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Content First Marketing: The Ultimate Guide to Building Authority, Establishing Trust, and Creating Lifetime Customers

by John Arnott

Are you unable to make sense of digital marketing? Are You Sure?

Content First Marketing takes the aspiring digital marketer through each of the key tactics that make up a digital marketing strategy and answers such questions as:

– How can I create great content that people will read and share?

– Is Google still relevant?

– What is the digital marketing life cycle?

– What needs to be measured to ensure success?

– How exactly does content lead to new sales?

Stringing these tactics together includes:

– Writing content that readers and search engines love

– Leading with a great headline

– Building authority with social media

– Measuring engagement with email

– Creating low barrier products that lead to core product sales

– Marketing analytics

For professional marketers as well as entrepreneurs and small business professionals, Content First Marketing is an indispensable guide. And John Arnott’s upbeat, friendly style is like having a first-rate marketing partner every step of the way.

“This is a powerful, practical book that shows you exactly how to build and maintain a highly profitable online business” – Brian Tracy Author – The Psychology of Selling

“John’s eye opening insights hit the strategic points that all companies need. His tips are invaluable to the success of your businessâ?¦especially the mid-sized companies competing against the behemoths. The headline tool alone was worth reading.”

Ray Pekowski – President and CEO | The Expo Groupâ?¨

“Getting beyond the noise and being heard is the marketer’s objective. John Arnott takes us through each of the key digital marketing components and shows how they are used and how they fit together so that you can manage your own digital marketing efforts.” – George Lollis Managing Partner, Opus-3 Data Center

“An indispensable asset for the entrepreneur, John Arnott walks through the tactics that support a successful digital marketing strategy” – Mike Curtis President, Texas Envelope Company

“A successful business needs more than a great product or service, it needs customers. The Content First Marketing approach to driving new customers through digital channels works” – John Truitt CEO – Simple Sleep Services

“Today, it all starts with great content. Whether it is a well-written post or a compelling video, content is king! Promoting great content to your fans is the first step to engagement and John Arnott shows us exactly how to do it. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to grow your business online. You won’t be disappointed!” – Michelle Prince Ziglar Certified Speaker & Self-Publishing Expert

How To Speed Up Your Computer Without Breaking The Bank: A step by step guide to help get your computer working like new again

by Jay Patel

This tutorial will provide you with a couple steps you can take to speed up your computer like new again! This book covers how to remove viruses yourself without paying as well as speeding up your computer by disabling unneeded features. Also this book covers hardware upgrades and contains a buyers guide to those who are looking to upgrade to a new computer.

Fire Phone: Simple Instruction Manual on How to Use Fire Phone. Get Hooked on Amazon’s First Smartphone (Fire phone books, Amazon fire phone, fire phone guide)

by Andrew Wood

Fire Phone (FREE Bonus Included)

Simple Instruction Manual on How to Use Fire Phone. Get Hooked on Amazon’s First Smartphone

This manual is intended to be an in-depth user guide that documents many of the fantastic features offered by the Amazon Fire Phone. Like many of the “smart thingies” available today, the Fire phone has an innumerable amount of features, way too many to cram into one book. So instead of writing a textbook on the subject, we’ve decided to take a more practical approach. Here we’ve rigorously assembled the ideal instruction manual that will allow anyone who reads it to fully understand how to operate his or her device.

Our book can more or less be used as a technical crutch. There are certain features that every user who’d like to get the most out of their device should know about. In this guide we’ve made every attempt possible to cover these attributes in such a way that you can walk away feeling like you truly have learned something.

By purchasing this guide you will develop a solid understanding of::

  • What the FireOS is
  • How to navigate the user interface using gestures
  • Overview of the hardware specs
  • How to successfully complete the initial setup
  • Preparing Wi-Fi
  • How to use the Amazon App Store
  • Making calls and send text messages
  • And much more

Getting Your FREE Bonus

Download this book, and find “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter right after the introduction or after the conclusion.

Download your copy of “Simple Instruction Manual on How to Use Fire Phone” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.


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How to run a free Kindle Select Promotion: A complete guide to unlocking a successful promotion

by Michael Andrade

Tired of your book not selling well and ready to take the plunge into a free kindle select promotion? Not sure how to get the word out. This book will teach you all you need to know in order to run a successful Kindle promotion using the free five days. Learn how to promote, where to promote and options for advertising. Many authors fail at their promotion because they didn’t have the critical information necessary to get eyes on their promotion. Make your promotion jump start your bookshelf today.

Kindle Unlimited Subscription Box Set: Kindle Unlimited Subscription Box Set (Kindle Unlimited Subscription, Kindle Unlimited Subscription books, kindle unlimited subscription details)

by Fred Rey

Kindle Unlimited Subscription Box Set

BOOK #1: Kindle Unlimited Subscription: The Benefits and Disadvantages of Kindle Unlimited eBook Subscription

This book is an educated guide for the people who are having a passion of writing. This immersive book is a true guide that is containing almost all of the information regarding what kindle actually is? How you can pop up your writing profession on to the kindle? And what are the advantages and disadvantages of kindle unlimited book subscription?

This enchanting book is particularly emphasizing over the features and facets of kindle. You can get to know how you can get kindle unlimited book subscription. Here in this book you can get a concise and real guide that how you can make your writing passion as your profession. Moreover, the deep review of this book will facilitate you about the real usage of the kindle and kindle unlimited book subscription.

This book is a leading guide for helping you to adopt the writing tactics of 21st century. Here you can get to know the writing platforms beyond than the traditional platforms. The major advantages and disadvantages of kindle unlimited book subscription has been described in this book.

This book is well researches and contains all the authentic and valid information. Nothing Jorgen and self said in this book. This book contains depth of information about the kindle and its publishing services. This book does not contain any sort of deceptions and so on.

The major notions covered in this book embraces:

  • An overview of rooted methodology of Kindle unlimited book subscription
  • What is Kindle – Its key features
  • The benefits & Disadvantages of Kindle unlimited eBook subscription
  • Get to know how to enjoy reading e-books on tremendous Amazon kindle device
  • Advantages of kindle unlimited eBook subscription

BOOK #2: Kindle Unlimited Subscription: What You Must Know Before Purchasing & How to Maximize the Use of Your Kindle Unlimited eBook Subscription

Like to read books? Then you will be finding yourself in the same dilemma as thousands of other readers, whether to buy a Kindle and start downloading your books in the electronic version?

In this short e-book, we will start by having a brief look at the history of this amazing little e-reader, the Kindle. This will help you to understand how it has developed since its introduction in 2007.

As it has constantly improved, according to customer requirements, so too has the Amazon Reader Account subscription. We will take a look at what is available for free, and what added benefits you can have, for a fee.

If you are going to invest in an electronic gadget, such as a Kindle, then you want to make the best of it, and Amazon support their customer needs via customer accounts.

Once you have registered for an Amazon Account, which is free, you can then consider upgrading to a:

  • Prime Account – allowing you free, one or two day delivery, dependent upon location, as one of its features, as well as the ability to borrow books from the amazing Lending Library.
  • Unlimited Subscription Account – allowing you free books that are within their library, as one of its features.

Amazon offer a one month free trail and there are no charges until after your free 30 day trial ends, and you can close the account any time. Read on to find out more.

Download your copy of “The Benefits and Disadvantages You Must Know Before Purchasing Your Kindle Unlimited eBook Subscription” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.


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