Free humour Kindle books for 25 Feb 15


by Warrick Mayes

Scott begins a new job where he encounters a very unusual employee. One of the accountants turns out to be a highly intelligent chicken, and Scott has trouble dealing with this new situation.

The chicken seemed to be involved in some sort of fraudulent activity taking place at the UK offices of a German pharmaceutical company. Scott starts to investigate the fraud and how the chicken is involved.

Scott also has to deal with prejudice on his own part, and how others have managed to overcome theirs. He is challenged to be more tolerant and comes to rely on people with whom he would not normally associate. In turn, they have to return his trust in order to succeed in their differing objectives.

Minecraft: 50 Lost Secrets (2015 Edition) & Logan’s Run A Minecraft Story (2 Books in 1)

by Kevin Scott

This Minecraft Pocket Guide is the ULTIMATE guide to help you become the absolute BEST Minecrafter you can become. Explore the HIDDEN and SECRETS of Minecraft. Kevin Scott Reveals The Newest 50 in his series of Minecraft Gold.

It’s true, this the tip top noobie to master guide that will take your game 0-60 FAST.

Master your game right now! Get The Book Today and Join The League.

* Extremely easy to read!

* Expert Suggestions and Secrets.

* Intelligent Tips and Tricks!

* Explore Minecraft features you never knew Existed!

All-in-one Pocket Guide, 2015.

No Limit Holdem: Rapid Read # 1 – The Most Important Verbal Poker Tells in Live Games

by Puggy Neutron

This eBook, which contains strategically chosen excerpts from my book “No Limit Texas Holdem: Sick Hand Reading for Sick Profits”, is meant to be read in less than 5 minutes. Yes, it is less than 5 pages long….BUTâ?¦. the upside of taking the very short amount of time to read it can dramatically elevate the results that you can get in your verbal tell reading activities (in no limit holdem live games) for as long as you continue to use the distinctions that are described herein. These are valuable distinctions. These are timeless distinctions.

Do not underestimate the leverage that the concepts, that you will learn after having taken the less than 5 minutes to finish this “rapid read” eBook, can have on your long term bottom line.

The Size O Manifesto

by Kate Anderson

This book is one skinny girl’s shout out to the world, asking for the same understanding the PC movent has afforded other body shapes and sizes. With humor and irreverence, this manifesto tackles the big issues of being small. Topics like:

– The general dearth of non-diet food options

– Body snatchers (they’re real and they live among us)

– The well meaning, but utterly clueless, people in our lives

– The futility of shopping for clothes at Wal-Mart

…and much more!

Note: As is mentioned in the section 2 footnote, this document discusses and describes the trials of naturally thin individuals. It is not intended as a defense of any unhealthy practices. Bear in mind at all times that it is a work of humor (most of the time).

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