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Bouquet (New York Stories)

by Terence Clarke

“And imagine,” Mike said. “Along with everything else, her name is Bouquet.”

Yulen: Return of the Beast – Mystery Suspense Thriller (Yulen – Book 2)

by Luis de Agustin

Men have oppressed, demeaned, and shamed Nathan Nols all his yulen life. Now for the first time in their history, yulen can join to end the persecution they endure at the hands of men. The charismatic maverick Nathan Nols offers his brethren a way. Emboldened by his vision to become the equals of men, a hope filled group forms around him.

The new friends learn that a legendary yulen Bible thought to be myth exists. In it lie the secrets to release them from submission to men. Although they face enormous risk and their boldness remains shaky, they embark on a trek across modern day Europe to gain The Book of Yulen.

Dangers wait. The book’s cunning owner bears only hatred toward yulen and their deadly ways. He devises the harshest of journeys to annihilate their special talents while exploiting their life threatening weaknesses. They must pass trials of courage each step of the way, while on their trail ruthless hunters pursue them.

Each captivating yulen possesses a unique motive to seek The Book, yet at the heart of their quest they share the desire to end their defenselessness before men. But as afflictions swell and death takes its toll, they desire more than simple equality with menâ??and more than nature might allow. Nathan Nols must decide whether to challenge nature beyond its tolerance, and if he dare, confront merciless retribution.

The Sorrows of Young Werther

by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Goethe’s classic story of tormented love and destruction

Told through lyrical and impassioned letters to his friend Wilhelm, this novel follows the ardent young Werther to the German countryside, where he delves into artistic pursuits and basks in the simplicity of village life. But Werther’s tranquility is shattered when he meets the captivating Charlotte at a ball in a nearby town. Every bit his equal in temperament and intellectual interests, Charlotte quickly becomes Werther’s singular obsession. He falls inextricably in love despite her engagement to another man. Overtaken by his affection for Charlotte and unable to extricate himself from the unrequited love, Werther must make peace between his artistic temperament and the harsh realities of the world.

Among the firstâ??and most notableâ??examples of Germany’s Sturm und Drang movement, The Sorrows of Young Werther was enormously influential upon its publication in 1774, creating a cult of personality around the tragic figure of Werther and causing a sensation in Europe’s literary community.

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The Foundlings

by Charles Hedji

The Foundlings is a short story about three friends from disparate backgrounds who have not been able to let each other go even though they’ve grown older and grown apart.

Hates Us All

by Carl Ludin

The author wrote this short novel in homage to Hank Moody on Californication. It is an attempt to justify Hank’s literary prestige on the show. However, the author quickly realized that his own experience did not match that of the character and moved the story to his city, the city of Atlanta. This book takes you on a journey of Atlanta through the eyes of a young professional struggling to find love and meaning in his life. It is an attempt to write a book in the style described on the show, “Nihilism based in Romanticism”. In a world where love is prominent in every interaction, what is the meaning of love?

My Heavenly Father

by Dana Crum

NPR affiliate WBEZ 91.5 FM Chicago broadcast a dramatic reading of this short story as part of its Stories on Stage program. Set in Birmingham, Alabama, written in Southern vernacular, the story is told by Andre, an eight-year-old boy who misses his absent father while in church one Sunday. Though precocious, Andre is not old enough to fully understand the world around him and the circumstances that affect his life. What he understandsâ??and what he doesn’tâ??drives the story’s humor and sadness. Dana Crum can spin a tale as well as anyone, and he makes words sing and dance. Nowhere is that more apparent than in this story.

The Prostitute & The Priest: A Flash Fiction Short Story

by Damian Silvers

Reader Reviews:

“I loved this, simply brilliant.”

“Very clever and a fun read.”

“A cheeky little story with a neat twist.”

“Do you realize that we’re the same, you and I?” said the prostitute to the priest.

He turned to face her, half sitting up, the angel white bed sheets falling softly from his chest, sharp hazel eyes peering out from behind unkempt fringe.

“I’m sorry,” said the priest, slightly embarrassed, “I am not sure what you mean.”

And so begins this flash fiction story, imagining the conversation that could take place after an unusual encounter. Just what would a prostitute and priest discuss after having sex?

Read on to find out…

Author’s Note: Despite the suggestive title, this is a clean short story (no sex) of just under 1000w. About the right length to enjoy with a hot cup of tea or coffee 🙂

Shadows Along the Creek

by Rusty Savage

Judson Ringo has not been dealt an easy hand in life. After loosing his father, and nine months later his mother, he is left on his own at seventeen in rural 1890s Kentucky. Honoring his mother’s last wish, he goes to Tennessee to live with her brother, John Harrington, but instead of being treated like family, he is a slave, works long hours, gets one meal a day, and forced to sleep in the barn with the animals. After many attempts to run away, a judge bound him to the man and life gets worse. Not one to let circumstances defeat him, Judson faces each challenge as it comes, thinking only to survive. After four years in bondage, John Harrington dies and Judson is set free. He returns to his father’s farm on a cold winter night, finds it in ruins, is suspected of murder, and begins life all over, finding strength in the midst of struggleâ?¯and love in remnants of buried dreams.

Martha Jane Peters, a young widow with a two-year-old son, gets her buggy stuck in the mud on a cold winter night. She tries everything, but cannot get the buggy back on the road. Her only course of action is to unhitch the horse and walk three miles home carrying her son. She is all but ready to leave the buggy, when a horse and rider approaches. The rider is an old friend she has not seen in a long time. After a brief reunion, he frees the buggy and sees she gets home safely. His sudden appearance arouses emotions in her she never thought she’d feel again. The hopes and dreams Martha Jane believed long dead come to life once more.

Shadows Along The Creek weaves the reader through a tapestry of fact and fiction, an epic novel sweeps us into a time and place and into a breathtaking story of love and survival in a land and time long past. Sweeping descriptions of scenery add to the authentic historical feeling of the story. The hero and heroine are traditional. Their romance is challenging and intransient.

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