Free parenting and families Kindle books for 25 Feb 15

The Glimpse

by Jesse Fink

From the acclaimed author of the internationally bestselling THE YOUNGS: THE BROTHERS WHO BUILT AC/DC (St Martin’s Press) comes an extraordinary tale brought to an international readership for the first time: THE GLIMPSE.First published by Hachette Livre under another title in his native Australia, this is Jesse Fink’s startlingly honest, deeply personal account of emotional and mental oblivion after divorce, interwoven with his experiences as an accidental “player” in a world where dating has become a blood sport and finding a true connection is harder than ever because of the distractions provided by technology. It could be the story of so many of us. It is the story of so many of us.Like a lot of men, Jesse Fink never thought it would happen to him. But it did. His wife of 10 years and mother of his child walked out on him and into the arms of another man. In that moment he lost his best friend, his soul mate, his family, his identity. His wife’s new lover even got his dog.Fink’s search for love and pleasure saw him jump headlong into the freewheeling and sometimes dangerous world of online dating. He crossed the Pacific for doomed affairs. He disastrously moved in – sight unseen – with his high-school dream girl, a woman he hadn’t spoken to for 25 years but reunited with on Facebook. He flew off to Hollywood to connect with a beautiful woman he sparked with online and found himself in the kitchen of the real-life Renée Zellweger. And he managed to get his heart broken all over again with a brilliant but turbulent young artist.With remarkable frankness, Jesse opens up about his complicity in the failure of his marriage, his struggles as a single dad, and his desperate desire to find love. He shares it all – no matter how confronting.His chance at personal salvation finally comes in the unconditional love of his young daughter. 

Rejoicing in Repetition: Towards Joy in Housework

by Mystie Winckler

Are you often frustrated with the repetitive nature of housework?

Do you wonder if it’s even worth your time at all?

Do you get angry when your work is immediately undone by your little ones?

I totally relate. It’s a long-haul journey, but one that’s worth the energy invested into growing and maturing.

It seems like a small and insignificant part of our lives, but it turns out that it isn’t insignificant at all if we make it a crux of our personal development. It’s an avenue that will teach us growth, patience, self-control, and so much more if we open ourselves up to the repetition.

I hope you will be refreshed and encouraged to continue the journey through this short meditation on the beauty found in the mundane and repetitious.

I HATE YOU: Learn how to say I HATE YOU in 66 languages

by Adriana Rus

This is a short book that will teach you how to say I HATE YOU in 66 different languages. It is not for everyone, you have to be really angry at someone.

The Ugly Little Bird

by Chetin Kaya Hussyin

A children’s book that adults would like to read with their children. It helps make sense of the world. A good read, exploring nature, relationships, seasons and making sense of every day issues that affect us all. Help to understands what makes us all special and find our identities.

How To Be A Great Single Parent

by lawrence early

This book was created to promote, support, and recognize the efforts and sacrifice that single parents make everyday. It was created to assist individuals new to single parenting.

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