manuscritos y códigos, el texto a menudo se acompaña de miniaturas ilustrando sus episodios más famosos. Dino Di Durante es el último de una larga e ilustre lista de artistas que han ilustrado el poema de Dante. Sus pinturas no son sólo ilustraciones de personajes y/o episodios, sino tal es su poder que se convierten en interpretaciones visuales y reales del texto en sí.” Massimo Ciavolella, Ph.D., Centro de Estudios Medievales y del Renacimiento, Director – Universidad de California, Los Angeles (UCLA) – USA

    “En tus manos tienes una expresión más de la obra de la vida de un hombre, uno con una obsesión verdaderamente divina, dedicada enteramente a traer una nueva vida moderna de un clásico de la literatura universal en todas las formas posibles. Impulsado por su admiración por el genio del Dante inmortal, Dino ha puesto alma y corazón en re-imaginar el infierno de Dante para el público moderno, especialmente a los jóvenes que tienen mucho que aprender de su sabiduría sublime. También encontrarán mucho para disfrutar, un festín de delicias visuales y experiencias alucinante que ponen a los últimos juegos de video y películas de efectos especiales en vergüenza.” Christopher Vogler, Consultor de historias en Hollywood y autor de “The Writer’s Journey”
    “El profundo conocimiento de Dino Di Durante de la Divina Comedia le permite expresar los muchos matices de la poesía de Dante en sus representaciones artísticas del Infierno. Su obra es una excelente introducción al Inferno, la cual no solo da a conocer a los espectadores los personajes italianos de la mayor épica medieval de la literatura, sino que también su estructura y estado de ánimo.” Brittany Asaro, Ph.D., Centro de Estudios Medievales y Renacentistas, UCLA – USA

    “Las 72 imágenes que componen la colección del “Infierno de Dante” de Dino Di Durante, si bien no son la única representación de un gran texto literario, pero si una invitación a experimentarlas, con inquietud y asombro todas sus emociones casi hasta el último detalle. El resultado inesperado es el final de la más profunda oscuridad de la desesperación de “ver las estrellas” de esperanza, pero sólo después de conocer toda la eficacia de una Justicia superior, tan misteriosa como real.” Gianmario Pagano, Sacerdote e escritor de la opera musical La Divina Comedia, Roma – Italia

    “Dino Di Durante ha dedicado su vida profesional y artística en hacer disponible la Commedia de Dante a un público más amplio y ahora, aun más jóvenes. Ã?l cree en el poder y la relevancia de lLa obra maestra de Dante; dándole más animación a través de imágenes artísticas para un público más abierto a la imaginación colectiva .” Dennis Slattery, Ph.D., Estudios Mitologicos, Pacifica Institute, California – USA

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