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The Female Body Blueprint: A Guide to Understanding Hormones and Thyroid Health

by Josh Rubin

Hormones Gone Haywire?

There is a crisis in women’s health today. The average age for puberty has dropped abruptly to 10 years of age. Endometriosis, one of the top three causes of female infertility, affects more than 5.5 million women. 75% of all women suffer with some premenstrual syndrome symptoms. 80% of all women have uterine fibroids (which lead to 170,000-300,000 hysterectomies annually). And dysmenorrheaâ??menstrual pain that interferes with day-to-day activitiesâ??affects approximately 40-70% of women of reproductive age. If you’ve visited your doctor for any of these reasons, it’s likely you’ve been given birth control pills to “even things out” or hormone replacement therapy. But is this really a solution?

The Solution Isn’t More Birth Control Pills

It’s likely that hormonal treatments will only mask the symptoms, if not make things worse. So what is the solution? Is PMS to be normal and expected every month? Is infertility unable to be treated without invasive therapies? Are hot flashes simply a symptom of getting older? Luckily, the answer is no to all of these questions. There is a solution, and it doesn’t involve drugs or invasive therapies. The solution lies in hormonal balance.

A Total System for Female Health

The Female Body Blueprint by Josh and Jeanne Rubin takes the complex subject of hormonal balance and breaks it down into easy to digest information and action steps. By naturally decreasing the amount of estrogen in your body, increasing the amount of progesterone, and healing your metabolism, you’ll be well on your way to hormonal health at any age. Get back in balance by learning how to eat, sleep, exercise, and de-stress. They don’t teach this stuff in schoolâ?¦or likely in your doctor’s office. But these are the vital foundations that will make this women’s health crisis a thing of the past. Follow this blueprint and take back control of your health once and for all.

The Force Equation: Unleash The Power

by Michael Mathiesen

Great news for anyone who was thrilled by the Star Wars movies but wanted to know more about The Force. Science Fiction Author, Michael Mathiesen has discovered the actual laws of Physics that relate to the magical and mystical force as seen in the movies that anyone can use to defeat their own version of the Empire and greatly improve their own destiny.

The Force of Star Wars fame has recently been discovered by Scientists using the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva Switzerland and dubbed it ‘The God Particle Field’. In this new ground-breaking book, the author has uncovered the mathematical formula that defines how easily the same Force can be used in every day life right here on Earth and not in some galaxy far, far away. Those of us who may want to use it to threaten physical violence will be greatly disappointed, however, since The Force that created the universe and all things within it is not capable of being abused by mere mortals. There is no Dark Side to The Force – The Force can never do any harm, only good.

The book details how the Force Equation is as simple to understand as Einstein’s famous equation of E = mc2. With Einstein’s simple formula of how matter is converted into energy, we were able to construct the Atomic bomb. In the case of The Force Equation we learn how to convert Time into a greater power than mankind has ever known or will ever know and which shall make all atomic power pale in comparison. When we learn how to do this, we are able to achieve things that we would never be able to without the use of The Force. Most of us, luckily experience moments of clarity and even accomplish great things at random times in our lives, however, we’re oblivious to the true nature of The Force that can be used to do this more and more often, no longer relying on dumb luck. For today, there is a mathematical equation that makes it possible to use The Force at will.

In this ground-breaking new book you will learn how E = mc2 has now morphed into

F = tc3 . . . where ‘F’ is The Force. ‘T’ is Time and ‘c3’ is the speed of light cubed.

More importantly reader will learn how to apply this formula in your every day life. This information will instruct you on how to completely live in the moment because in each and every moment of time, even as little as a microsecond, as the Force Equation shows, there lies hidden enough power to completely destroy the reality you and I are both living in at this time and render it completely into something beautiful, wonderful and awe-inspiring even beyond your wildest imaginings.

If you were as thrilled as I was to see the hero in Star Wars, Luke Skywalker defeat the Empire with the knowledge of The Force – this book is for you. Know also that an evil Empire does exist today in this world and as Princess Leia of the Rebel Alliance put it so succinctly – “Help me Obi-wan, you are our only hope.” This book may not make a Jedi Knight of you, but it will make you – if you choose this path – one with The Force.

The Black Plague: A Menacing Arrival

This story explores the events surrounding the Bubonic Plague, also termed, The Black Death that ravaged Europe in the 1500’s.The Black Death was one of the most devastating pandemics in human history, resulting in the deaths of an estimated 75 to 200 million people and peaking in Europe in the 1500s.

The Winter Depression Cure: How to Overcome Seasonal Affective Disorder and Winter Blues For Life (Seasonal Depression, Symptoms and Treatment of SAD, Depression Free For Life Treatment)

by V. Noot

Are you suffering from SAD? Then start solving your problem and read this winter depression cure Kindle book!

