Free poetry Kindle books for 25 Feb 15

Deeper Than Pink: A Collection of Poetry

by Stacy Mar

This cunning collection from Stacy is bold and reminiscent of women everywhere. Unafraid to out-step boundaries and stereotypes, she has written each line with a brilliant determination to have her voice heard.

From the trials of motherhood to the modern-day tragedies of teenage angst, Stacy will take you on a journey through a childhood of esoteric beginnings into a blossoming young woman on the verge of finding her place in this world. She speaks of losing (and finding) love, family devotion, maternal instincts, women’s issues, and personal demons in words so rich you’ll feel as if you’ve fallen into the pages of her world. This is a collection of poetry that everyone (especially every woman) can relate to.

Miss Mar speaks of life and transgressions with such a brave, confessional voice that you’ll feel you’ve accidentally overheard someone else’s private conversation. As brutal as it is beautiful, you’ll remember the words and life lessons of this piece of work long after the last page is turned.

Intimate Poetry and Rhyme: A Collection of Intimate Sonnets

by Wyatt Earp

This collection of intimate sonnets celebrates love, marriage and relationships.

Mannequin Rivalry

by Stacy Lynn Mar

Feminist, poet, teacher, and scholar…Stacy is as bold and witty as she ever was in this fourth installment. Yet again, she has masterfully orchestrated a confessional collection of poetry resurrected from the gritty observations of everyday life.

Her accounts of love, loss, suffering, and the beautiful agility of the human spirit have been well-crafted from front-seat observations and five a.m. coffee sessions.

Stacy has a remarkable sense for detail and a dramatic, unique skill for wrapping the ‘everyday’ into metaphorical sentiments. She masters this gift in the poem ‘Mountain Parkway’ as she remembers an old love and simultaneously pays homage to her homeland:

“The summer is passing

Like a long arm swaying

From the passenger seat

Of a car on a four-lane highway.

And I ride alongside you

Like a virtue, a wild nag

That grinds my eyesight

To the moon-ground recollections

Of dreams that buzzed in June

Now as splintered as rosewood

And littered of memories

That irk my nervous hands

Like a nose itch that won’t wipe away.”

“Her raw, metaphorical take on life and relationships reminds me of a younger, softer version of Sharon Olds.”

-Tammi Watts, Educator from Wisconsin

“Once she pulls you in, it’s impossible not to complete a poem. Her words read as sentimental, metaphorical eulogies to everyday life. I can’t read a book by Mar without pausing to pay thanks to even the experience of the mundane.”

-Jennifer, Blog Writer and educator of Culinary Arts, from New Jersey

“Remarkable would be a bland understatement. This young poet is as intelligent and creative as she is touching and heart-rending. She adores life, she embraces it’s scars…”

-Shelley Wright, Mixed Media artist from Brittish Columbia

“She is a woman warrior with a brilliant insight. How can you not appreciate that?”

-Felicia, Student and Writer, from Kentucky

“Her metaphors and symbolism are absolutely breath-taking! Pick this book up, you will not regret the words that await you from this Indie author!”

-Elizabeth Ward, Educator, from Canada

“This is real poetry. This is individualism in it’s raw aura. These word are life, themselves.”

-Erica, Student, Nigeria

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