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No Limt Holdem: Rapid Read # 2 – The Single Most Exploitable Leak in Live Cash Games

by Puggy Neutron

No limit holdem live games is a game of exploitation. It is a street hustler’s game where the real rewards can come from taking advantage of an opponent’s play tendencies in which he can literally be screaming, “Take all of my money now!!!”

This eBook, which contains strategically chosen excerpts from my book “No Limit Holdem Cash Games: Flawless Victory in 1-2, 1-3, and 2- 5 Live Games”, will probably take you less than 5 minutes to finish reading BUT I submit to you that it may possibly be the most important 5 minutes of contemplation that any no limit holdem cash games player (who plays live – face to face against other people) can possibly take the effort to spend.

That’s because, as you will soon find out, not all leaks are created equal. In my expert opinion, the leaks that I describe here are “super leaks.” That is, they are leaks that once taken seriously and deliberately exploited can net the player more chips than many any other types of leaks put together. Take these leaks seriously. Do not take. them for granted

How To Surf: The Ultimate Guide To Surfing For Beginners

by Callum McDonald

Always wanted to learn to surf? Get the ball rolling with this ultimate beginners guide!

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You’re about to discover how to start on your journey to become a surfing master! Learn the basics of surfing, the (sometimes confusing) terminology and safety guidelines to make sure you surf safe!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Overview of Surfing
  • How to Surf
  • Advanced Moves
  • Essential Vocabulary
  • Clothing and Equipment
  • Basic Tips and Techniques
  • How to Paddle
  • How to Stand Up on the Board
  • Much, much more!

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How to Train a Horse: The Ultimate Horse and Handler’s Relationship Guide (Physical Horse Training, Behavioral Horse Training)

by Annabelle Higgins

Horses tend to be prized possessions of their owners. However without the right training the entire investment is often of no value. A horse’s value is only as good as its ability to deliver on its potential. Horse training involves conducting a variety of exercises meant to enhance the horse’s physical and mental abilities. It is only through proper training covering these two essential categories that a horse can be able to interact properly with humans and its surroundings as well as deliver on its physical potential in whatever application the owner intends for it. This book covers in detail how to train a horse and attain the intended results.

It Pays to Win on Offense: A game-based approach to developing soccer players that score and create lots of goals (Game-based Soccer Training Book 1)

by James Jordan

“It Pays to Win on Offense” is a book for soccer coaches who are looking for the most effective way to engage all of their players all of the time in order to teach them attacking soccer concepts. The book provides an all-encompassing Game-based Soccer framework for instilling a relentless, attacking mindset in players. By combining educational theory and making everything a competition, coaches can maximize their practice time and teach that attacking concepts are not just limited to certain players or limited to specific positions on the field.

James Jordan is an educator and a soccer coach. He holds the NSCAA Premier Diploma, USSF National Youth License, and a Doctorate in Education. Using Game-based Soccer techniques developed over the past decade, his teams (boys and girls) have won six high school state championships and one Classic 1 boys’ club championship. In “It Pays to Win on Offense,” Jordan outlines key strategies to help coaches unlock their players’ attacking potential.

Profitable Horse Racing Betting Systems & Methods – UK Flat 2015 – Volume 2: Trainer Insights (Turf)

by Trainglot

The purpose of this series of books is to arm the reader with proven and profitable methods of selecting horses to back.

The 1st volume introduced the concept of “backing systems” and, using a real example, explained how we can use past data sensibly to formulate a profitable system for future races.

This 2nd volume examines results by trainer of 30 different Data Views, over the last 5 flat UK seasons up to and including the end of the flat 2014 season in November. This book contains 36 profitable backing systems, of which 5 are considered “star” systems for those that wish to be more selective.

As the Data Views in this book are all shown “by trainer” they are referred to as “Trainer Insights”.

This volume is only concerned with turf flat racing – analysis of trainers in all weather racing will be the subject of a future volume.

The historical results of various Trainer Insights reveal strengths and weaknesses of trainers and therefore when to bet (and when to oppose) the trainer for long term profits. All tables are displayed in A/E order which shows the underbet (and therefore value) trainers at the top and overbet trainers at the bottom.

You will discover, among many other useful facts, the following –

Which two well known trainers consistently see more than half of their odds on shots beaten (from 45 runners each over the last 5 years) ?

Which trainer is the worst trainer of all in one Trainer Insight category, and extremely profitable to lay, yet by far the best in another category and extremely profitable to back?

Which lesser known trainer has a 10/13 success rate with favourites in maidens for an ROI of over 100%?

The fancied 2 year olds (1st or 2nd fav) of which trainer perform significantly better after one run? Strike rate on debut less than 8%; strike rate after one run 42%.

Which trainer is a “must-lay” on firm ground, having had 19 of 20 1st or 2nd favourites beaten on that extreme surface.

Which trainer has the highest strike rate of 2yo debut winners in the top 2 of the betting, yet has one of the worst records for similarly fancied 2yo’s on their 2nd run?

Which 4 trainers between them have had 64 runners starting favourite in handicaps over the last 5 years with only 3 of those in the winners enclosure?

Which top trainer has by far the largest number of runners carrying penalties but over 25% win and backing them all is a significantly profitable strategy?

Who are the 3 absolute stand out trainers for firing in the winners of fancied (5-1 or less) horses in claimers, all achieving a strike rate over 40% and 70% level stakes profit?

Which trainer has the extraordinary record in sellers of zero winners from 56 runners when starting at odds of more than 5-1, but an impressive 33% strike rate from 66 runners starting at 5-1 or less?

Which top trainer would have doubled your money if betting on all their selling horses starting over 5-1 SP, with a 20% strike rate?

The main part of this book comprises 30 Trainer Insights of UK turf flat results of the last 5 seasons – 2009 to 2014 inclusive. The flat turf seasons runs starts and ends at Doncaster in March and November respectively.

The first 24 are different “trainer insight tables” displayed by trainer. Following each data view there is a commentary which included lay recommendations. Then any recommended backing systems are stated followed by summary 5 year results and finally the system rules as displayed in Flatstats.

Backing systems are formulated from the results and further analysis.

The final 6 trainer insights analyse 6 individual trainers in turn – “Trainer Blueprints”. This gives us a clear picture for each of the selected trainers on when and where they are likely to be underbet or overbet.

Most readers will find the data tables very interesting in their own right and useful as an additional factor in evaluating their own bets, irrespective of anything else in this book.

The Preppers Apocalypse Survival Guide to Camp Fires and Fire Pits

by Steve Rayder

Fire is the most important tool you will have at your disposal in a survival situation. It is vital that you have a strong understanding of how to make and use fire to increase your chance of surviving.

This book will tell you how to make fire in any situation. Even if you have no fire lighting tools and you’re stuck out in adverse weather conditions.

After reading this book you will have the knowledge and the skill set you need to make fire no matter where you are, and most importantly, survive.

Jam packed full of concise information and fantastic tips that may well be new information to even experienced survivalists, what you get is a small book that really packs a punch.

This book is part of Steve’s books series that really has been a revelation in the survival and prepping genre. So you know you will be getting a fantastic product that any survivalist needs to read.

“This book is, in a word, fantastic. It tells you not only how to make the most important types of survival fires but also how to use them to increase your chances of survival. I would like to think I know a lot about survival, but even I learned from some of the great little tips in this book! A brilliant job by Steve, big pat on the back from me. Can’t wait for more!” – Prepper Survival Supplies

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