If you are experiencing symptoms like sadness, fatigue, reduced energy, suicidal thoughts, or eating disorders, but they just come back every year (most likely in the winter), you might have Seasonal Affective Disorder. Ouch! Bummer. But fear not! There is a cure! Download this book and you’ll find that you’ll be able to:

Know whether or not you REALLY have SAD

Recognize the symptoms of a winter depression

Find out what to tell your kids with SAD

Figure out which treatments work best for you

Find solutions to solve the problem of SAD

Discover which habits will help you to overcome your winter depression

And much more! Don’t put it off if you want to be happier in the winter and download this affordable e-book right now!

In the Wake of Industry: Surveying Palm Oil Production

They say ignorance is bliss, and in our society the 99% are quite blissful. We place our destinies in the hands of the few. With that, great things like cities and a sense of security are possible. However, the majority of us live in our own worlds absent societal responsibility. As a result, many decisions are made that may undo these pleasantries we take for granted.

This story explores the truth behind industrial deforestation and the need to preserve our natural rainforests. The result of which brings peril to the unnoticed victims of Indonesia and beyond.

35 Tips for a Happy Brain: How to Boost Your Oxytocin, Dopamine, Endorphins, and Serotonin (Brain Power, Brain Function, Boost Endorphins, Brain Science, Brain Exercise, Train Your Brain)

by V. Noot

Make your brain function better and become a happier person!

Did you know that a lot of emotions we experience are influenced by levels of oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine and endorphins? If you could get more of those “happiness hormones,” it certainly would improve your mood and empower your brain, wouldn’t it? Then don’t wait and download this e-book so you can experience more joy in life by:

Creating more happiness hormones

Relieving stress

Releasing more cuddly feelings

Increasing your energy

Improving your mood

Decreasing your chances of a depression

Having more rewarding feelings in what you do

Connecting to other people more intimately

Outliers in Medicine: Chapter 2 Family Medicine featuring Dr. Robert Warren Cromer (Outlier Series Book 11)

by John Shufeldt

Venturing into the field of medicine means the typical barrage of questions for students:

Which medical schools will you apply to?

What specialty are you interested in?

Are you prepared for all that school?

The sheer volume of choices can be daunting, so emergency physician John Shufeldt sought to create a list of valuable questions students considering a career in medicine would ask an expert if they could. He selected six “rock stars” in healthcare to answer these questions. Dr. Shufeldt calls these individuals “outliers,” defined as: “an exceptional person for whom excellence is merely a starting point toward a destination far beyond our normal definition of achievement.”

In this volume, get to know outlier Dr. Robert Cromer, a Family Practice physician of 60 years, World War II veteran and Purple Heart recipient. He passed away just months after our interview with him, but not before leaving with us wisdom gleaned from decades of a successful medical practice and countless patient relationships, while also sharing his reason for practicing, and advice for the quest to keep one’s family front and center amid a thriving career. Also included is a resource guide for those aspiring in the field of medicine.

This short 25-page eBook is the perfect guide for current and prospective medical students and also of value to those well ensconced in their career as a doctor, physician’s assistant, nurse or healthcare worker.

For publishing updates on the rest of the Outlier Series, check or go to

About the Outlier Series

After writing Ingredients of Outliers: A Recipe for Personal Achievement, Dr. Shufeldt decided to compile a series of books, specific to various career fields, which would highlight outliers, and the various channels they pursued and traits that helped get them where they are today. In this fourth book in the Outlier Series, Outliers in Medicine, Dr. Shufeldt asks medical experts:

“If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently?”

“What are the secret ingredients to your success?”

“What’s your recommended action plan for students pursuing your field?”

This medical career book is perfect for those looking to enter or further their career as a doctor, nurse, or physician’s assistant.

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Digital Addition Flash Cards in Color (Ordered and Shuffled 1-9)

by Chris McMullen

This eBook includes 162 digital addition flash cards in color (where color is available). Each flash card is decorated with smiley faces and looks just like the flash cards depicted on the thumbnail image for the cover of this eBook.

The first set of 81 flash cards has the problems 1+1 thru 9x+9 in order. The first half of this eBook is designed for kids who are still memorizing their addition tables.

The second set of 81 flash cards has the problems 1+1 thru 9+9 shuffled. The second half of this eBook is designed for kids who have tried to memorize their addition tables, and who need to test their mastery of it.

Each flash card appears as its own picture on its own page. All of the flash cards come in pairs: First comes the problem flash card, followed by the corresponding answer flash card. The answer flash card reminds you what the problem was. So first you see the problem, and then you check your answer immediately.

This eBook reads like a book. It is not a program or a game. It does not use a random number generator. The flash cards do look like ordinary flashcards (and they are in color and are decorated with smiley faces). The first half of this eBook has the flash cards in order to help memorize the addition tables. The second half are shuffled to help test how well the addition tables have been memorized. The shuffled cards will always appear in the same order.

Also Available in a Boxed Set

Looking for a great value? This eBook is also available as part of a four-volume boxed set, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division flash cards. Look for Digital Arithmetic Flash Cards (Boxed Set: 4 Books in 1).

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