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Falconland: The Story of Frederick II: A Novel of Medieval Historical Fiction

by Reggie Connell

“Rome is surrounded, Your Grace,” Ezzalino said. “The siege engines are in place, and we have secured all the gates entering and exiting the city.”

“It’s not Rome I have under siege,” Frederick snarled. “It’s the Vatican.”

“I understand, Your Grace, but the siege has to surround Rome in order to control the Vatican.”

Frederick snapped the reins and let his anxious horse turn in a circle before answering Ezzalino.

“Did you know the Vatican is a kingdom unto itself, even though it sits in the middle of my empire? I am the Holy Roman emperor, yet Pope Gregory is not a subject of my empire.”

“He is an enemy combatant, Your Grace.”

“I do not lay siege to Rome. I lay siege to the Vatican. I lay siege to the pope.”

“I understand the distinction, Your Grace,” Ezzalino said.

Frederick pondered his comment for a moment. He was laying siege to the pope. On the surface, it seemed like the actions of a monster. Even though he felt justified, this action troubled him greatly.

“I have been Holy Roman Emperor for twenty-five years,” he said to Ezzalino. “I have assembled the greatest fighting force since Richard the Lionhearted, Julius Caesar, or Genghis Khan. I could attack and defeat any army on the face of the earth, but this is what I’m using it for?”

“These are the people that threaten you Your Grace,” said Ezzalino. “This is where your great army should be.”

Pope Gregory had labeled Frederick the antichrist and ex-communicated him, attempted to have him assassinated, and called on the armies of Europe to fight against him, giving them crusading credentials for joining the holy war.

What choice did I have but to answer the pope militarily? Frederick thought. Still, isn’t this exactly what the antichrist would do?

* * * * *

Falconland chronicles the events of King Frederick’s life by transporting readers to medieval Europe in the 12th century. It is a time when church, king and emperor struggle for power, highborn families fight for control of lands, and a dark force is rising in the Vatican.

It is a character-rich story that takes you into the minds of these fascinating medieval characters – both historical and fictional.

It begins in the quiet town of Jesi; tucked away in the foothills of northeastern Italy near the Adriatic Sea. It is December 26th, 1194AD.

In the distance, a weather-beaten carriage and a legion of knights are nearing the town’s gate. The carriage is carrying Queen Constance of Sicily. The queen is pregnant, and will be unable to make it to her palace before the birth of her baby. Because of her advanced age, she has decided to have the delivery in public viewâ?¦so that no one can challenge his royal claims.

It concludes with a teenage boy overcoming enormous tragedy, and taking on a pope and an emperor to claim the crowns they took from him when he was a child. Falconland will have you cheering for Frederick II from page one until its conclusion.

Nutty Bible Quotes: Satire with crazy, fun and stupid bible verses vividly illustrated.

by Jakob Ståhle

How well do you know the Christian bible?

If you haven’t read it cover to cover, or have been relying on what they tell you in the Christian “Church”, then you are missing a lot. This humorous and informative book will reveal parts of the bible you never knew existed. Here you will find the stories they don’t teach in church, and what religious leaders don’t want you to know. This book is sure to be a conversation starter, and is a great gift for believers and atheists alike.

Are you a BLASPHEMING HERETICAL ATHEIST? Do you want to be?

Nutty Bible Quotes contains fifty absurd and vividly illustrated verses from the bible that will both amuse and horrify. Discover the dark side of the bible in a humorous way and get dazzling insights about the “holy” bible.


This book is satirical and thought provoking. Learning what is really said in the bible and reflecting on what each passage really means is a great way to frame a discussion on atheism and ethics with the people in your life. A discussion of ethics and how we govern our society is exactly the kind of action that leads us to a better place. This book is the tool that you can use to make our world a better place. Use it please.

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A Brief History of Predicting the Future

by Stephen Euin Cobb

This 20-page chronicle–written by an experienced futurist who has interviewed over 300 people for their opinion about the future–describes how predicting the future has changed many times through the centuries: from magic to science, and from science fiction to computation. This is a quick and lively romp designed to give the reader a taste of what futurology today is all about, and a feel for the long uphill climb it has made from its humble beginnings in the dawn of antiquity. (Approximately: 5,600 Words)

Section Titles — The Future is Deep; The Far Future; The Near Future; From Ancient Magic to Scientific Causality; Science Fiction made the Future Fun; But then the Future Got Serious; Yes, the Future does Compute; The Future may get Weird; Just before it becomes Unimaginable; Transhumanists want you to be Better than Healthy; Virtual Living; End of the World; But not all Futures are Deadly or even Weird.

The Mists of Atlantis: The Ark of Secrets

Atlantis, a legendary land full of heroes and magic everywhere. While the terrible Titans tried to invade, prince Neptune and the prophetess Cassandra struggled to decipher a enigma that could change the fate of the Atlanteans forever. Among the formation of the Amazons in the beautiful Temyscera Island and the war of Titania , a mystical adventure was about to begin and that draw the history of the Atlantis lost continent , glorifying kings , warriors and gods .

The Webley Pistol

by Steve Franklin

As the famous Colt revolver is to the United States of America, so is the Webley to the British Commonwealth, where weapons bearing their name have been used by British, Dominion and Foreign troops in wars waged in every part of the globe. With few exceptions, the weapons covered in this book are prized specimens in my arms collection, which has been built up during the last forty years.

The Webley brand was established to give the British service the ability to control the battlefield at close range, and it did exactly that. Come discover the incredible craftsmanship and marksmanship this incredible weapon has to offer. Accompanied by dozens of high quality illustrations and photographs, you’ll see this firearm like never before.

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