Free religious fiction Kindle books for 25 Feb 15

The Wedding Reunion

by Tiffany Stephenson

After ten years apart, college friends Jack and Allison are reunited when she returns to her hometown to attend a friend’s wedding. Jack, a local doctor, still cares for Allison, but she has spent more time teaching than dating in the time they’ve been apart. Can they work past the misunderstanding that separated them and finally move on with their lives?

The Right Side of Water Street

by Thomasina Belle

It’s 1988 and Dr. Jerry Jones has accepted the call to be the vice-chancellor of a Baptist College on the other side of the country. He’s a ‘fighting fundamentalist’ preacher who is fired up about not only being a role model for his students, but also getting the heavily Catholic town of Asheville ‘saved.’ What he doesn’t know is that his own daughter is hiding a sinful secret that will risk his job and his family if it’s exposed. What happens when he discovers it? And what about the Catholic family right across the street that despises the self-righteous Baptists but becomes unexpectedly intertwined with them?

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