Free horror Kindle books for 25 Feb 15

The Lament of Sky

by BB Wynter

Follow the journey of Lilyth: the last of the Rhai Angof, alongside Sky: an ethereal being of otherwordly magic, and a philandering sky-pirate named Vergo.

Together they strive to survive the tyrannical regime of the Vildarii: Guardians of the hell plains, Otherworlds and spirit realms.

The Zombie Carnival

by Tamara VanEeckhoutte

Arista and her family lived in a house on a cliff above the lake town, until one night the carnival arrives and her family starts acting strangely. Suddenly plunged into a surreal, nightmare world, Arista must find the courage to try and save her family . . . from themselves.

The Mothers of Voorhisville: A Tor.Com Original

by Mary Rickert

From multiple World Fantasy Award winner and Nebula, Bram Stoker, International Horror Guild, Sturgeon, and British Science Fiction Award nominated author Mary Rickert comes a gorgeous and terrifying vision of the Mothers of Voorhisville, who love their babies just as intensely as any mother anywhere. Of course they do! And nothing in this world will change that, even if every single one of those tiny babies was born with an even tinier set of wings.

The Ghosts of Music City

by Rick Amburgey

Randall Jamison dreamed of going to Nashville ever since he visited the Music City during a family vacation when he was a small boy. Despite dreams that he would eventually move there, Randall never saw Nashville again until he had to go there in 2009 to seek refuge from an ice storm. Once there, he is forced to face many personal demons, including his dependency on alcohol.

He encounters a number of characters who may or may not be figments of his imagination. He is drawn into the world of paranormal forcing his to believe in the existence of ghosts and demons. When Randall falls in love with a ghost, the evil demon of the man who murdered her seeks revenge. Randall soon learns that this trip to Nashville will turn into the fight of his life and ultimately a fight for survival.

The experience

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