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The Children of the Maize: Seven Ancient Mayan Secrets to Spiritual Enlightenment, Peace and Happiness (The Path of Life Series Book 1)

by Arnulfo Oxlaj

The Children of the Maize is an extraordinary tale of genocide, ancient Mayan secrets and resurrection: the story of the early childhood of Arnulfo Oxlaj, K’iche’ medicine man and guide from the Oxlaj lineage in Guatemala. Arnulfo was born without hearing, sight or voice but with a special gift – to be able to hear, see and speak with the soul. A miraculous survivor of a child massacre, a mysterious character he calls Abuelo helped him develop his gift, and transform his endless sadness into a revolution of love and generosity. This book transports the reader into the magical world of the Children of the Maize, the forgotten Mayans, revealing the secrets of the Path of Life, the path to the peace the world is seeking today. This path is still practised, and is highly relevant to us today in our search for happiness and peace.

Veganized: My journey to a plant based diet

by Nicholas Vidal

We all want to know how to become healthier, we try all of these different ways of eating only to find out that we still don’t feel healthy.

Diets become a hassle and are too hard to stick to. Once I started a plant based lifestyle, I never looked back.

I tried to sick to the “standard” healthy diet and ended up getting extremely sick, it basically destroyed my health. Then I found my “shining light”, I not only regained my health but, I had more energy, more strength, and I was able to get lean and pack on some muscle without counting every calorie.

In this adventure filled book, I will show you how not only did I get my health back plus some, but I also got the body that I desired without depriving myself.

This book will me your Roadmap, I will show you the mistakes I made when I first changed my diet and how to avoid them.

In this book you will learn:

**Why I had to change my diet- It can happen to anyone

**Actionable Steps that you can take to improve your health

**How certain foods might be holding you back

**My “Secret Weapon” that could still benefit you without changing your diet

**The Truth about the “Carb” and “Protein” Myths exposed and much moreâ?¦â?¦..

Don’t wait, your health is TOO VALUABLE- Take Back Your Life Today


An architect moves to south China’s Yunnan province to find work, love and inspiration and to realise her dream of becoming an artist.

She captures human feelings and life’s struggles through her unique personal experiences which she portrays through the language of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s adventures in Wonderland”.

It is an inside view of Chinese customs, work politics, people and the local expat community.

The book is a journey of failing and learning, beautifully illustrated with the writers paintings created over the time period the book encapsulates.

My Redemption Road: From Devastation To A Dream

by Mary C Thielen

This book is a very short version of my life. It contains some snapshots to help the reader get to know me a bit. My reason for writing the book is to bring hope and encouragement to all who have experienced domestic abuse. Whether you are currently in an abusive situation or have come out of abuse; I want you to know that you can make decisions that will bring fulfillment and peace to your life. I also wanted to share my dream of redemption for others. So I started a nonprofit organization to provide housing, programs, supportive services and more for my community and beyond. Unfortunately domestic violence is a serious problem worldwide. We are dedicated to being a part of the solution. My joy in life now comes from encouraging and positively impacting those who have walked in the same footsteps of pain, rejection, trauma and shame associated with domestic abuse. I sincerely want to help others turn their lives from devastation to a dream.

No, I’m Not Drunk!: Taming my Parkinson’s with Humor, Music and Charity

by Alan Jackowitz

This is the story of a man, both husband and father, who takes his Parkinson’s diagnosis in stride (albeit shuffly). With the help of music, humor, and charity, Alan begins to make a difference in the world.

His challenge is Parkinson’s, but substitute any other disease or hurdle and find that music, humor, and a positive attitude can help you through the day, even if it is just a little.

Bolt Boy vs. The Gaslight Gang: A Memoir with Mystery

by R. D. Bolt

When the neglected young wife of a hillbilly politician/gas station operator in the 1960s bolts into the arms of a layabout, fundamentalist theologian with his own dark secrets, her three young children are swept into outrageous misadventures and poignant mishaps along a twisted trail to Paradise. Along the way, a fantasy-entangled boy and his plucky little sisters caught in the Age of Aquarius, the Vietnam War years, and a not-so-popular culture struggle bravely to straddle the divide between crazy and just plain nuts on the Ozark Plateau.

Louie G (The Alexander Saga Book 2)

by Alan E. Bailey

Second in the series, “The Alexander Saga.”

Dahomey (Benin), West Africa 1717: Bess leaves home to work her plot in the village garden, never to return. Swept up in the brutal slave trade of the Middle Passage, she seizes an opportunity to survive the Atlantic crossing. The ‘Cateret’ is the first slave ship to sail into Charles Town harbor after the siege and starvation of the Yamasee War, where Bess is thrust onto the auction block and sold as a slave.

Interwoven with her rice-planting masters in the South Carolina colony, her legend of survival begins a two-century legacy of lineage and hope that follows her family from the slave-breeding plantations of Georgia through the frontiers of northern Louisiana and into the harsh coastal flatlands of the fledgling Republic of Texas.

Based on the true story.

A Biography On The Life & TImes of Christopher Reeves (Bite Sized Biographies Book 5)

by Christy Branson

A Biography of Christopher Reeve

Christopher Reeve was best known as Superman, and his life was indeed a mixture of Clark Kent and Superman moments.

Whether you call it the “Curse of Superman” or not, Christopher faced his own personal Kryptonite and left his personal mark on the world as both an actor and activist.

In “A Biography of Christopher Reeve” we dive into how a an aspiring actor from a privileged family charted his own course to become the Man of Steel, only to have his personal strength tested by life’s challenges.

And in the book you’ll learn:

  • His early life
  • His rise to stardom
  • The role that would define him for better and for worse
  • His greatest personal challenge and how he overcame it
  • His role as an advocate for the disabled

    AND Much More!

    Bite Sized Biographies brings you the stories of famous people from movie stars and musicians to ancient emperors and entrepreneurs.

    We take their story and break it down into bite sized pieces that focus on the best parts. We avoid the filler and fluff and focus on what matters.

    At bite sized biographies we deliver the life stories of people you care about.

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  • RAGS TO RICHES: The Path of her Life

    by Fiona Fogato

    This novel is the first part of a two parts serial, based on the true life story of a girl who was brought up by her grandmother in a small Senegalese village and later joined her mother in the capital. At her arrival, she found herself in a new family where she was not really welcome. She met lot of lovely people on the way, entered the convent at 10 years old where she received a very good and strict education. When she left the convent at 16 years old, she travelled to Morocco and later to Europe. Will she find happiness after all the obstacles?

    Was Shake-speare Gay?: (Not that there would have been anything wrong with that.)

    by Gilbert Wesley Purdy

    For over 200 years scholars and readers have sought for answers. Who was “Mr. W.H.”? What was his relationship to England’s greatest playwright William Shake-speare? Why do Shake-speare’s sonnets seem to portray a same-sex amour? Had they been lovers?

    Each generation has tried to find an answer that fit the mores of its times. In each instance, those “answers” have succeeded at nothing but comforting readers that all evidence regarding this towering figure in the literary landscape could not possibly offend their biases. Shake-speare’s sonnets, they are assured, portray whatever sexuality will satisfy them. If they are shocked by gay poetry, then he was clearly straight. If they seek out gay exemplars from cultural history, he was clearly gay. If the reader wishes not to be bombarded by yet another source of sexual content, clearly the sonnets portray no sexual information about the poet at all.

    But there are actually answers based upon fact rather than desire. If you want to know, those answers are in these pages. For the first time, analysis of verifiable facts has been brought to bear.

    Because Mother Said So

    by Elizabeth Kesler

    A journey alone through childhood

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